Jeopardy October 26 2021 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy October 26 2021 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 It took until 1954 for this practice that began with wartime shortages to end; here's one woman celebrating
2 All You Need Is Luvs in a commercial for these
3 3-letter edge of a glass
4 A silhouetted businessman free falls past giant ads & lands in a chair cigarette in hand
5 Norman Mailer won a Pulitzer for The Armies of the Night about the 1967 march on this Defense Department building
6 It's the W in WPA an act protecting federal employees who disclose information about abuse of authority or mismanagement
7 In a June 2016 referendum 52% voted for the policy soon universally known by this one word
8 The Billy Crash Craddock song Rub It In became Plug It In for this home scent brand
9 As a verb it means to grip tightly; as a noun it's a woman's small purse
10 A drive down the scenic New Jersey Turnpike passes Satriale's & Pizzaland before ending at a suburban home
11 In Ted Conover's Rolling Nowhere about life on the rails we learn that the Sally is the Salvation Army & the Willy is this store
12 Clumsy & ungainly are synonyms for this word that can be an adjective or an adverb
13 Ending a 77-year drought for a U.K. male in 2013 this tennis player won the Wimbledon Men's Singles
14 This band re-recorded a version of its song Whip It for a Swiffer ad
15 Isiah Thomas & Bill Laimbeer were Bad Boys for this team
16 The 8 titular characters stare at one another then at their housekeeper in the center
17 This newswoman chronicled her 1889-1890 adventures in the book Around the World in Seventy-Two Days
18 A boxer who can be no more than 147 pounds
19 In 1951 the Conservative Party won a majority in Parliament & this man returned to the job of PM at the age of 76
20 Kraft rewrote an EMF song as this new mash-up title to promote its Cheese Crumbles
21 It's another word for a wool scarf
22 The heroine strolls Manhattan in a tutu gets splashed by a passing car sees her own picture on a bus
23 He interviewed Chicago slaughterhouse workers to research The Jungle
24 A lawyer in court using this 2-syllable word is basically saying Forget what I just said
25 A few years after the worst of mad cow a 2001 epidemic of this disease led to the culling of millions of animals
26 This song from South Pacific was used by Clairol only man is replaced with gray
27 An unlawful beating of a person
28 Beautiful people frolic around L.A.; Heather Locklear is somehow a Special Guest Star for 6 1/2 of 7 seasons
29 This Jon Krakauer book says the unreliability of the human mind at high altitude made the research problematic
30 The old job on the left gave us this last name of the man on the right
31 In 1992 the EPA established a program that puts this symbol on efficient appliances
32 A 2010 computer analysis said the most boring 20th c. day was a Sunday in the middle of this known as a decade of dull conformity
33 Baltimore is shipshape as the chief port on the northern portion of this bay
34 Parasite (2019)
35 God spent this many days creating the heavens & the arth
36 8 fluid ounces
37 Part of the National Defense University the CIC is the College of Information and this virtual area
38 This 2-word computer task that begins with a Latin plural is often very repetitive & boring
39 This Philippine bay that shares its name with the capital is almost completely landlocked
40 Roma (2018)
41 David selected 5 smooth stones out of a stream before his encounter with this person
42 For squash players it's about 32 feet long & 21 wide
43 The Justice Department has a division named for this type of practice that breaks up monopolies
44 The Boredom Lab is part of the psychology department at York University in this Canadian city
45 Hey tiger with a maximum depth of more than 15000 feet it's the bay seen here
46 The Tin Drum (1979)
47 After fasting for this many days & nights Jesus was tempted by Satan who challenged him to turn stones into bread
48 In French this word precedes communion in a rite for Catholic kids
49 In 1800 Congress hired a lone building watchman named John Golding leading to the creation of the force known as this
50 Madame Bovary is a famously bored literary character; in the original her look full of boredom is full of this French word
51 This inlet of the Atlantic stretches from Île d'Ouessant to Cape Ortegal in Spain & even rhymes with bay helping it sound really cool
52 The Bicycle Thief (1948)
53 Jacob ended up serving this many years to win the hand of Rachel
54 An airplane's turn while dipping one wing
55 A 1978 act of Congress created the council of the IGs these officials on Integrity & Efficiency
56 A state of boredom or an equatorial region where the trade winds cancel each other out leaving sailors becalmed & bored
57 Oh to live on Sugarloaf Mountain overlooking the entrance of this Brazilian bay
58 Wild Strawberries (1957)
59 As depicted in Genesis there were this many people on Noah's Ark
60 In math it's the set of sums of a sequence; for 2 4 6 8... it's 2 6 12 20...


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# Questions
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