Jeopardy October 25 2021 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy October 25 2021 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 The Arabian Sea is 300 miles south of this often invaded but incredibly hard to conquer nation directly east of Iran
2 A Good Housekeeping article about uses for these says they're not just for taking off nail polish
3 L.L. ____ ____ nicknames include The Future of the Funk
4 Also a first name it's a local visitor to a carnival ready to be separated from his money; it may have easy before it
5 There are white-beaked & bottlenose types of this creature
6 Alpha's Greek letter opposite that means the last in a sequence
7 L is for little landlocked & these 2 tiny European nations separated by about 240 miles
8 The basketball-playing sons of LaVar Ball are Lonzo LiAngelo & him NBA rookie of the year in 2020-21 for Charlotte
9 J.J. ___Fringe & Lost producer
10 A butcher is a strolling peddler of refreshment like this sweet stuff also called floss
11 In mitosis one cell splits into 2 genetically identical ones with this familial name
12 A Frisbee team game or a word from the Latin for last
13 In 2021 this nation between Russia & Poland had a defecting Olympian & brought back an opposition reporter by diverting a plane
14 It is certain & Ask again later are 2 of the possible responses from this Mattel novelty item
15 A.A. ____who wrote Now We Are Six & other light verse for his son
16 By itself or followed by hoo it's the spiel that a barker uses to entice a crowd to enter a sideshow
17 Woof! Missouri's official state tree is this flowering one with a canine name
18 This 2-word phrase for a farewell performance is derived from the belief that a certain bird makes music as it dies
19 After WWI this Central European country broke away from a dual monarchy but lost about 2/3 of its land
20 It can be any small device or the ball placed in beer bottles to help release nitrogen
21 B.B. ____ influenced by Django Reinhardt
22 It's the more conventional 2-word name for a lead joint the game seen here
23 Harold Urey won a Nobel Prize for his discovery of this heavy form of hydrogen
24 The final part of a musical piece it was used as a title for Led Zeppelin's final album of studio recordings
25 The name of this nation with Mediterranean-accessible Libya on its northern border sounds like a James Spader '80s villain
26 From the French for petticoat it's a ball where debutantes are presented to society
27 C.C. ____a Cy Young winner
28 A G-top is for carnival people only often after hours with the G standing for this activity
29 Here's this showy flower in a beautiful plum color
30 Take the H off the end of a word meaning to complete & you still have this noun for a conclusion
31 A large arid plateau in Central Spain La Mancha was made famous in a 17th century novel by this man
32 In the Bible God tells this person For dust thou art & unto dust shalt thou return
33 The first program to incorporate this mirthful addition in the finished product was The Hank McCune Show in 1950
34 Saudi Arabia's flag features the Muslim statement of faith above this weapon a symbol of justice
35 This mail delivery service was launched April 3 1860
36 Trousers sections
37 14th c. Cardinal Gil Alvarez Carrillo de Albornoz paved the way for this institution to return from Avignon to Rome
38 Chapter 1 of this 1939 novel has quite a lot to say about dust like In the morning it ' hung like fog
39 This cable network was formed in 1972 to air uncut commercial-free movies & subscribers paid extra for it from the beginning
40 Nauru's flag is a symbolic map; the star represents Nauru & the yellow line represents this less than one degree north
41 Africa's largest country in area it gained independence from France in 1962 after an 8-year-long revolution
42 The poorer quality Appaloosa
43 In the 1570s Domenikos Theotokopoulos moved to Toledo where he was better known by this nickname
44 Lucas Beauchamp a character in this southern author's Intruder in the Dust is also in his story collection Go Down Moses
45 The first live nationwide color TV broadcast was of this event on California streets January 1 1954
46 The flag of Prince Edward Island features 3 saplings & a larger tree all of this sturdy 3-letter type
47 Around 387 B.C. he founded his academy in Athens
48 Hobbit homeland beach
49 Nobody expected the 1507 appointment of Francisco Jimenez archbishop of Toledo as Grand this
50 This title man is described as a limping lump o' brick-dust in a Rudyard Kipling poem
51 For years Americans had two events each Sunday--church & the show hosted by this man who brought many new artists into their homes
52 The constitution of this Himalayan nation gives very detailed instructions on how to draw its non-rectangular flag
53 While surveying the night sky in 1781 William Herschel made this big discovery
54 A desolate unornamented pile of pancakes
55 In the 2010 World Cup final Andres Iniesta scored the goal to defeat this country that beat Spain in 1648 for its independence
56 A line from Eliot's The Waste Land gave this British novelist the title A Handful of Dust
57 A 1996 law mandated all TVs have this chip to help parents control kids' viewing but it was never used much
58 Boughs of this plant Nevada's state flower & one of its state nicknames appear on its flag
59 The Union of Kalmar in 1397 united Sweden & these 2 kingdoms under a single monarch
60 The press agent carries a personal bottle of booze


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