Jeopardy September 14 2022 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy September 14 2022 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 Abraham Lincoln: A ____ divided against itself cannot stand
2 Virtuoso Narciso Yepes played a guitar of his own design with this many strings four more than the norm
3 This traditional 4-letter dog name is from Latin for trust
4 The first secretary of this institution stands in front of its famous castle
5 Norma Jeane Mortenson later Baker
6 This word meaning to acknowledge the truth perhaps about an election loss comes from the Latin for surrender
7 Julius Caesar: The ____ is cast
8 Sorbetto is one type of this solo song in an opera; the audience would get sorbets as a supporting character sang
9 The name of a famous space dog Laika is barker in this language
10 Potala Palace in Lhasa was long the winter residence of the person with this title
11 When Harry Met Sally... Sally used to be Margaret Mary Emily Hyra
12 A coordinate clause is introduced by this part of speech
13 Attributed to Emiliano Zapata: Better to die on your feet than live on your ____
14 In the beginning are the first words of this Haydn oratorio about this act by God; here's a later tune
15 This 5-letter word meaning wanderer was popularized as a dog name by a 1905 silent film
16 Associated with Dracula Bran Castle is a popular tourist attraction in this Romanian region
17 Fast & Furious family man Mark Sinclair
18 This musical instrument has largely been replaced by the accordion
19 Gandhl:You can return blow for blow if you are not brave enough to follow the path of ____
20 Ms. Rice knows con dolcezza or with sweetness is in his 6th symphony which he conducted in St. Petersburg 9 days before his death
21 President Garfield gave his dog this 4-letter name to honor what Rutherford B. Hayes had done to a bill
22 Completed in 691 this shrine was built in Jerusalem by Caliph Abd al-Malik
23 Eric Marlon Bishop shocked Spider-Man as Electro
24 The blowing of this is part of a luau
25 Joseph Welch to Senator McCarthy: Have you no sense of ____
26 Piano students often begin with the scale of C major the key of the first prelude & fugue in this Bach work with an instrumental name
27 During World War I a corporal named 2 German Shepherds for French folk dolls: Nanette this; the latter dog became a movie star
28 Anthemius of Tralles & Isidorus of Miletus were the architects of this cathedral whose name means holy wisdom
29 Carlos Estévez from an acting family
30 Here's a typical early 19th century landscape by this British painter
31 This type of diet is modeled on the eating habits of prehistoric man
32 The semiarid Sahel Region is on the southern edge of this straight-up arid desert of more than 3 million square miles
33 New mom Sarah Palin once remarked that in the middle of the night she would have to put down the BlackBerrys & pick up this
34 The action begins in a children's tale when this character blows into London's Cherry Tree Lane on the east wind
35 2 main types of this in a divorce are legal (who makes big decisions about the kid's life) & physical (whom the moppet lives with)
36 The year Atlanta's Dragon Con really took off was 2003 when James Marsters then of this TV show brought in the crowds
37 Where TV shows like Jeopardy! are taped; it's also a one-room apartment
38 One of the most impressive sections of this wet landmark lies between Livingstone & Cataract Islands
39 Oxygen-poor blood is pumped to the lungs through the pulmonary valve by the right this a chamber of the heart
40 Part I of a 17th century novel is titled The Ingenious Hidalgo this character of La Mancha
41 In general an NDA short for this agreement is not enforceable against you if you're testifying under subpoena
42 The Gathering at tabletop convention Gen Con in 1993 launched this card game phenomenon
43 This word for a type of pet adoptee implies it has been removed from danger
44 Get out of the Land Rover in Zambia's South Luangwa National Park called the birthplace of the walking this tour
45 This U.S. Army Corps' effort to protect New Orleans includes a pumping station that can fill an Olympic pool in 7 seconds
46 It's the ironically happy-sounding name of the commander's barren wife in The Handmaid's Tale
47 Many people trying to sue over the same thing may be certified as this group to prevent unfair variations in their outcomes
48 At Comic-Con 2022 Norman Reedus was nostalgic at the last panel for this series... but a miniseries was teased
49 From the Italian it's any smooth transition from one topic to another
50 Adopted in 1960 the national anthem of this country of western Africa is L'Abidjanaise
51 Placed at an angle a type of helical screw named for this Greek is central to the workings of the modern screw pump
52 These 2 migrant workers dream of owning a farm with rabbits in Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men but things don't go as planned
53 All states have implied consent laws so applying for a driver's license means agreeing to let police test this
54 On twitter @RealGDT this director whose films often feature creatures said I go to Monsterpalooza every time I can
55 There's a Q inside this synonym for abrupt
56 Next to the ruins of Luxor & Thebes this ancient temple complex is found on the east bank of the Nile River in upper Egypt
57 The first fuel pump in the U.S. was installed in Fort Wayne in 1885; it supplied this oil used mainly for lamps
58 This title wolf dog in a 1906 novel has a father named One Eye & a mother named Kiche
59 The 2022 Dobbs Supreme Court decision mentions these 9th Amendment rights a term for those protected but not specified
60 Mythcon 19 in 1988 had as a guest of honor this Always Coming Home fantasy author & was held in Berkeley her birthplace


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2 Maria Sibylla Merian advanced entomology in 1705's book this process of the Insects of Surinam which she illustrated
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7 Mississippi & South Carolina 1952
8 Jack Miner a pioneer of doing this to track birds began a tradition of adding Bible verses to create flying missionaries
9 Seen here Louis B. Mayer signs Clark Gable's Gone with the Wind contract with this studio Gable's home from 1931 to 1954
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