Jeopardy September 16 2022 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy September 16 2022 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 In 1774 North Carolina's Penelope Barker led a protest against this British product making a mulberry version instead
2 Suffering from FOMO? You've got this
3 Know what the cost is for the ferry from Manhattan to this borough? Nothin'! Bupkis! & it runs 24/7 baby! We love New Yawk!
4 A red cardigan sweater worn by this beloved TV host is in the Smithsonian
5 March 28 2022 issues of Time featured 2 different covers: The Resilience of & The Agony of this country
6 That Bible's not for the yard sale! It was printed around 1455 by this man & only 48 are known to survive; I think it might be valuable
7 Virologist June Almeida was the first to identify one of these & gave it this name due to its resemblance to a crown
8 I've got nothing new to report; it's BAU this
9 It's 1400 miles between Fargo & this city; if you wanted to bus there & see the statue of Rocky an economy ticket was $222
10 His Steps in Time autobiography included a foreword by Ginger Rogers
11 A 1968 Esquire cover depicted this banned boxer as the martyred St. Sebastian
12 You don't have to know why I own 22 of this of hat; let's just box 'em up
13 The formerly enslaved Isabella Baumfree said the spirit told her to preach & she renamed herself this
14 I miss you babe: WYWH
15 It's about 200 miles north from Syracuse to this world capital; if you get 40 miles to the gallon at $5 per that's a $25 trip
16 This actor & funnyman has been the recipient of 2 Peabody Awards--one for SNL the other for Portlandia
17 The June 1985 cover of this magazine showed a 12-year-old Afghan refugee & described her haunted eyes
18 This company says its model D piano is the pinnacle of concert grands; I say let's try not to scratch it as we exit the living room
19 Roxana married this conqueror in 327 B.C. & after his death killed another wife or wives & consolidated the throne
20 Exactly! I had the same idea: GMTA short for this
21 In Wyoming but also stretching into 2 other states this natl. park has a $35 entry fee per car but 80% funds critical projects
22 Fred Grandy best known for playing Gopher the purser on this series went on to represent Iowa in Congress
23 A 1969 Life cover showed Buzz Aldrin & mirrored in Buzz' visor this man who had taken the photo
24 Don't ask how I got this Rodin bronze from outside the Detroit Institute of Arts but it's 2000 lbs. & now we gotta get it in the truck
25 Out gathering firewood along a river on February 11 1858 she saw the first of her 18 visions of the Virgin Mary
26 I can totally relate: SOML this
27 Flying Emirates--first class natch!--from L.A. to DXB the airport serving this city could set you back $16k just one way
28 He is the late senator actor & presidential candidate seen here
29 This magazine's black-on-black 9/11 cover was a joint effort by its art editor Fran├žoise Mouly & her husband Art Spiegelman
30 Be careful with my pet this the weasel family's largest member; he's omnivorous & likely polygamous but most of all ferocious
31 Mary Margaret Kaye's novel The Far Pavilions takes place in this country during the time of the Raj
32 Magnetic poles tend to wander & for hundreds of years Greenwich positioned magnetic this west of true this
33 For a 1982 film this title school home to fast times was played by Van Nuys high school & Canoga Park High School
34 A 3-part documentary from Ken Burns titled The U.S. & this dispels the myth that Americans were unaware of Nazi atrocities
35 On his third voyage in 1778 he reached the Hawaiian Islands & named them the Sandwich Islands after one of his patrons
36 This study of ancient life on Earth deals with dinosaur bones as well as fossils of plants & even microbes
37 This Robert Louis Stevenson novel recounts the adventures of Scottish orphan David Balfour
38 It's your lucky day as you name this magnet; it's strong magnetic field between the poles is due to the close proximity
39 Trying to scoop up a cesta a basket racquet used in this fast-paced sport
40 2008 Emmys went to Paul Giamatti as this Founding Father & Laura Linney as his wife Abigail
41 Pedro Cabral was on his way to India when he somehow landed on the coast of South America & claimed this country for Portugal
42 This wooden structure can really handle some weight
43 He created a heroine named Tess who bears a child named Sorrow & later kills the man who seduced her
44 This 3-letter medical procedure involves the patient lying in a hollow cylindrical magnet & getting their atoms scanned
45 This Reese's peanut butter & chocolate bar shares its name with a basketball play
46 He played an Appalachian doctor on the front lines of the opioid crisis in Dopesick
47 A statue on the grounds of Minnesota's state capitol honors this Viking who reached North America around 1000
48 The word racecar is an an example of one of these
49 Name shared by a shortbread cookie & the title heroine in an R.D. Blackmore romance
50 Robert Goddard conceptualized this type of train that eliminates friction of the wheels on rails enabling speeds of 300+ mph
51 Fast twitch & slow twitch are 2 types of this in the body
52 From 1971 to 1992 Alistair Cooke ushered in dramas on the PBS series then known by this 2-word title
53 In 1960 this Kiwi organized & led an expedition in the Himalayas to do high altitude research & to search for the Yeti
54 A mainstay of the southeastern U.S. is this type of tree
55 For plays like The Homecoming & The Birthday Party this dramatist was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2005
56 Shine a light into a gas in a magnetic field to see the Zeeman effect the resplitting of lines in this arrangement of colors
57 Clocked at speeds near 70 mph underwater & one of the fastest ocean fish it's named for its large dorsal fin
58 Amanda Seyfried portrayed this Theranos founder in The Dropout
59 Panama's currency is named for this explorer who crossed the isthmus & sighted the Pacific in 1513
60 It can mean a series of cliffs or a fortification of defensive stakes


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Latest Questions

# Questions
1 Alabama 1968: This American Independent Party candidate
2 Maria Sibylla Merian advanced entomology in 1705's book this process of the Insects of Surinam which she illustrated
3 Charlie Chaplin banded together with 3 other moviemakers to found this studio in 1919
4 These brothers made their first public hot air balloon demonstration in southern France in 1783
5 It's the area where a company's top executives all have their offices
6 A scene from The Final Problem find Sherlock Holmes tussling with Moriarty on cliffs above these falls
7 Mississippi & South Carolina 1952
8 Jack Miner a pioneer of doing this to track birds began a tradition of adding Bible verses to create flying missionaries
9 Seen here Louis B. Mayer signs Clark Gable's Gone with the Wind contract with this studio Gable's home from 1931 to 1954
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