Neophyte is an antonym of one

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Neophyte is an antonym of one Jeopardy

Possible Solution: PRO

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4 A towering figure in 19th century engineering this Frenchman was known as the Magician of Iron
5 The 2 tablets of law that God gave to Moses were placed in this wooden gold-plated chest but don't look at it Marion!
6 In one draft Tolkien had this character stab & kill Smaug then nearly drown in the dragon's blood
7 In 1943 the USS Kidd became the first U.S. Navy ship permitted to fly this feared flag
8 Breaking Bad
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10 Though also working in law enforcement he was busted for horse stealing & uh brothel involvement before moving to Tombstone in 1879
11 You can get a Skogsta dining table or Lommarp bookcase to build out of the box from this brand
12 Here's A Remembrance of Things Past as first written--literally--by this man
13 1 in 1854 Flying Cloud this type of merchant ship sailed from NYC to San Francisco in 89 days a record that stood for 135 years
14 King of the Hill I tell you what
15 From the Middle English for faint it means to faint from feelings of love
16 A crater on Mars is named for this 11th century Norse explorer of North America
17 18th century craftsmen got elaborate & whimsical with these boxes named for the scented powdered tobacco they held
18 In his 1917 poem Dulce et Decorum est Wilfred Owen tried several verbs about being stricken by this: gargling gurgling goggling
19 The USS Doyle didn't have a mutiny during World War II but it later played this movie ship that did
20 The Golden Girls
21 Literally meaning not paid back this adjective is used for love for someone who doesn't love you in return
22 A World War II vet this slain NAACP field secretary in Mississippi was buried with full military honors at Arlington
23 America's Original Butcher this co. that can send you beef in a box was founded by Latvian immigrants in Nebraska
24 Elvira Entwhistle was renamed Veruca Salt by this writer who thankfully also went with Mike Teavee over Herpes Trout
25 The 107-year-old steamboat Belle of Louisville offers lunch & dinner cruises as it paddles up & down this river
26 black-ish
27 2 people who seem perfect for each other are likened to this type of Empyrean pairing
28 Seen here are two E-males who helped create the motion picture--Edison & this man who made the film he used
29 In 2000 Al Gore said he wanted to put this government program in a lockbox as it then had a surplus of $150 billion
30 Lost on an island before Lost Simon is a bit of a precog in this 1954 novel foreseeing his own death in an early draft
31 She's seen here following her May 2018 wedding
32 3212-foot-high Angel Falls in the southeast of this country was unknown to the outside world until the 1930s
33 There are 3 species of this flyer the only mammal whose diet is solely based on blood
34 Hera honored her servant Argus by setting his eyes in the feathers of this her sacred bird
35 Young again Rose ascends a ship's staircase to reunite with Jack in this 1997 film
36 I broke a powder this & only have one now; it's gonna be hard to get down the slope
37 The happy wavers seen here are enjoying the New Year's Day Junkanoo Parade in this capital of the Bahamas
38 Residents of this volcanic British island territory in the Caribbean call themselves Monstratians
39 These bloodsucking worms have been used in medicine to treat everything from gout to whooping cough
40 As both were beautiful & unfaithful Helen of Troy is often compared to this wife of King Arthur
41 I'll Build A Stairway To Paradise is a classic number in this musical with Gene Kelly in France
42 Noodle soup with beef that's the national dish of Vietnam
43 Princess Caroline of this country was all smiles following her 1978 wedding to Philippe Junot
44 For 647 miles this westernmost of Canada's 3 territories shares a straight-line border with Alaska
45 Feasting on rats & humans these bloodsuckers helped cause the deaths of 1/4 of Europe during the Middle Ages
46 This realm of the Norse gods included Valhalla the hall of the dead heroes
47 This actor wanted to carry 120-lb. Butkus the dog up Philly's Museum of Art steps in 1976 but fearing a terminal case of a hernia did not
48 Some 2500 couples took vows at a 2014 mass wedding staged by the Unification Church in this country
49 Georgetown is the chief port & capital of this South American country
50 Female mosquitos drink human blood & in so doing can transmit diseases like this also called breakbone fever
51 With 2 faces this Roman god had an eye on both the past & the future
52 Home Alone & atop the stairs this child actor tells 2 burglars I'm up here you morons! Come & get me
53 This word meaning brother was once a form of address for certain Italian clergy
54 A smiling Marilyn Monroe waved with her gloves after her 1956 wedding to this playwright
55 Receiving water from about 200 rivers it's the largest lake in the Western Hemisphere
56 Terminix offers a 30-day guarantee when removing these bloodsuckers--90 days if you buy a mattress encasement
57 In Egyptian mythology this 5-letter moon god with the head of an ibis also ruled over learning & writing
58 A baby in a carriage rolls down stairs during a gunfight at a Chicago train station in this film but Andy Garcia has things under control
59 For wines of superior vintage it follows grand

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