Jeopardy November 10 2022 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy November 10 2022 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 By ferry the distance between these 2 paired Mediterranean islands is about 40 miles from Alcudia to Ciutadella
2 Keep up... Northville is west of downtown this Michigan city; Southfield is north & South this as sung by Journey doesn't really exist
3 Katie Couric is one of the founders of this SU2C for short; it aired its first telethon in 2008
4 This index ranks how much certain foods increase your blood sugar levels
5 A 2022 biography of this LIV Golf participant made news pre-publication with its quotes from him
6 She co-starred in Green Lantern with Ryan Reynolds before the pair married
7 From an earth-shaking adjective to get this Spanish for 6
8 Here are shots of this Washington peak before & after a 1980 event
9 2020 marked the 100th birthday of this organization premier defender of our constitutional rights & freedoms
10 If you want advice on better nutrition you can talk to one of these health professionals RD for short
11 Law professor Michelle Alexander saw a race-based U.S. justice system in The New this name a symbol of segregation
12 A proud Ukrainian this Bad Moms actress helped raise $35 million for Ukrainian refugees in 2022
13 From an ant acid to get this preposition
14 When it comes to Iqaluit headquarters of Baffin Region & the capital of this Canadian territory we're having...
15 Here are the Carters helping out this organization in 2003
16 It may be Greek to you but this essential fatty acid found in salmon & tuna is good for your skin & may help with depression
17 The Iliad got a new bestselling angle as Patroclus became the narrator in The Song of this Greek warrior
18 In 2022 this rapper & Rihanna welcomed their first child together
19 From a word meaning to imitate to get this musical note
20 Discovered in 1767 by a British naval officer this 2-mile-long island was uninhabited until 1790 but a mutiny changed that
21 This organization that seeks to free political prisoners won the 1977 Nobel Peace Prize for its worldwide respect for human rights
22 Sodium & potassium are types of these minerals in bodily fluids that help cells with nutrients
23 Jon Krakauer reported A Story of Violent Faith in this book detailing 1984 murders by religious extremists in Utah
24 This 18-year-old dancer has 145 million followers on TikTok
25 From a word meaning powerfully symbolic to get this open-topped carrying bag
26 This landlocked country highlighted here is pretty flat; the average elevation is less than 600 feet
27 Once nearly wiped out for its feathers the great egret is the logo of this organization
28 Echinacea & green tea extract are types of these supplements aka herbals whose name tells you they are made from plants
29 A magazine writer uncovers long-held secrets in The Seven Husbands of this fictional movie star
30 His HBO series teachers viewers How To do things like cook the perfect risotto
31 From a type of vinegar to get this wood popular with hobbyists
32 Of the 3 main sections of an insect's body this one is from the Latin for breastplate
33 Based on how many growing seasons they live these are the 3 types of flowering plants
34 Irving Kristol & Daniel Bell were among the New York these people steeped in knowledge & culture
35 The feathers of this creature of Russian legend that lent its name to a ballet were said to provide beauty & protection upon the earth
36 The 3 major processes of the hydrologic cycle are evaporation then condensation then this 13-letter one
37 The 3 fundamental forces currently described at the quantum level are the strong the weak & this one


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Latest Questions

# Questions
1 Churchill gave a word a new meaning when he called for a talk with Soviet Russia upon the highest level... a parley at this
2 Term for a type of large white blood cell that digests invading micro-organisms & also eats cell debris
3 India the leading milk producer in the world gets almost half of it from this beast not considered cattle
4 This beloved indie rock band took its name in 1984 from the way a Spanish-speaking outfielder says I got it
5 Many thought The Rite of Spring was just noise like the Augurs of Spring marked to be played this extra-loud way throughout
6 Sid & Marty Krofft produced 70s Saturday morning TV like H.R. Pufnstuf & this one where a family ends up in a time with dinosaurs
7 Wheres the president? a blundering Val asks this senator from Louisiana with a different middle name church & party
8 Found in the ear this small bone connects the tympanic membrane to the incus bone
9 From Australia & New Zealand this honey with a Maori name is said to have antibacterial properties
10 A song often heard in Spanish-speaking countries at Christmastime is this Sabanero meaning My Little Savannah Donkey is created by fans, for fans. The Jeopardy! game show and all elements thereof, including but not limited to copyright and trademark thereto, are the property of Jeopardy Productions, Inc. and are protected under law. This website is not affiliated with, sponsored by, or operated by Jeopardy Productions, Inc