Jeopardy September 18 2020 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy September 18 2020 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 Honk if you know the name of this avian berry that grows on shrubs all over Europe and the United States
2 Add Y to the kind of clock with hands & numbers to get this type of comparison
3 Black Sunday by Thomas Harris sees terrorists plot a deadly attack using a blimp on this ultimate sporting event
4 McConnell's curveballs
5 This Harry Potter actor once signed a photo of Elijah Wood I am not Elijah Wood
6 On Nov. 2 2006 John Mackey CEO of this grocery chain aka Whole Paycheck told employees he was giving up almost all of his salary
7 Shrubs are woody plants with non-dominant stems & a super-dense one can be called this the surname of 2 presidents
8 An idioticon is a dictionary of this D word a form of a language spoken in a particular region
9 Mary Rodgers wrote this novel later a Disney film about a mother & daughter who magically switch places
10 Booker's anecdotes
11 Actress Isla Fisher once put this Arrival actress' face on her holiday card & said no one noticed
12 Mark Zuckerberg asked Facebook for this salary in 2013 making him the lowest-paid guy there
13 Both Doc Holliday and a certain animated hound are fans of this fruit-bearing shrub
14 To talk without preparation is to ad-lib or to speak this sleeve-oriented way
15 A 1958 novel (later an Albert Finney film) about a worker whose only pleasure is weekend blowouts is called this & Sunday Morning
16 Cruz' prescription pills
17 Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan said the New York Post mistook him for this Oscar-winning Spanish actor
18 This CEO of Tesla used to earn a salary representative of California's minimum wage yet he never took a dime of it
19 The leaves of a small shrub produce this 5-letter dye that is widely used in temporary tattoos
20 It's a dramatic monologue or speech made to oneself
21 A youngster wakes up to find everything out of place in Wacky Wednesday by this author writing under the name Theo LeSieg
22 Independent Angus' violin section
23 Jesse Eisenberg once said he was getting mistaken for this Arrested Development actor about once a day
24 Jack Dorsey CEO of this credit card processing giant gets a $2.75 yearly salary 2.75 being the percentage charged per swipe
25 Fats Waller put this sweet shrubbery word in front of Rose in one of his most famous songs
26 Lapsus linguae is literally Latin for this kind of mistake
27 This 1973 Kurt Vonnegut novel about depressed car dealer Dwayne Hoover is subtitled or Goodbye Blue Monday!
28 Sherrod's new teeth
29 Though this sitcom actress sings in the duo She & Him she's not crazy about being taken for Katy Perry
30 When Meg Whitman took over as CEO of this hyphenated tech giant she couldn't buy coffee with her salary; she did okay with stocks though
31 A guide book called Adventures in Good Eating recommended the food at his Kentucky motel & changed his fortunes
32 The giant variety of this Tridacna gigas is the largest living bivalve mollusk & can grow to 4 feet across & 500 pounds
33 Due west of its capital Salem this state's D River is billed as the world's shortest at 120 feet
34 Piotr Adamczyk played this Polish composer in a 2002 film
35 In 1717 the first Grand Lodge of this secret society was founded
36 This word borrowed from the French can mean access as well as main course
37 Sean Parker co-founded this music file-sharing service that debuted in 1999
38 Aside from the Sun & the Moon this is the brightest natural object in the night sky
39 You'll find the region called U in Pohnpei one of the Federated States of this multi-island Pacific nation
40 Ringo Starr was the pope & Roger Daltrey played the lead in a 1975 film called this Hungarian -omania
41 In 1783 she annexed the Crimean Peninsula & it became Russian territory
42 It often means a lavish country residence but in Britain can also mean a housing development
43 Jonathan Larson created this show based on La Boheme that revived the rock musical genre in the 1990s
44 After sulfur is removed this has no odor; mercaptan is added to it so that leaks can be detected
45 Sweden Denmark & Norway all have villages with the ring type of this vowel for a name
46 1938 & 1972 films both called The Great Waltz focus on this composer
47 In 1732 James Oglethorpe secured a royal charter to establish what became this colony
48 Synonym for a posse--a rapper's or an actor's not a sheriff's
49 In 1935 the year before his Olympic heroics this track star broke 3 world records & tied a 4th within 45 minutes
50 Studying flares & the corona in 2019 U.K. astronomers determined that this field is 10 times stronger than previously thought
51 This French village exists at the junction of 3 roads hence its one-letter name
52 Iosif Pasternak wrote & directed the documentary The Pathetique about this composer
53 This Alpine German-speaking principality was created in 1719 & is still here today
54 This word for a perfect example doesn't rhyme with home
55 -ian added to the last name of this 3-named economist refers to his theories promoting government spending & stimulus
56 (Sarah of the Clue Crew presents by a display monitor.) Butterflies emerge as adults not from a cocoon but from one of these structures whose name is from the Greek for gold
57 Mount E on this island is at the entrance to the Tsugaru Strait across which lies Honshu
58 Bride of the Wind (a Gustav wind?) found Jonathan Pryce playing this symphonist
59 In 1789 this Scotsman left from Lake Athabasca to explore the 1100 miles of the Canadian river named for him
60 This 9-letter word is a less common synonym for former


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Latest Questions

# Questions
1 A 1953 article by this pair says The specific pairing we have postulated… suggests a… copying mechanism for the genetic material
2 Mean & unfeeling like Hannah the vamp of Savannah
3 This Boy Scouts founder said The Scouts' motto is founded on my initials it is: Be Prepared
4 Who exactly Norman was is lost to history but Norman's Woe is the reef made famous in the poem The Wreck of this ship
5 Self-Portrait with Striped Shirt is by this Viennese modernist who died aged just 28 in 1918
6 Charles Barkley's jersey was retired in this NBA city & state capital
7 Ukraine's longest river it bisects the country before emptying into the Black Sea
8 Ibsen spent 27 years away from Norway in this type of exile
9 When it comes to tidying up she says if an item sparks joy keep it if not dispose of it
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