Jeopardy September 12 2023 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy September 12 2023 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 A Jan. 11 report from Luther Terry in his capacity in this job said (finally) Cigarette smoking is causally related to lung cancer
2 After writing for In Living Color Larry Wilmore was the Senior Black Correspondent on this Jon Stewart show
3 The late Richard Belzer was a cousin of this actor seen here; Belzer appeared in Night Shift & he returned the favor & guested on SVU
4 The tree that bears this fruit is sacred in India
5 Time for Special K / Its name meant impala hill / Uganda love it
6 A horse of pure stock
7 On March 27 a 9.2 quake rocked this state's Valdez forcing the town itself to be moved to the delta of Mineral Creek
8 This actor-singer starred in the movies Day Shift & Baby Driver & crooned on Slow Jamz & Gold Digger
9 It's the first month of the calendar year that has no federal holidays
10 Martha Stewart suggests copper bowls to get proper fluffiness in this egg-white pie preparation
11 Hey Kenya dig it? / Started as a water hole / 4 million now there
12 A sensational 5-column-wide newspaper
13 At the Academy Awards ceremony in 1964 he became the first Black Best Actor winner
14 Her documentary Halftime covers the journey to her performance at the Super Bowl in 2020
15 Seen here the Hang Nga guest house is in this country
16 Inject cooked soybeans with a fermented grain called koji & you've got this Japanese bean paste
17 Same name of nation / Ah shake shake shake... shake shake shake... / Say the J not D
18 A Russian thistle bouncing down an Old West street in the wind
19 The first mission of this post-Mercury NASA program launched on April 8 uncrewed; soon 2 men would fly in each mission
20 Jim Carrey said Good afternoon good evening & good night in this 1998 film
21 In 2023 the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists moved this symbol to 90 seconds to midnight due to Russia's war with Ukraine
22 This fancy culinary term refers to a mixture of diced carrots onions & celery
23 Western port city / It's named for a president / '90s Civil War
24 All added up it means arranged in a systematic form
25 In a landmark case the Supreme Court ruled that this newspaper had not libeled Alabama city commissioner L.B. Sullivan
26 Seen here this actor won his first Tony Award for his performance in A Soldier's Play
27 An ex-contestant apparently did not enjoy becoming America's Next Top Model likening it to this college's prison experiment
28 A Swiss nutritionist developed this 6-letter breakfast from a German word for stew
29 Off to Botswana! / Game reserve in a city / See the wildebeest
30 This inn is found in The Canterbury Tales & today in Washington D.C. where it's a favorite brunch spot
31 From 2000 to 2006 Vicente Fox was in the news as president of this country
32 Driver Richard Petty won his 200th & last NASCAR race on July 4 1984 at this Florida locale
33 Influenza is caused by these infectious microbes so antibiotics won't help
34 It should come as no surprise that this is Georgia's state fruit
35 A seducing rake in 1675's The Country Wife is named this like Little Jack in the corner
36 From the Latin for middle it's definitely smaller than large
37 General Cornwallis called this commander of the Continental Army The Old Fox
38 The sin bin is another name for this place where a hockey player goes to wait out an infraction
39 Canine influenza was first identified in 2004 among these racing dogs
40 In early April Augusta played host to this
41 He based Prince Paul who says witty things like It is so exhausting not to talk on his Irish college tutor
42 In 1924 Rogers Hornsby's was .424
43 Early in her career this star of hits like Independence Day & Kill Bill was a dancer on Soul Train
44 Named for the 3-decade president of its gov. body this tourney's top prize was once called the Jules Rimet Trophy
45 Research has linked influenza pandemics to this global weather event El Niño's counterpart
46 In 1864 Sherman's march to the sea ended with the capture of this port city Georgia's colonial capital
47 Queen Hecuba has a lot to say in Euripides' play about the suffering women of this city defeated by the Greeks
48 In the sequence 1 3 4 8 9 4 is this like a highway strip
49 Former teacher Virginia Foxx is the U.S. rep from this state's 5th district which includes Tobaccoville & Winston-Salem
50 The target for this sport measures 12 feet across & is called a house
51 Early reports of this national flu appeared in the uncensored press of the country which was neutral in WWI
52 The subject of a 2019 film he was eventually commended by the governor for saving lives in the 1996 Olympics bombing
53 Julie Christie & Amanda Donohoe have played the alluring Yelena who shakes things up in this playwright's Uncle Vanya
54 To intend something or to be malicious
55 The 19th century Fox sisters played an important role in this -ism that gave people hope of communicating with the dead
56 From 1976 to 1980 this alliteratively named Swede won 5 straight singles titles at Wimbledon
57 Flu strains are determined by the makeup of 2 antigens known by these 2 letters as in _1_1
58 In 1998 a National Prisoner of War Museum was dedicated at this site of a notorious military Civil War
59 Angels in America has characters both heavenly such as the angel & earthly like the vision of this woman executed in 1953
60 If you're as far away from one place as another you're this 11-letter word


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8 This chair a molded plywood seat & back connected by stainless steel tubing is named for its designer
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