Very alert: bright-eyed & this

Below you will find the solution for: Very alert: bright-eyed & this Jeopardy .

Very alert: bright-eyed & this Jeopardy

Possible Solution: BUSHY-TAILED

Since you already solved the question Very alert: bright-eyed & this which had the answer BUSHY-TAILED, you can simply go back at the main post to check the other answers. You can do so by clicking the link here Jeopardy February 11 2020

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4 Let me give you a hand with a practical joke using a joy this
5 posted a mouth-watering slideshow of 12 foods that won this prize at state fairs--mmm butterscotch pie
6 A Nordic country loses its first letter & becomes this area away from the coast
7 In book 3 Menelaus fights Paris who ran off with this wife
8 Jenny McCarthy's first cousin is this scene-stealing co-star of Bridesmaids
9 Important people: movers & these
10 The Motorola LS350 is this type of device also called a pager
11 For 300 years the French government gave young artists the prize of a stay in this city. On winner's work is seen here
12 Drop the fourth letter from an Iberian country & you get this general term for a distance
13 There's quite a bit of graphic violence as when Patroclus kills a Trojan with this long weapon then hauls him up on it like a fish
14 In 2011 Gwyneth Paltrow said she'd never met this cousin & Arizona congresswoman but her prayers were with her
15 Completely settled: cut & this
16 Types of this attention getter are slide train & wolf but it's probably best not to employ the wolf one anymore
17 Tata Steel of India was a 2008 winner of the Deming Prize in the field of TQM total this management
18 Subtract a letter from a 4-letter African country & you get this man who behaves badly especially to women
19 The main character & the greatest Greek warrior he leads the Myrmidons against the Trojans
20 With little hope of success: on a wing & this
21 In Greek myth sailors resisted the calls of these sea nymphs by putting wax in their ears
22 The Abel Prize in this field is named for Niels Abel famed for his work on the quintic function
23 When a Mediterranean isle loses its last letter it becomes this soda fountain drink
24 This Trojan warrior is saved by Aphrodite or there might never have been that epic by Virgil
25 The Man with the Golden Gun Christopher Lee can thank this cousin for creating James Bond
26 All dressed up & this problem
27 Chicago Blackhawks owner Bill Wirtz liked the sound of this on his yacht & used it when his team scored; the custom spread
28 Seen at the ceremony of the Breakthrough Prize for scientific discoveries are co-sponsors Mark Zuckerberg and this physician wife
29 In a kids' book on a snowy day Nicki loses this item of clothing just like the 3 little kittens
30 When the Republic of Texas decided to move the government there in 1839 Waterloo Texas got this new name
31 Cameron Diaz sings & dances as the magical British nanny of Ben Stiller's desire
32 Made up primarily of dust & ice these of the planet Saturn are divided into 7 groups A through G
33 (Sarah of the Clue Crews is in Massachusetts.) A national park in Massachusetts preserves the adjacent birthplaces of these two presidents--the first born in 1735 in that cottage and second b
34 It's between the toes & the heel
35 Dostoyevsky's autobiographical novel The House of the Dead has been published with the subtitle or Prison Life here--brrr!
36 For work on lasers Donna Strickland of Ontario's University of Waterloo became the first woman Nobel laureate for this in 55 years
37 A holiday classic where an angel gets his wings & Roberto Benigni gets an Oscar
38 In an epic poem by Keats Saturn turns for help in regaining his throne to this rather hyper other titan
39 From 1955 until Jerry became president the Ford family lived in a 4-bedroom Colonial in Alexandria in this state
40 Lacking small fire-lighting sticks
41 The 2019 book The Enchanted Forest is a tie-in with this long-awaited animated sequel
42 In the 1890s a fossil one of these mammoth relatives was unearthed near Waterloo in DeKalb County Indiana
43 Edward Norton tries to convince his brother Edward Furlong not to hate or join up with mutants like Wolverine
44 In 1610 this man was the first to observe Saturn through a telescope
45 His hat hangs from an elk antler at Sagamore Hill his Oyster Bay New York home
46 Without a member of the House of Lords
47 Set in Iceland the sixth novel in the Detective Erlendur series is titled not Frostbite but this condition
48 Struggling in Hollywood Emma Stone & Ryan Gosling time travel with paleontologist Will Ferrell & befriend a primate named Chaka
49 Saturn has more than 60 moons including this second-largest named for Zeus' mother
50 He wrote part of 1809's History of New York while staying in what would later be Martin Van Buren's home Lindenwald
51 Confinement in a separate prison cell by oneself
52 It's 1954 & tensions are high on an island with a lot of Japanese Americans in David Guterson's novel Snow Falling on these
53 George Clooney & Will Smith team up & hunt Nazi art thieves & alien bugs
54 Saturn was the Roman equivalent of this Greek father god
55 Dead just 3 months after retiring James K Polk was buried at Polk Place in this state capital
56 Unhitched

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