Jeopardy September 24 2021 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy September 24 2021 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 Sign that kid up! He runs like a thoroughbred is one of these comparative figures of speech
2 The stadium of this Gainesville school is officially Ben Hill Griffin Stadium but it's nicknamed The Swamp
3 This armored fighting vehicle was chay-da-gahi a tortoise
4 Dropping one of these on another person means you're informing on his criminal activities
5 See the Sun earlier than most hiking the Cadillac Mountain North Ridge Trail in this state's Acadia National Park
6 A mycophile is a culinary hobbyist on the hunt for wild these
7 And then a million people started screaming at me at once is an example of this exaggeration for effect
8 The Gonzaga University Bulldogs basketball teams play at McCarthey Athletic Center nicknamed this canine shelter
9 These weapons were ni-ma-si meaning potatoes
10 This rhyming term refers to the output of a counterfeiter
11 Seen here New Zealand's Mount Aoraki is fittingly translated as cloud piercer from this language
12 Vecturists crave these small round items like old ones from the New York City Transit Authority
13 A sheet of thin metal shares its name with this a character who contrasts with the hero or heroine
14 Home to an NHL team the SAP Center in this California city is nicknamed The Shark Tank
15 This enemy was besh-be-cha-he or iron hat
16 Something that has no value is said to be not worth a plugged this
17 Mount Kanchenjunga the world's third-tallest peak resides in this range
18 From words meaning earth & hide it's the pastime involving searching for hidden goods using GPS
19 Juliet's Good night good night! is followed by these 5 words that include an oxymoron
20 The centerpiece of the 2008 Olympics the National Stadium seen here has this avian nickname
21 A fighter plane was da-he-tih-hi one of these hovering avians
22 Makes cents! These 2 words begin the idiom that ends pound foolish
23 An extinct volcano Mount Elbrus in the Caucasus mountains is located in this country
24 A phillumenist likes to collect these books; the reading though minimal can lead to enlightenment
25 The ancient door groaned when I opened it makes use of this device giving human attributes to nonhuman things
26 Nicknamed The Loud House the Carrier Dome is the stadium of this university in New York state
27 These opposite military movements toward & away from battle were nas-sey & ji-din-nes-chanh
28 Cash that you are eager to spend is figuratively said to do this to your clothes
29 This Alpine peak inspired Shelley to write a 5-part poem
30 Rest a spell in your cave & tell us of your love for this pastime of exploring them
31 This first lady's last words in 1818: Do not grieve my friend my dearest friend I am ready to go. & John it will not be long
32 Since 1985 People magazine has been pointing out this person including Sean Connery & Michael B. Jordan
33 Here's a 1986 shot of this regular visitor that got its name in 1759
34 Nationality name for the literary revival that included writers like Yeats & O'Casey
35 Jane Foster & Padme Amidala in 2 very very different universes
36 It's a 4-letter synonym for adroit or skillful
37 In 1993 Ellen Ochoa became the first Latina launched into space aboard this shuttle also a 2017 Star Trek series
38 Before woman alive this word is often applied to multiple Olympic champion Elaine Thompson-Herah of Jamaica
39 An unusual object known as 288P has a tail so it's classed as a comet but it's basically a binary this also called a minor planet
40 19th century news like the discovery of the Rosetta Stone inspired the style called this Revival
41 Machete &...what? You need more? Tyrannosaurus Death & Muerte
42 Yield to another & you're showing this courteous regard
43 After briefly dancing in Paris as Lady MacLeod she soon changed her name to a Malay one meaning eye of the dawn
44 Seen but not heard here--for safety reasons--Manowar vied for & sometimes achieved this distinction
45 The 4 visible parts of a comet are the nucleus coma ion tail & this tail that sounds like a bottle of Pledge will get rid of it
46 1765's Reliques of Ancient English Poetry was part of a revival of this type of folk poem like the one Of Constant Susanna
47 Gabrielle Solis on Desperate Housewives & Beatriz Mendoza on Grand Hotel
48 The Joint Chiefs of Staff coined this acronym for a state of alertness in 1959
49 In 1969 Shirley Chisholm attacked the Vietnam War in the first floor speech of her 14-year run as a rep. of this state
50 While attending Beverly Hills High When Harry Met Sally screenwriter Nora Ephron was dubbed this 4-word future winner
51 In 1997 the world caught sight of this comet named for 2 amateur astronomers
52 Search Etsy for the revival of this 19th c. movement of William Morris that itself looked back to the fine work of medieval times
53 Justice in 1993's Poetic Justice & Charlene DuPrey on the TV show Diff'rent Strokes
54 Excess of spending over revenue or the margin by which a team trails an opponent
55 A programming language is named after this daughter of Lord Byron who is called the world's 1st computer programmer
56 Motivational author Zig Ziglar reminded us to Expect the best followed by these 4 words
57 The source of many observable short-period comets is the belt beyond Neptune named for this Dutch-American astronomer
58 Baroque revival architecture is typified by London's criminal courts building called the Old this (it was New in 1907)
59 Sulu in recent Star Trek films & Kumar's pal Harold Lee
60 Latin for window partly gives us this word that means to throw someone out of a window


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Latest Questions

# Questions
1 Erasmus referred to Thomas More as omnium horarum homo this play title
2 Before lending his voice to many Pixar projects this New Englander did one of the few actual Boston accents on Cheers
3 HD 209458b was the first planet discovered via this eclipse-like event where planets cross in front of stars
4 Tralfamadorians & (God bless you) Eliot Rosewater
5 White offers to let black capture a queenside pawn in this royal-sounding chess opening shown here
6 Early in the Arab Spring this country's Jasmine Revolution was named for the country's national flower
7 This 1950s TV show had 4 women each with a tale of woe competing for the temporary royal title
8 She got the feel of her Brooklyn accent in The Wolf of Wall Street by waving her nails around as if they were still wet from a manicure
9 In 1675 he discovered a division within Saturn's rings which he declared to be made up of little moonlets
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