Jeopardy October 07 2021 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy October 07 2021 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 Sculpting wax & hairspray are options to style this haircut seen here
2 This actress & bestselling author was the first female head writer of the show
3 Here's an old-fashioned pair of these for a winter activity
4 In the Gospels Judas Iscariot receives this payoff for betraying Jesus
5 In an 1843 story paranormal activity around the holidays convinces this business owner to stop making his employee's life hell
6 An arm of the Red Sea this gulf bears the name of the canal it feeds into
7 X represents this many degrees in the triangle seen here
8 Yes this Weekend Update co-anchor is named for the revolutionary
9 60 Minutes watchers are familiar with this object
10 To save gas during World War II a national 35 mph standard was dubbed this speed limit like gardens of the day
11 Not actually much development for this man who plots revenge against the Earnshaws can't get past Cathy's death & also dies
12 El Paso Texas sits just opposite this Mexican city on the Rio Grande
13 Think of this state's nickname & it makes sense that a cornucopia representing abundance is on its flag seen here
14 The ears aren't quite as big said President Obama of this SNLer who regularly portrayed him
15 This Wizard of Oz character says the only thing he's afraid of is a lighted match
16 The Houston Astros & Texas Rangers have both retired the No. 34 jersey of this pitching Express
17 In book titles his development saw him get Rich in 1981 & be at Rest 9 years later
18 This city on the Lower Mississippi takes its name from a Native American people who once lived there
19 We all could use some support & both your clavicles & your ribs get support from this bone seen here
20 Back in 1975 this late comedian hosted the very first Saturday Night Live
21 A technique of NFL bettors is to put money on these when they're playing at home & they'll bark for you
22 There are this many months of the year with 31 days
23 He gets a new job with a Mancha Mancha man who promises future land ownership but things don't exactly work out
24 Brigitte Bardot & the filming of And God Created Woman made this saintly French Riviera town an international destination
25 You can see why this country was known as South West Africa until 1968
26 Her character Mary Catherine Gallagher was based on her own Catholic school experience
27 A wonder of the world gave us the word pharos meaning one of these
28 Sir John Buchan wrote this spy novel that Hitchcock made into a big screen thriller
29 He tinkers with history at the Ministry of Truth gets a girlfriend & has a very bad year
30 This river flows for more than 1700 miles east across Africa emptying into the Mozambique Channel
31 In The Devil Wears Prada this actress inquires Is there some reason that my coffee isn't here? Has she died or something?
32 On a golf trip to this Coachella Valley city Ike chipped a tooth; a quiet dentist visit started rumors of a meeting with aliens
33 In haloclasty the weathering of a substance is caused by crystals of this
34 Plains Indians regularly set prairie fires to spur the growth of fresh grass that enticed herds of these animals
35 Oh thank heaven for this chain of convenience stores & for its Slurpees
36 It does not follow
37 Seen here in the boulder-filled climax of 1925's Seven Chances is this genius of physical comedy
38 In 2001 George W. Bush began his plainspoken Toothpaste Diplomacy by saying he & this Brit both use Colgate
39 A cirque is a bowl-shaped hollow; there's a cirque type of this snow & ice formation
40 Also an automotive noise it can be a blaze deliberately set for wildfire control as seen here
41 Completes the name of the business started in 2009 after the founder cracked his cell phone screen: uBreak...
42 Great work
43 In this movie Marge says to a suspect in the back of a police car I guess that was your accomplice in the wood chipper
44 Gold dental plates made for this general/president & his wife Julia were stolen from their dentist's office & never recovered
45 You've heard of the ones in New York but here's another type of this body part lake on New Zealand's South Island
46 Breaking with tradition Hindu daughters are starting to light these for their deceased parents in India
47 A red white & blue hot air balloon is the logo of this real estate franchise that opened its first office in 1973
48 Makes a good motto: always faithful
49 After a newspaper publisher loses an election in this classic his people have no choice but to run the headline Fraud at polls!
50 Admiral Ralph Malone served as the dentist for this president known for his smile cigarette holder & all
51 Hack's Law defines the relationship between the length of a river & the size of this 5-letter word the whole area it drains
52 A fire started by an experiment in this gold-making pseudoscience destroyed a Weimar castle in 1618
53 At its 2000+ locations this worldly chain makes its gym users feel welcome with its Judgement Free Zone
54 There is truth in wine
55 In Animal House this college official has unfortunate midterm grade news: Mr. Blutarsky... zero point zero
56 At the 1991 look into whether this 1840s prez was poisoned the forensic dentist said his teeth were better than mine
57 Fitting name for the 8-letter volcanic vent seen here letting off a little steam in Iceland
58 On Feb. 7 1497 Florentines burned objects said to be distractions from religious duty--an event known as this
59 This specialty comes between Nothing & Cakes in the punning name of a franchisee
60 Love conquers all things


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Latest Questions

# Questions
1 Erasmus referred to Thomas More as omnium horarum homo this play title
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3 HD 209458b was the first planet discovered via this eclipse-like event where planets cross in front of stars
4 Tralfamadorians & (God bless you) Eliot Rosewater
5 White offers to let black capture a queenside pawn in this royal-sounding chess opening shown here
6 Early in the Arab Spring this country's Jasmine Revolution was named for the country's national flower
7 This 1950s TV show had 4 women each with a tale of woe competing for the temporary royal title
8 She got the feel of her Brooklyn accent in The Wolf of Wall Street by waving her nails around as if they were still wet from a manicure
9 In 1675 he discovered a division within Saturn's rings which he declared to be made up of little moonlets
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