Jeopardy October 01 2021 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy October 01 2021 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 In Brooklyn this impresario opened his circus calling it a traveling museum menagerie caravan & hippodrome
2 In blackjack this alliterative phrase means betting your original amount again & getting just one more card
3 You'll also need handsticks if you're buying these to spin in your juggling act as Senor Wences did
4 Julia Child called the book titled Joy of this a fundamental resource
5 Cyrus epirus papyrus virus is an entry in the Oxford Dictionary of these
6 2018: Ant-Man and the ____
7 William Woods Holden of North Carolina became the USA's first governor removed from office via this process
8 You open an imaginary curtain to indicate the category is a play title in this game; first word...!
9 A spin is named for Denise Biellmann a Swiss star in this sport
10 Of all sad words of tongue or sign the saddest are We no longer validate this
11 John was the first name of this Massachusetts bookseller who published his first volume of quotations in 1855
12 2018: The Girl in ____ ____ ____
13 March 21 saw the first meeting of a united Germany's Reichstag or parliament with this man as the first chancellor
14 The heads of 4 amphibious ungulates gobble up marbles in this Hasbro game
15 A story says Babe Ruth's eyesight was so good he could read the label on one of these records of his day named for its RPM
16 A recital of a literary work or a service performed by a psychic
17 The first book with this repetitive title was published in London in 1849; today it's followed by in Dentistry among many others
18 1938 a Disney Silly Symphony: ____ and the Flame
19 This reporter for the New York Herald seen here made his way to Lake Tanganyika & a memorable encounter
20 Based on a Mongol attack on Japan in 1274 Ghost of Tshushima has you battle as one of these & struggle to live to their code
21 In the movie White Nights Mikhail Baryshnikov does a 3960-degree turn 11 in a row of these
22 Freefalling & the canopy ride are segments of this activity
23 He divided the contents of his first thesaurus into 6 classes just as his hero Linnaeus had done with animals
24 2002 desert battles in the ancient world: The ____ King
25 This performance space that seats more than 5000 was opened by Queen Victoria
26 A red snake bet in this wheel game winds through 3 columns from 1 to 34
27 Labs use this machine that spins fluids to do your hematocrit or blood analysis
28 Involving papers to be kept as a record it's the process of delivering claims to a court
29 Do not break sentences in two & use the active voice were among William Strunk's original these title principles
30 1958 remade in 1986: The ____
31 The name of this capital means black pool referring to the dark waters of the River Liffey
32 Stannite is a sulfide ore of copper iron & this metal
33 David Lee Roth
34 This man adapted Charles Barbier's night writing code into a writing system for the blind
35 If you're not a fan of long long fiction this 1862 Victor Hugo work will make you... what's the word... unhappy? Wretched?
36 This kids' game this kids' game send a response right over by knowing it's a team line-breaking game
37 Galway is home to a national theater dedicated to works in the language called Irish this
38 For butterflies the pupa is the third stage in this process
39 Since the '70s & right through today: Belinda Carlisle
40 This large Howitzer was named for the woman who once owned the Krupp Armaments Company
41 Of man's first disobedience and the fruit is the first of this poem's more than 10000 lines
42 Drew Brees who didn't put on pads until high school started an organization to promote this coed non-contact game
43 It was a long way to this city for the English King John who built a castle there when he was governor
44 Also called thrombocytes these cell fragments found in the blood are involved in clotting
45 Until they broke up in 1980: Robert Plant
46 Creator of TV's Fargo Noah Hawley won this mystery award named for a certain Poe-et
47 Might seem that way but it won't take a hundred years to read this 1974 James Michener bestseller about the American West
48 To have fun to enjoy oneself; a character in Shakespeare must do this with the duchess' gold
49 Archaeologists in Cork found Viking artifacts that threaten to shatter this city's oldest in Ireland status like its crystal
50 Astronomers recently found a cluster of these cosmic bodies & think their collisions were the source of gravitational waves
51 Before launching a solo country career: Darius Rucker
52 Around 1860 this man blazed a trail from Kansas & established a trading post in Oklahoma Territory
53 There's a synonym for dreary in the title then 67 chapters of Jarndyce v. Jarndyce court action in this Dickens work
54 The middle horse has this condition kind of the opposite of bow-legged
55 A town called Drogheda sits on this river that lends its name to a decisive 1690 battle
56 It's the common term for animals of the order Lagomorpha
57 As a teen: Ricky Martin
58 Disraeli was among those who called this man's carriages the gondolas of London
59 Book 10 of this Thomas Malory work has 88 chapters & there are 21 books--just sayin'
60 A folktale tells of a hungry man who convinces people he can make a tasty pot of this then gets them to add actual food


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Latest Questions

# Questions
1 Erasmus referred to Thomas More as omnium horarum homo this play title
2 Before lending his voice to many Pixar projects this New Englander did one of the few actual Boston accents on Cheers
3 HD 209458b was the first planet discovered via this eclipse-like event where planets cross in front of stars
4 Tralfamadorians & (God bless you) Eliot Rosewater
5 White offers to let black capture a queenside pawn in this royal-sounding chess opening shown here
6 Early in the Arab Spring this country's Jasmine Revolution was named for the country's national flower
7 This 1950s TV show had 4 women each with a tale of woe competing for the temporary royal title
8 She got the feel of her Brooklyn accent in The Wolf of Wall Street by waving her nails around as if they were still wet from a manicure
9 In 1675 he discovered a division within Saturn's rings which he declared to be made up of little moonlets
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