Jeopardy September 19 2022 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy September 19 2022 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 The governor of Mass. wrote it is a poor document but a mighty act…wrong in its delay till January but grand & sublime after all
2 Known for its art & architecture the Gupta Dynasty ruled much of this 5-letter country from the 4th to 6th century
3 Roald Dahl wrote this book on East 81st Street in New York City not far from where the journey of the big fruit ends
4 The hexagram on this country's flag is the Magen David literally Shield of David
5 The center of this dense cosmic body is called a singularity
6 Bean market widow
7 To be or not to be present for all 242 minutes of this 1996 Kenneth Branagh film that was the question & we had dinner plans
8 Feeling heat at Worms in 1521 he is said to have declared Here I stand I cannot do otherwise
9 Kurt Vonnegut undoubtedly ate his Wheaties while penning this novel about auto dealer Dwayne Hoover
10 Fiji's flag depicts many of its tropical treasures including sugar cane bananas & this type of palm
11 In 2021 Facebook rebranded itself with this 4-letter name & an infinity-shaped logo
12 Carpet saucer colors
13 I saw all of Sergio Leone's epic called this fairy tale phrase in the West but during in America I had a little snooze
14 This imperial palace complex in Beijing was no longer the seat of government after the Chinese revolution
15 Eric Schlosser's book about this Nation estimates that one in 8 workers in the U.S. has been employed by McDonald's
16 In the center of Barbados' flag is the business end of one of these weapons traditionally wielded by Poseidon
17 Pumpernickel can get its color from this thick brown syrup that comes from raw sugar
18 Climbing salt star
19 We cut out after Jack said he was king of the world; this 1997 film is 3 hours & 14 minutes long & what could possibly go wrong?
20 Once as famous as George Washington Joseph Warren died in this 1775 Boston battle an event immortalized in art by John Trumbull
21 In the first chapter of this novel by Sandra Cisneros esperanza Cordero says that her family used to live in an apartment on Loomis
22 The blue & white in Somalia's flag were influenced by the flag of this body that has played a role in Somali history
23 To paint this June 1876 battle artist Edgar Paxson interviewed some of the Native Americans who fought in it
24 Clip towel money
25 We saw the original 181 minutes of this Best Picture winner with Kevin Costner but missed a 1991 London showing adding about 50 more
26 In the 1700s Lady Mary Wortley Montagu popularized inoculation against this deadly disease known for skin lesions
27 The title eatery of this Douglas Adams book is Milliways famed for its Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster
28 The yellow on the flag of this state capital symbolizes the state's gold the white snow-covered mountains
29 In 1983 the league of Red Cross Societies added this other shape to its name to reflect its work in Muslim countries
30 Winter family option
31 We were excited to see his fabled cut but then saw the USA Today headline: Why is this director's 'Justice League' four hours long?
32 In Egyptian myth Tayet was the goddess of weaving & provider of the wrappings for these
33 In 2017 Keagan-Michael Key & this comic made their Broadway debuts in Steve Martin's Meteor Showers
34 To point someone out in court as in Can you ____ the person who dropped the noodles on your head?
35 Though there was more than a decade to go in 1988 golf magazine named him Golfer of the Century
36 The official London residence of the monarch it has 775 rooms including 19 state rooms
37 This African mammal is always good for a laugh
38 The Matronalia was a festival held on March 1 the Roman New Year's Day in honor of this supreme Roman goddess
39 This actor with Red in his name won a Tony in his Broadway debut in the art play Red
40 When you retire a plane or a boat from active service you do this to it
41 Jack Lemmon played one half of this title pair in the movies; Jack Klugman played the other half on TV
42 Here's a view of this spot of about 350 acres the site of national celebrations
43 From its high-pitched cry the three-toed type of this is also called the ai
44 A mountain goddess Parvati was the wife of this Hindu destroyer god
45 In 2022 this veteran funnyman took to the stage as the mahvelous Buddy Young Jr. in Mr. Saturday Night
46 This verb means to overlay as seen with the photo here
47 Jack London set The Call of the Wild during the 1890s gold rush in this Canadian region where he tried to strike it rich
48 This insurance biggie goes back to a group of underwriters who would meet at a local coffeehouse in the late 1600s
49 They're the wild canines of Australia heard here
50 Seen here are the priestesses or virgins who were consecrated to this Roman goddess & who kept her sacred fire burning
51 Future Golden Girl Bea Arthur was Yente in the 1964 opening night cast of this musical set in 1905
52 It means to put emphasis on; an old song said to do it to The Positive
53 Jack Ruby became known as the assassin's assassin after killing this man November 24 1963
54 Its dome dominating London's skyline it's been called Christopher Wren's Magnum opus
55 Sometimes called a long-horned grasshopper this insect gets its name from the call of the male
56 This 4-letter Titan was the sister-wife of Cronus & the mother of 6 Olympians including Zeus
57 Sally Hawkins & Adam Driver both made their debuts in a revival of this playwright's Mrs. Warren's Profession
58 From the Latin for leaf it's what an army might do to reveal enemies among trees
59 In 1908 he defeated Tommy Burns to become the first African-American world heavyweight boxing champ
60 The name of this thoroughfare that connects the city & Westminster means shore from its location near the Thames
61 Named for its call it's the tall North American bird heard here


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Latest Questions

# Questions
1 Alabama 1968: This American Independent Party candidate
2 Maria Sibylla Merian advanced entomology in 1705's book this process of the Insects of Surinam which she illustrated
3 Charlie Chaplin banded together with 3 other moviemakers to found this studio in 1919
4 These brothers made their first public hot air balloon demonstration in southern France in 1783
5 It's the area where a company's top executives all have their offices
6 A scene from The Final Problem find Sherlock Holmes tussling with Moriarty on cliffs above these falls
7 Mississippi & South Carolina 1952
8 Jack Miner a pioneer of doing this to track birds began a tradition of adding Bible verses to create flying missionaries
9 Seen here Louis B. Mayer signs Clark Gable's Gone with the Wind contract with this studio Gable's home from 1931 to 1954
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