Jeopardy October 12 2021 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy October 12 2021 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 David Copperfield had a standard magic trick where he made this happen to 13 audience members
2 10-letter term for illegally smuggled stuff
3 Hosting SNL Carey Mulligan said she liked to call this band My Husband & Sons hubby Marcus being its lead singer
4 In 1958 this kid from Memphis traded in his blue suede shoes & got some Army issue ones at Arkansas' Fort Chaffee
5 It precedes bean in something you may enjoy & precedes stone in something you very much would not
6 The sum of any 2 sides of a triangle is equal to or greater than the 3rd side means this is the short route between 2 points
7 Broadway theaters have at least 500 seats; off-Broadway ones tend to have 100 to 499 & these with a similar name under 100
8 Printed cotton handkerchief used as headwear
9 Before Maroon 5 his high school band called Kara's Flowers appeared in an episode of Beverly Hills 90210
10 Seen here a soldier is taking in the view of Mount Rainier at Joint Base Lewis McChord in this state
11 It's the organ that's often contrasted with brawn
12 The ancient Greeks compared the constellation Triangulum to this capital letter of theirs
13 Partly to keep the audience awake he kept the Ed Sullivan Theater at 55 degrees when taping his late-night show that ended in 2015
14 It can be a movement propelled by sheer momentum or something that literally conveys musicians
15 Lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong says Serena Williams a superfan of this band always requests they play Disappearing Boy
16 John McCain was born on a U.S. military base near a strategic waterway in this country
17 This protein- & iron-rich chicken part in chopped form is also in a common rhetorical question
18 Just like a boat windmills like the ones seen here use a type of triangular sail with this 3-letter name
19 A Haydn symphony is nicknamed Miracle after the tale that one of these fell & smashed in a miraculously empty audience area
20 This nickname for a slot machine that dates back to the 1930s sounds like someone who is about to rob you
21 Here is this singer who died far too young far from home in Paris
22 In 1968 an air reserve base in Indiana was named for this Hoosier astronaut killed in a fire the year before
23 Speak with one of these also found in some snakes' mouths & your intent is to deceive
24 This 6th century B.C. man's theorem about the lengths of the sides of a right triangle is actually far older than even he is
25 Putting down hecklers 1765-style this Virginia orator responded to cries of treason with If this be treason make the most of it
26 Lewis Carroll's frumious creature
27 In 1984 Chris Cornell co-founded this band named after an art installation in Seattle
28 This Marine Camp outside of San Diego was used in TV shows like Gomer Pyle & Baa Baa Black Sheep
29 Synonyms for this word also an organ include vesicle sac & pouch
30 In Pascal's triangle any two numbers add up to the number below & between them; adding diagonally yields this man's sequence
31 Riding in Cars with BoysAwakenings
32 In Luke Chapter 2 verse 4 Joseph goes to this city where the baby Jesus makes his appearance a bit later
33 Friedrich Froebel started the first of these schools in Germany in 1837 & started the day with merry songs
34 In medieval politics the Ghibellines supported the emperor; the Guelphs were loyal to the man with this title
35 This dog Come-Home first appeared as a 1938 Saturday Evening Post story; a novel followed then radio movies & TV
36 Remove in- from a word meaning keen perception to get this school cost
37 When They See Us A Wrinkle in Time Selma
38 In Matthew 3 John the Baptist is reluctant to baptize Jesus in this river
39 In 1783 Poland was the first country to ban this in schools; it's also banned in the country's constitution
40 In the mid-1800s Russia began building these routes with a 5-foot gauge wider than the European standard
41 This sci-fi great teamed with Robert Silverberg to expand his classic 1941 short story Nightfall into a 1990 novel
42 An affirmative interjection loses in- & turns into this legal document
43 1991's Point Break Zero Dark Thirty
44 When Jesus was 12 he went to the festival of Passover in this city as was the tradition of his parents
45 Golfer Terry Williams was the USA's first woman to receive one of these from the University of Miami in 1973
46 King Gustav III of this country was shot at the opera house in 1792 & died 2 weeks later
47 Jonathan Safran Foer expanded his short story The Very Rigid Search into the novel Everything is this
48 Wonder Woman episodes of Entourage & Arrested Development
49 From Hebrew for oil press this garden across the Kidron Valley is depicted here by Raphael
50 The USA's first public teacher training school evolved into Framingham State University in this state
51 In 1240 Henry III had the central keep of the fortress seen here painted giving rise to this 2-word name
52 Big Creek Missile Agency Homer Hickam's article about his childhood became this book that became the movie October Sky
53 A thank you-less person loses in- to become this frame of metal bars
54 Red Hot Chili Peppers: Dark Necessities Booksmart
55 The Hebrew name Nahum gave us the name of this city where several of the disciples were chosen
56 In 1761 Claude Bourgelat who wrote Sur la m├ędecine des chevaux set up the first school for this profession
57 Though Pippin III founded this Frankish dynasty in 751 its name comes from the many Charleses who ruled it
58 First a short story this Jeffrey Eugenides novel about 5 sisters who die young became a Sofia Coppola film
59 A breathing verb loses in- & turns into this hearty word


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9 These 70' pillars in New York & London do date to Ancient Egypt yet have no historic connection to the woman they are named for
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