Jeopardy October 11 2021 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy October 11 2021 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 Oxford is called The City of Dreaming Spires while this other U.K. place is The City of Perspiring Dreams
2 The HT in HTML & HTTP stands for this
3 In December 2011 the last U.S. troops left this country ending a war that began in 2003; they later returned to fight Isis
4 Often unpopular on a diamond: IMPURE
5 Empire State of Mind tells how this man became a rap mogul
6 You've been described as fastidious so you're too this
7 Back when it was Constantinople this Turkish city was known as Second Rome
8 In the Disney film he's alphabetically last of Snow White's seven dwarfs
9 From the early 1800s until 2011 these busy workers carried messages & assisted members in the House of Representatives
10 He sometimes runs the football: FLAB HACK
11 Hiding in Plain Sight is the subtitle of Julia Sweig's biography of this first lady born in Karnack Texas
12 Before wicket it refers to a muddy part on the cricket pitch or any awkward problem
13 Looking down Capitol Boulevard you can see why this U.S. city--whose French-derived name means wooded--is the City of Trees
14 A flock of geese in flight can be called a skein or wedge; the same group on the ground or in the water is this
15 With a landing in July 2011 the 135-mission program using these came to an end
16 A big shot in basketball: HERE TO RIP NET
17 Jon Krakauer's Where Men Win Glory tells of this man who left the NFL for the Army & was killed in Afghanistan
18 Your pasta has too much of the plant bulb Allium sativum so it's overly this
19 Once gently funned as Brisvegas for its anemic nightlife it now prefers Australia's New World City
20 This appetizer has flowered on the Outback Steakhouse menu since 1988--it accounts for 1 in 4 apps ordered there
21 As this store chain closed the CEO wrote My sincerest hope is that we remain in the hearts of readers for years to come
22 Multi-gender tennis: EDIBLE MUD SOX
23 Radioactive... a Tale of Love & Fallout is about the relationship between this couple with real chemistry
24 A fussy baby who cries excessively is often described this way
25 With the hub airport & some of the most glorious beaches of the French Riviera it's the City of Angels
26 Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote the music to the songs in Jesus Christ Superstar; this man wrote the lyrics
27 His decades of rule ended in Egypt & though bedridden he went on trial for crimes including abuse of power
28 Olympic event with ropes & ribbons: CATCHY STRING SHIMMY
29 His Truth Is Marching On tells about this late great Georgia congressman & the Power of Hope
30 A list of 10 Most this adjective Auto Features included cabin perfume dispensers
31 After a major surgery you may end up in the ICU which stands for this
32 IDDM stands for this-dependent diabetes mellitus
33 This 7-letter layer of earth used for cultivation usually contains more organic matter than the layers beneath it
34 Anthony Ramos took over Lin-Manuel Miranda's singing bodega owner role in the film adaptation of this stage musical
35 A 1791 proclamation by President George ordered the first this of the District of Columbia; a young George would've done it himself
36 In med speak a heart attack is an M.I. this infarction
37 This guy is the magnanimous title Greek in Nikos Kazantzakis' novel about living life to the fullest
38 Noisome sounds like it offends the ears but it means something offensive especially to this other sense organ
39 Though it's not for tea & conversation an area that may put the cows in a tandem or rotary setup is this activity's parlor
40 Tom Hardy is back in rare form again playing Eddie Brock a journalist who shares his body with this alien symbiote
41 On May 28 1754 Lt. Colonel George ordered an attack on the troops of Ensign Coulon de Jumonville starting this conflict
42 A blow to the head could cause TBI short for this
43 Meryl Streep starred in a film of this John Fowles novel
44 Belladonna means fair lady but is actually a type of plant called deadly this
45 This unit of measure varies with its content: for wheat it's 60 pounds & for oats 32
46 This word/genre completes the title of a movie with Riz Ahmed as a drummer going deaf Sound of...
47 At 26 George married a woman with this last name of her first husband
48 P.E. is this type of blood clot in the lungs
49 A home built by the VanHoebeek family gives this 2019 Ann Patchett bestseller its title
50 As a noun this word refers to a gallant mounted knight; as an adjective it can mean disdainful or offhand
51 Despite its name it's not a frog relative it's a microscopic worm such as an eelworm that may damage plant roots
52 The 2020 film Resistance saw Jesse Eisenberg play this mime working for the French resistance


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# Questions
1 Ludovico's technique is applied rather violently to make Alex non-violent in this novel
2 A braid of hair that hangs from behind or a place to line up behind others & wait
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7 The name of this great 1498-99 Michelangelo work is Italian for compassion
8 Tess of the d'Urbervilles was described as this an old-timey word meaning good-looking
9 These 70' pillars in New York & London do date to Ancient Egypt yet have no historic connection to the woman they are named for
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