Jeopardy October 09 2019 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy October 09 2019 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 In 1964 the Beatles snagged their first U.S. No. 1 hit with this tune
2 Around noon on some days Germany gets close to half its power from this source
3 14th: Around 1347 the bacterium Yersinia pestis begins a European tour known by this colorful 2-word phrase
4 Of course this honorary Kentucky colonel was inducted
5 Song: By black Sabbath; movie: Tony stark weaponizes an armored suit
6 It's a game played on a 4-walled court--hey that bounced twice!
7 The top hand symbolizes enlightenment and the bottom the world of appearances in the Dhyana Mudra gesture of this religion
8 The light type of this is a basic tool of cell biology magnifying specimens hundreds of times
9 13th: This document debuts in 1215 but is reissued with changes in 1216 1217 & 1225 under a new king
10 Frank Perdue & Donald Tyson are best known for selling this type of meat
11 Song: By U2; movie: Heights make Jimmy Stewart dizzy
12 Nissin cup noodles for example
13 Mano nera translated as this was a turn-of-the-20th century Sicilian extortion ring
14 Take a mind-expanding journey at the live show called Paramount's Laser Spectacular with the music of this Dark Side band
15 19th: This feat of engineering was completed in 1825 connecting the Great Lakes with the Atlantic Ocean
16 Founder Dave Thomas appeared in more than 800 commercials for this fast food chain
17 Song: By Styx; movie: About a sheep-herding pig
18 Michelangelo painted The Creation of Adam on its ceiling
19 In 1950 an Allstate general sales manager came up with this classic slogan
20 10 projectors show astronomical wonders in the USA's largest of these facilities at a Jersey City science center
21 17th: On this woman's death in 1617 a London writer referred to her as The Virginian Woman
22 Nebraska's Alan Simon made his fortune with mailable beef from this company
23 Song: By the cure; movie: Hilary Swank played Teena Brandon who became Brandon Teena
24 Jack Byham a famous maker of these sold thousands at the 1956 Melbourne Olympics (with a few returns)
25 During this 1986 event people all around the country held hands to help the homeless
26 John Alcott & Emmanuel Lubezki people in this profession are noted for creative use of natural light
27 18th: In 1723 Russia captures Baku from Persia in this leader's last great military campaign
28 Dave Theno of Jack in the Box was inducted for helping the industry improve after an outbreak of this bacterium
29 Song: By Cream; movie: About the beer-loving McKenzie brothers from SCTV
30 Also a bluffing board game from Mattel this word means nonsense! Hogwash!
31 Helping you with a soft reboot this 3-key step was chosen as it was nigh impossible to engage using only one hand
32 I need a boost--give me a hand or give me this body part up
33 Last name of Fanny Felix' beloved older sister who composed some 500 pieces of music
34 Edmond Rostand set this 1897 play about the pursuit of the lovely Roxane in 17th century Paris
35 It's not a veggie it's the mark above the 6 to show where something is to be inserted
36 A player who passes you the puck right before you score is credited with one of these
37 The first symphony by an American woman was Amy Beach's Gaelic Symphony first performed in 1896 by this group the BSO for short
38 E.B. White mouselike boy in a southern state capital
39 A collection of this controversial German philosopher's thoughts & essays was titled The Anti-Christ
40 The theme song of this show now in its 32nd season asks Bad boys bad boys whatcha gonna do?
41 Inscript the standard keyboard of this country is for scripts like Gujarati Tamil & Telugu
42 This word for help can also be a performance or other event to raise funds for a charitable cause
43 Anne Dudley won an Oscar for scoring this film in which unemployed British steelworkers take it off
44 Small piano that is the Michigan burial place for Gerald Ford
45 In Trilby a young singer falls under the trance of this man whose name became a synonym for a hypnotic controller
46 Since 1973 audiences have tuned in to watch the tempestuous folks of Genoa City on this soap opera
47 New evidence suggests that the QWERTY keyboard design may have sprung from telegraph operators translating this
48 A weight-bearing structure or help & encouragement found in many book acknowledgments
49 British-born Rebecca Clarke gained notice with her 1919 sonata for this instrument spelled the same as a woman's first name
50 Wisconsin city of clear water that has portrayed Temple Grandin & Shakespeare's Juliet
51 Dubbed The Jewish Mark Twain for his poignant tales this author published Tevye the Dairyman in 1894
52 To some longtime viewers he was the new guy but the 2018-19 season was his 30th and last on 60 Minutes
53 Invented in 1960 much later than its forward pal this mark gained popularity when used in MS-DOS
54 F is for this word that means to make a thing easier specifically to help people work together
55 A composer in her own right Clara (nee Wieck) also edited the collected works of this German composer her husband
56 Alliterative Virginia city that is one period of current events reporting


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