You've lost track of reality & have loco motives if you've gone off these

Below you will find the solution for: You've lost track of reality & have loco motives if you've gone off these Jeopardy .

You've lost track of reality & have loco motives if you've gone off these Jeopardy

Possible Solution: THE RAILS

Since you already solved the question You've lost track of reality & have loco motives if you've gone off these which had the answer THE RAILS, you can simply go back at the main post to check the other answers. You can do so by clicking the link here Jeopardy July 26 2022

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10 Circle Of Life is the opening number of this musical & not so surprisingly closes it as well
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12 Could I interest you in some of the same-named whiskey on this overnight flight?
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15 Fans must have gone Wild when this was named Minnesota's official sport
16 It's the oxymoronic slang term for a wrestling ring
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18 Whatever you feel like doing or whatever does this a rhyming phrase involving a transport
19 In 1586 the first colony on this island went back to England with Sir Francis Drake; no one knows where a later colony went
20 From a line in Shakespeare: ____ & ____ are Dead
21 The Appalachian this is Kentucky's state instrument
22 Despite the various colors the circles of this cereal favored by Toucan Sam were found to have the same flavor
23 This icon who can Prove It All Night has some Glory Days on his dedicated channel
24 This alliterative phrase refers to a difficult time or journey as well as a delicious type of ice cream
25 I am this pharaoh I founder of the 19th Dynasty! How did my mummy spend years in the Niagara Falls Museum?
26 Exploring the relationship between a teacher & his deaf student: Children of a ____ ____
27 Its state insect is the honey bee & its state emblem is a beehive
28 Jennifer Jason Leigh was the title Mrs. in a movie about this writer & her Vicious Circle
29 What Would You Say if I told you this man seen here along with his band had their own channel or have I said Too Much?
30 To have your first drink after abstaining for a long time is to do this tumble
31 They extend over 4000 miles from Venezuela to South America's southern tip
32 In 988 Vladimir I grand prince of this now-Ukrainian city converted to Christianity & cast its pagan idols into the Dnieper River
33 The theory of general relativity has been verified through experiments involving this innermost planet
34 This first lady's middle name LaVaughn honors her paternal grandmother
35 Damon Wayans took on the Danny Glover role when this buddy cop movie came to the small screen
36 If you're ichthyophagous your meals consist of these
37 Some 20 monasteries & dependencies including the Great Lavra are located on Mount Athos a holy mountain in this country
38 The lares were statues of household gods in ancient Rome; the lararium was this at which they were worshiped
39 John Von Neumann pioneered game theory starting by analyzing this game where bluffing is commonplace
40 Finley & Breese were the middle names of this 19th century American inventor & painter
41 There can only be one Adrian Paul as the immortal title hero Duncan MacLeod in the TV version of this epic film
42 Those that are galactophagous get their sustenance via this liquid
43 The Snowy Mountains which include Mount Kosciuszko form the roof of this country
44 After coming down from Mount Sinai Moses destroys the golden calf an idol fashioned by this brother of his
45 The third law of S thermodynamics says entropy tends to reduce as the temperature approaches this 2-word state
46 This playwright did not have Three Sisters but he did have the middle name Pavlovich
47 Nia Vardalos' nuptial hit My Big Fat Greek Wedding settled down on TV as My Big Fat Greek this
48 If you're apivorous you get by dining on these
49 The Goƻter Refuge offers a place to rest for climbers en route to the top of this mountain on the border between France & Italy
50 Ahab was okay with Jezebel's idol worship of this 4-letter fertility deity
51 This British doc who developed germ theory was the son of a microscope pioneer also named Joseph
52 Biblical middle name of the man said to be the richest person in the his death in 1848
53 In the TV version of The Exorcist Geena Davis was this character all grown up but with a possessed daughter of her own
54 Mycophagists are people who eat these in the wild avoiding the autumn skullcap
55 This Canadian mountain is second only to Denali as the highest peak in North America
56 In the 7th century this Middle East city was said to be home to as many as 360 idols including the moon god Hubal
57 Legend says this Greek ran naked through Syracuse after discovering his buoyancy principle
58 This middle name of Jackie Robinson honored the president who died the year he was born 1919
59 We saw the early life of a psycho in the sort of TV prequel Bates Motel with this actor as young Norman
60 Saurophagous is a description for those that eat these tails & all

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