Jeopardy October 04 2021 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy October 04 2021 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 This 1981 novel is named for a sick 200-pound St. Bernard in Maine
2 Made the last of 21 straight all-star teams in 1975: H.A.
3 Crossword jigsaw Sudoku... all are a real this
4 This covers the right of the people... to petition the government for a redress of grievances
5 Killing a man was one good reason this vice president did not succeed his boss Jefferson; later he got busted for treason
6 Stick with it this fried favorite made its debut at the 1942 Texas State Fair
7 In Chapter One of this book a great fish severs a woman's femoral artery the blood now a beacon... clear and true
8 Look at numbers like 7356 innings pitched & you'll: C.Y.
9 Add a Y to this 4-letter word for gloom or a dark mist & you get a word for hard to understand
10 Sounds like bad grammar but me is an objective singular pronoun of this linguistic form
11 In a 1998 floor speech Bob Livingston stunned colleagues by saying he would not succeed Newt Gingrich in this job
12 Shrimp & vegetables are popular fillings for this battered & deep-fried Japanese dish
13 Coming between Night & Day it's the middle title in Elie Wiesel's acclaimed trilogy
14 Class of 2020: D.J.
15 Bewitched Bothered & Perplexed wasn't quite the right song title so folks went with this synonym
16 2-word term describing an E.M.T. who goes to a crisis area to provide immediate assistance
17 In 1978 Giovanni Benelli was said to be a favorite--twice--to be the successor in this job but did not have the votes
18 Aw Cher Acadians graced Louisiana with this sugar-covered fried treat whose name comes from French for fritter
19 Named for a music genre this Toni Morrison novel involves a Harlem love triangle
20 Spectacular southpaw: S.K.
21 A 6-foot unit of nautical measurement is within this word meaning impossible to understand
22 Primus inter pares is Latin for this the member of a power-sharing group with a little more juice than the rest
23 Joice Mujuru was set to succeed Robert Mugabe as leader of this African nation but got dismissed as vice president in 2014
24 This long Mexican fritter is deep-fried cinnamon-coated & all-delicious
25 It's the original title of Sapphire's novel about Claireece Precious Jones
26 He took a big lead & slid into the H.O.F. in 2009: R.H.
27 Riddle-named Nazi enciphering machine
28 As leader of Poland from 1956 to 1970 Wladyslaw Gomulka held this Communist Party title
29 In 2004 the line of succession changed in this country when King Abdullah II dubbed his half-brother Hamzah ex-heir apparent
30 This ovoid appetizer with a nationality in its name is enclosed in sausage & breadcrumbs
31 In this frigid region Russia's Lena River rises near Lake Baikal & flows over 2700 miles north to the Laptev Sea
32 Joseph Haydn told Leopold dad of this prodigy Your son is the greatest composer known to me in person or by name
33 Misophonia is a disorder in which a person is triggered & distressed by these
34 In linguistics this 4-letter word associated with simile-making is considered a filler word
35 Rick retires Replicants Roy (Rutger) ruminates in rain
36 Top equestrian trio of races that are next in line to be the reigning monarch
37 In some areas mountains more than one mile high form the banks of this river that runs from Tibet to the East China Sea
38 Your tiny hand is frozen let me warm it in mine sings Rodolfo to Mimi in this opera
39 By definition keratitis is an inflammation of this part of the eye
40 As a bonus gift surround that delicate item you mail to a pal with bags of freshly made this... maybe Orville Redenbacher's?
41 Linguistics lass learns lexicon of labyrinthine life forms
42 Southern state capital confection that's made of crystallized sugar
43 The Mekong River fluctuates greatly during the year with its highest levels after the rains of this wind system
44 The christening the spell & the awakening are all part of this fairy tale ballet
45 Distal means away from the point of origin; this similar-sounding word means pertaining to the back
46 If gray is not your favorite color block filler is used to paint this type of block made from burned matter
47 Beleaguered botanist bolsters base buddies bounce back boost on board
48 Geographic latitude separating the 2 Koreas that's a gymnastics apparatus
49 This lake of Israel famous for its biblical associations is fed & drained by the Jordan River
50 Eugene O'Neill described this 4-act family drama as old sorrow written in tears & blood
51 Used to describe a method of taking medication it means below the tongue
52 Used as filling in a defensive wall near Mount Olympus a 2200-year-old statue of this queen & goddess was found in 2006
53 Aging actors assume anterior aspects Allen aids admiring aliens against annihilation
54 Artistic Left Bank region of Paris that's a meaty McDonald's burger
55 Long considered sacred the Godavari River flows 910 miles west to east across India into this bay
56 Paul Signac used this technique that he helped pioneer in his painting The Red Buoy seen here
57 Often administered through an inhaler it's the 14-letter term for a medication that opens up the airways
58 This French-named delight seen here in a bowl & as filling is made by whipping up chocolate & heavy cream
59 Cruise & crafty computer collaborate on crimes not yet committed
60 Late summer arts festival in the desert that's a basement hangout with TV & beer


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# Questions
1 Erasmus referred to Thomas More as omnium horarum homo this play title
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7 This 1950s TV show had 4 women each with a tale of woe competing for the temporary royal title
8 She got the feel of her Brooklyn accent in The Wolf of Wall Street by waving her nails around as if they were still wet from a manicure
9 In 1675 he discovered a division within Saturn's rings which he declared to be made up of little moonlets
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