Jeopardy October 08 2019 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy October 08 2019 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 This 19th c. pres. was a champion wrestler who only lost 1 match to another soldier in the Illinois volunteer militia
2 Sony is an MNC short for this meaning it has sites all over the world
3 You may be more familiar with the La Brea ones but there's a sticky batch of these in Carpinteria California as well
4 Aunt May & Norman Osborn show up in this superhero's Marvel-ous high-flying game
5 To cast a ballot & to refuse to allow something
6 Corepower the largest U.S. chain of studios for this activity once touted inner peace & flat abs in an hour
7 Eastport in this state is fittingly the easternmost city in the lower 48 states
8 In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate you can choose among many avatars like link Donkey Kong or this fast hedgehog
9 Reasonably enough it's a Hindi king or prince ranking above a raja
10 A golden lack of noise & a permit for cruising in your convertible
11 This family-friendly pizza chain with a mouse mascot has more than 600 locations
12 Charging one nickel the first automated these hit Oklahoma city streets in 1935
13 Many online games say they are F2P meaning this; beware there are usually ways to spend cash down the line
14 In ancient times a tetrarch by definition ruled this much of a region or province
15 To make a sauce more viscous & the room of the house where it might happen
16 In Sweden these people get a text message when their lifesaving donation is used as for a trauma victim
17 Despite the state found in the name of this airline its home offices are in Seattle
18 You can feel like an 1880s train rider aboard the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad in this state
19 The 7 rotatable blocks used in this video game have names like Orange Ricky Hero & Smashboy
20 A nuncio is an ambassador or representative from this person
21 Place for your tootsies on a ten-speed & to beg strongly
22 Jack London encouraged this young cartoonist who created the Believe It or Not! strip later spun off into multiple TV series
23 With shared spaces & private offices this alliterative company helps business get done in more than 110 cities
24 Historians say many residents of this 175-mile long chain of islands off North Carolina are descended from pirates
25 Of the 4 ghosts in the original English version of the Pac-Man game the one that doesn't rhyme with the others
26 John Fisher's lofty British naval titles included First Sea Lord (1904) & Admiral of this (1905)
27 Hogs or pigs & a synonym for a tendon
28 Portland college student Carolyn Davidson received $35 & later stock for designing the swoosh that became this company's logo
29 This event that killed more than 400 along the coast of Indonesia in 2018 was due to a collapsing volcano not an earthquake
30 After secretly aiding the rebels for years this nation openly aided the revolution in 1778
31 Drop the out from a synonym for budding & you get this season when it might happen
32 In 1921 she became the first major female fashion designer to introduce a perfume
33 A campaign to promote handwashing in Australian hospitals greatly reduced infections of this bacterium the S in MRSA
34 Some 19000 of these mercenaries were hired by the British
35 Drop out from a word meaning screamed & you get this small storage building
36 So how does a bill get in the registry? Or Conjunction Junction? 'Cause this '70s series of animated shorts was amazing that's how!
37 With balconies like rippling waves Jeanne Gang designed the Aqua skyscraper in this city's Lakeshore East neighborhood
38 Lost Art & The Future of Faith are 2 of the many essays John Updike wrote for this magazine
39 A 2019 study reveals the negative impact of these chemicals on honeybees' ability to fend off deadly mites
40 Plain Truth was James Chalmers' Loyalist response to this 1776 pamphlet written in support of the revolution
41 Remove the out from the term for financial aid to a big car company & you get this term that will set the accused free
42 Robert Kennedy's April 4 1968 speech in Indianapolis on the shocking death of this man is now enshrined forever
43 It's the last name of Miuccia whose career took off in the 1980s with the introduction of her black nylon backpack
44 This Infinite Jest author used the Maine lobster festival to discuss the morality of killing lobsters for eating pleasure
45 The new wand or wireless artifact-free neuromodulation device is being called a pacemaker for this body part
46 Ethan Allen gets credit for leading this group but in 1775 Seth Warner was elected as its leader
47 Drop out from a French word for high-fashion clothing & you get this help for your sickness
48 Her 1983 album She's So Unusual was unusually good with songs like Time After Time
49 A cultural center in Azerbaijan is one of the notable projects by this late great dame and Baghdad-born architect
50 Nothing can bring you peace but yourself Emerson wrote near the end of this essay
51 New particles mean new compound words; CERN scientists keep discovering new pentaquarks each consisting of 4 quarks & 1 of these
52 For his elusive tactics in South Carolina marsh areas Guerrilla leader Francis Marion was known by this nickname
53 Get the out out of a seasoned stew & you're left with this bit of cloth
54 The Blues Brothers would approve the inclusion of both Minnie the Moocher & this Sam & Dave classic song... play it Steve!


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