Jeopardy September 13 2023 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy September 13 2023 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 On Oct. 26 1886 he said The dream of my life is accomplished… I see the symbol of unity & friendship between 2 nations
2 This mammal's name is from the Greek for nose-horn
3 In 2016 this Luther star was made an officer of the Order of the British Empire
4 Karen Shepherd Mitt Romney David King
5 He helped computerize his high school's scheduling system went to Harvard in the '70s dropped out & was a billionaire by 1987
6 L'Oreal's Colorista is just about the coolest thing ever to give this of yours a little more flair
7 The sovereign's seat
8 The San Diego Zoo welcomed its first pair of these from Australia Snugglepot & Cuddlepie in 1925
9 Famous among the smaller set for singing Let It Go she earned her first Tony nomination in Rent
10 Solomon Foot Bernie Sanders the Anti-Jacksonian Party's Dudley Chase
11 In 1887 he began running the San Francisco Examiner which his dad acquired 7 years before
12 Your new PlayStation 4 is the bomb but a couple extra DualShock these for your crew would rock
13 You're not outta your gourd! You're into this gourd that's big on Oct. 31
14 Pan troglodytes is the scientific name for this close relative of humans & bonobos
15 Say Sir to this actor nominated for a 2001 Oscar for his portrayal of Gandalf
16 Dick Cheney Malcolm Wallop Milward Simpson (the only Milward to serve the state... so far)
17 Billy Joel's time playing a lounge in L.A. led to this Billy's first Top 40 hit; great tune but tonic & gin still sounds weird
18 If you've got the perfect getup show your peeps online by posting an OOTD your this of the day
19 Money granted to a student to pursue studies
20 Like its relative the meerkat the banded type of this snake killer bands together to make a stand
21 James Osterberg has been known as this since his days fronting proto-punk-rockers The Stooges
22 Benjamin Bourne in the 1790s Lincoln Chafee Ambrose Burnside
23 William Thomson is a fine name for a physicist but after developing the absolute temp. scale Lord this had a nice ring
24 You can buy do-it-yourself kits for making these Japanese rice-based treats filled with ice cream
25 Past participle of seek
26 According to Britannica though called naked these rodents actually have about 100 fine hairs on their skin
27 We'll always have Paris & her as Ilsa in Casablanca
28 Thomas Hart Benton Xenophon P. Wilfley Sempronius H. Boyd
29 In May 2019 this mayor of New York threw his hat in the ring to run for president but by September the hat had been returned
30 Beats by this guy is known for its headphones
31 Geometry term for triangles that can be exactly superimposed one on the other
32 Sir Paul McCartney was born on June 18 1942 in this city--3 very important co-workers of his were born there too
33 August 4 celebrates the birth of this branch of the U.S. military
34 Athos Porthos & Aramise
35 Found in the state of Jalisco is this magic place that lends its name to this omnipresent Mexican liquor
36 This title is the temperature at which book-paper catches fire and burns
37 In Spanish ¡felicidades! is one way to say this
38 Paul co-founded the non-profit Meat Free this promoting health & conservation with at least one plant-based day each week
39 This holiday that commemorates the victory of Mexico at the Battle of Puebla is also a day to celebrate Mexican culture
40 It's when you get your peanuts for all your hard work
41 This Baja border town whose name begins & ends with the same 2 letters is known for a beer with the same name & great eats
42 'Shoot all the bluejays you want if you can hit 'em but remember it's a sin' to do this
43 It's another name for a movie's director of photography; Conrad Hall was a great one
44 Deep in the mix & perhaps making a mistake just before the na na na part a Beatle exclaims (Bleepin') hell! on this long classic
45 Dedication in Hebrew it can be spelled without a C & actually spans 8 days but you still need to know it now
46 An article called the Chicago Bears of 1938 this kind of team since they set a season's record of 56 fumbles
47 The beautiful town of Cholula lies near the foot of Popocatépetl not just a mountain but one of these
48 She clutched the child so fiercely to her breast that it sent forth a cry; she turned her eyes downward at this symbol
49 Described in 3 of the gospels it's the term for Jesus' change in appearance to divine form up on a mountain
50 On April 21 1990 at Maracana Stadium Paul had an intimate show for 184000 friends as he rocked in this huge South American city
51 September 17 commemorates the signing of this in 1787
52 This purrrfect club of Whig leaders in London sounds just like a chocolate wafer bar
53 X marks the spot of this cobblestoned town renowned as the silver capital of the world
54 This numeric title required that each censored letter bear the censoring officer's name
55 It's the phenomenon exhibited here in waves on the California coast caused by light-emitting organisms
56 The Beatles won a music Oscar for this 1970 doc. but finding itself in times of trouble the band didn't accept in person
57 Catholics usually celebrate the Thursday after Trinity Sunday as the feast of this Latin for Christ's body
58 NASA called the activity in this type of galaxy reminiscent of the end of a pyrotechnics show
59 Swim with whale sharks at Isla Mujeres a Pueblo Mágico in this 2-word Mexican state of which Cozumel is a part
60 'I would give a good deal to know how it comes about that' this wealthy title man 'is acquainted with M. de Villefort'
61 From French & Latin for nimble finger it's a fancy name for a sleight of hand magician


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