Jeopardy November 14 2022 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy November 14 2022 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 Sea Life Minnesota's biggest one of these
2 5305-foot Mount Ossa is the highest peak on this Australian island
3 A 1984 campaign ad for this man proclaimed it was morning again in America
4 This shark this shark burning bright / & the pups have vertical stripes
5 He was MVP of the NBA Finals in 19911992 & 1993 & again in 1996 1997 & 1998
6 Term for an electric generator at a power plant or a hardworking doer at the office
7 This place to create your own stuffed animal
8 Fernandina & Isabela are among the islands in this chain belonging to Ecuador
9 Robin Williams' first Best Actor Oscar nomination came for his role in this 1987 film
10 Though it has about 50 rows of very small teeth on each jaw the megamouth shark is a filter feeder eating this 5-letter crustacean
11 From 2014 through 2021 she won the vault at every U.S. Championship in which she competed 6 in all
12 In the mid-1400s he sculpted the biblical David a bit over 5 feet high in bronze
13 A store specializing in these lightweight clog-like shoes
14 This geographical line runs around the globe at approximately 23 degrees 27 minutes south latitude
15 Launched in 1831 this Down Under city's Morning Herald is still going strong
16 It's not a grotesque elf it's this type of bottom dwelling shark seen here
17 Our stage was recently graced by Dan Feyer who won the Stamford Conn. tournament for solving these from 2010 through 2015
18 A Brooklyn neighborhood has this acronymic name that fits the category
19 Fabletics co-founded by this actress
20 You can go from A to Z crossing the 660-mile border between these 2 southern African countries
21 Proverbially & colorfully when this is seen at morning sailor take warning
22 The largest shark to ever live it was an estimated 52' long & had a name meaning big tooth; it died out about 3 million years ago
23 Born in Prague she got U.S. citizenship in 1981 then won 6 straight Wimbledon titles beginning in 1982
24 Room 222 at the Strater Hotel in this Colorado city was where Louis L'Amour wrote many of his Western novels
25 Outdoor clothing & gear from this eponymous store out of Washington State
26 This republic of 115 islands northeast of Madagascar was uninhabited until its 18th century settlement by the French
27 2-word name for the medieval weapon seen here; you don't wanna be on the wrong side of it
28 This medical shark isn't known for its caring manner; it often lies motionless on the sea bottom eating crabs
29 Before he set the major-league record he had a 61-game hitting streak in the minors
30 It's the proprietary name for an acoustic guitar with a metal resonator built into its body; it's popular for country music
31 A Jewish man who reaches age 83 may have a second of these rituals
32 Desk jockeys: Jenna Fischer Kate Flannery
33 53 is the racing number of Herbie a unique vehicle from this automaker in the Disney movie The Love Bug
34 Thou singest of summer in full-throated ease Keats wrote in Ode to this creature
35 Part of a '70s trio: Suzanne Somers Joyce DeWitt
36 The Compromise of 1850 admitted this Western state to the Union with slavery banned there
37 In 2016 Kellogg's discontinued this Product the most delicious cereal it ever made
38 And God said: that's good! is a refrain in James Weldon Johnson's 1927 poem titled this biblical event
39 This name of a sauce brand is Italian for you're welcome
40 MLK's I Have a Dream speech called for freedom to ring from Stone Mountain in Georgia & this mountain in Tennessee
41 This man who served 37th president Richard Nixon later wrote a biography of 29th president Warren G. Harding
42 A book by Herbert J.C. Grierson about John Donne & other 17th c. poets helped popularize this philosophical adjective for them
43 Psi is this number letter in the Greek alphabet


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# Questions
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