Jeopardy November 28 2022 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy November 28 2022 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 Reversing the story of this heroine she created Patricia Maclachlan was born on the prairie but spent much of her life in New England
2 Keen Kerouac; passing Paradise; country crossing
3 Sugary squishy Easter candy more recently it's become popular for one's friends & followers
4 Marshal Thomas Smith of Abilene was famous for keeping order without this as noted by famed Abilene resident Dwight Eisenhower
5 An average cost at nail salons for this procedure involving only your piggies runs around $35
6 This liberating card depicts Mr. Monopoly flying out of a birdcage; you can buy one from another player
7 Quantum of Solace finds this hero battling corporate environmental plundering around the world & in the Bolivian desert
8 Super sub; Atlantis around; visionary Verne
9 Back in the day a punch in the face was this type of sandwich
10 In 2022 Keechant Sewell of the Nassau County police became this higher-profile department's first female commissioner
11 Bumps on your feet known as bone these can be treated by a visit to a foot specialist; costs vary
12 If you have 2 of the same card to start in blackjack you can put up twice your wager with this 5-letter bet
13 1940's The Grapes of Wrath starred this actor as Tom Joad
14 Harrowing Huxley; funky future; cloned classes
15 Popularized in a Vine video on this Five- letter word means stylish or perfectly executed
16 Amy Stewart wrote 7 historical novels about the well-named Constance Kopp undersheriff of Bergen County in this state
17 A Calif. ex-con may have to pay for an ankle monitor to track him using this technology first developed for the U.S. military
18 If dissatisfied with their starting hand Magic the Gathering players may take one of these like a do-over on a golf course
19 This movie introduced the world to Indiana Jones
20 Gripping Golding; seeming savages; Simon sees
21 A blend of 2 words & first used in the '90s it means to calm down take it easy
22 If you work at FBI HQ on Pennsylvania Avenue you work in a building named for this G-man
23 Christian Louboutin sells Lady Page nail polish for $50 a bottle; Vernis from this other Christian runs $30
24 Before playing your second-to-last card in this 3-letter game you must say the name of the game; you draw 4 if you get caught
25 In this classic film police detective Sidney Poitier investigates a murder in the racist town of Sparta Mississippi
26 King kills; executing executioners; Coffey coda
27 Keep some tissues handy because the highest seats in a stadium are called these
28 The model for Victor Hugo's Inspector Javert François Vidocq set up this service from French for security
29 A hundred bucks should get a quality session of this -ology a variation on acupressure in which the soles are stimulated
30 In this form of a popular game some cards are dealt face up & some face down; it used to have horse in its name
31 It's Emma vs. Steve as Billie Jean vs. Bobby on the big screen in this title tennis clash
32 The Marquess of Salisbury who retired in 1902 was the last prime minister to lead a government from this body
33 A cook-off:HK
34 Long ago important people wore fake hair which led to this rhyming term for any person of high standing
35 In 1780 Major John André was hanged as a spy after scheming with this traitor
36 Alan Turing devised a method for breaking messages encrypted by this Nazi cypher machine
37 2 Michael J. Fox sitcoms: FT &SC
38 The ECB the European Central Bank has its headquarters in this German city on the Main River
39 Abbreviated NHS this government agency created to provide free public medical care began in 1948
40 The name of this fast-flying falcon means traveling or wandering
41 Bear Grylls takes on the elements: MvW
42 They're the 2 major constellations with Major in their names
43 This ancient trade route linking China & the West stretched 4000 miles from XI'an in the east to the Mediterranean Sea
44 This horse with a spotty reputation is believed to be named for a river near where the Nez Perce lived & bred the horse
45 Teen drama with Katie Holmes & Michelle Williams:DC
46 An attraction on this East African island a bit smaller than Maui is the house where Freddie Mercury lived as a child


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# Questions
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9 Do your duty: 101 5 1 100
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