Making money by doing what some considered foolish? You're doing this all the way to the bank

Below you will find the solution for: Making money by doing what some considered foolish? You're doing this all the way to the bank Jeopardy .

Making money by doing what some considered foolish? You're doing this all the way to the bank Jeopardy

Possible Solution: LAUGHING

Since you already solved the question Making money by doing what some considered foolish? You're doing this all the way to the bank which had the answer LAUGHING, you can simply go back at the main post to check the other answers. You can do so by clicking the link here Jeopardy June 21 2022

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1 From greek for chief & sea this word originally referred to the Aegean known for its many island groups
2 At 29032 feet up atop this highest mountain you'll be on top of the world
3 Less common today this infectious bacterial disease of kids characterized by a red rash has a hue of red in its name
4 CMG is this Mexican grill &... what? Guac is extra? That's the first I'm hearing of that
5 With a knack for predicting plays he's been a success in the broadcast booth like he was behind center
6 Despite his mother's warning this title character does get into mischief eating from Mr. McGregor's garden
7 At about 3.3 million square miles this largest desert covers an area that's almost equal to that of the United States
8 There's a red in the name of this gravest type of transgression in Catholic theology
9 BB securing your data in a nice safe Canadian way
10 In 2022 Zendaya returned as troubled high schooler Rue Bennett on this HBO drama
11 The title character of this classic by Eric Carle literally eats through the pages of the book
12 It's the 2-word family relationship you have with the child of your mom's brother
13 This largest bay is part of the Indian Ocean
14 A tarocco is this type of hybrid orange whose flesh is actually a vivid red thanks to anthocyanins
15 You can get a kick out of buying into this soccer club with the symbol MANU but then you shouldn't complain about the ownership
16 A teaching hospital in this city has been the setting for Grey's Anatomy for 18 seasons
17 This stuffed bear with a fabric name goes searching for a missing button
18 To libel or slander (but it doesn't mean to make less well known)
19 Located in Venezuela it has the longest uninterrupted drop of any waterfall
20 Native to Eastern North America it's the species of hummingbird seen here
21 Give us some credit (check) with EFX
22 The latest variant of the Law & Order franchise is Organized Crime starring this man a veteran of SVU
23 She is the smallest of the 12 girls who live in a vine-covered house in Paris
24 It's the traditional response to are too!
25 Covering over 140000 square miles it's the world's largest inland body of water
26 This word for red wine now especially Bordeaux wine can also mean a reddish color
27 Hal...? Open the stock pay doors Hal... (Hal being this oil company)
28 This daytime talk show host seen here once worked as a morning TV news anchor in Chicago
29 This 2-word title of Chelsea Clinton's book about determined women was coined by Sen. McConnell about Sen. Warren
30 It's where a river's mouth meets the ocean
31 When Pompey took this metropolis in 63 B.C. Judea fell under the heel of the Romans
32 These cinematic siblings met a dude named Jeff Dowd who inspired them to make The Big Lebowski
33 Not quite yet the symphony the sinfonia was an instrumental part of these stage works like Giasone a big one of the 1600s
34 Around 1851 Hermann von Helmholtz invented the ophthalmoscope used to examine these body parts
35 As the Nazis rose to power this scientist decided in Dec. 1932 to leave Germany; he never returned after moving to Princeton
36 This display of colossal presidents was dedicated in 1927
37 In 1632 Maryland was granted to this lord son of George Calvert as a Catholic haven
38 The 1925 painting House by the Railroad by Edward Hopper was an inspiration for the Bates home in this 1960 film
39 With Beethoven in mind Mahler believed writing this number symphony was endsville so he called a 1908 work a song cycle
40 In an operation in 1846 William Morton employed ether in the first successful public use of this
41 Born Freda Josephine McDonald in St. Louis she brought her danse sauvage to Paris in 1925 & became a French citizen in 1937
42 Cooking to about 135 degrees gets your T-bone done this way
43 The Yuan Dynasty was ousted in 1368 by this other 4-letter dynasty that would last a while
44 Padre Fray Tormenta who helped the orphans of Texcoco while wearing a mask in the ring inspired this 2006 comedy
45 Beethoven's Kreutzer is not a symphony but one of these S works for violin & piano
46 Sir Martin Evans shared a 2007 Nobel Prize for his discoveries with these undifferentiated biological units
47 In 1986 this Philippine president & his pals stuffed $7.7 million into suitcases & fled to Hawaii where he died 3 years later
48 During World War II Winston planned strategy in this aptly named space; you can still visit it
49 18th century military prowess forced others to refer to this Prussian as The Great
50 Racer X a 1998 article by Ken Li about illegal street-racing inspired this high-octane film franchise
51 C├ęsar Franck composed Symphonic these on a theme but no one agrees on how many it contains --between 6 & 15
52 2022 brought the first transplant of a heart from this farm animal into a person
53 This artist who painted Paris Through the Window left Russia in his rear view in 1922 & went to see Paris through his window
54 It flows about 1100 miles through Canada emptying into the Beaufort Sea
55 Around 5000 years ago bronze objects were being produced in this 2-letter Mesopotamian city
56 Ben Stiller cited this international thriller from 1962 as an inspiration for Zoolander; poor Derek is an assassination patsy
57 A bit like a symphony the first work called this for Orchestra instead of for a solo instrument was in 1925 by Hindemith
58 Derived from the foxglove plant by William Withering in the 1700s this drug is still prescribed in treating heart conditions
59 He reluctantly took his government across the Formosa Strait & set up shop in Taiwan in 1949
60 This French composer created many of his works as parts of ballets

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1 In bold letters it was the 2-word historic N.Y. Times headline for August 9 1974 followed by he urges a time of healing
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