Jeopardy May 27 2021 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy May 27 2021 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 High-ranking name of the Confederate locomotive hijacked by Union troops in 1862
2 One of the highest systems using these alliterative transports takes you from Chamonix up 8900' almost to the summit of Mount Midi
3 The name of this quirky alliterative character was inspired by a boomerang toy Roald Dahl had as a boy
4 The Jaguar I-PACE & the Fiat 500e are both examples of these ZEVs for short
5 Goal swimsuit
6 There's a silent B in this adjective meaning mysterious & faint like the Mona Lisa's smile
7 The Dictator an enormous one of these artillery weapons that fire high-arcing shells was used in the Siege of Petersburg
8 First built in 1936 Oscar Mayer's distinctive promotional vehicle has this appropriate name
9 Chapters in this work include The Mock Turtle's Story & The Lobster Quadrille
10 This base-2 notation system uses only 2 digits one & zero
11 Rocks brooms
12 This optical device that uses mirrors & colored glass gets its name partly from the Greek for beautiful
13 At Gettysburg James Longstreet was actually in command of the disastrous Confederate attack known as this
14 This 1900-mile-long interstate travels by Jacksonville Florida Washington D.C. & Portland Maine
15 Last Sacrifice was the finale of Richelle Mead's series about special young people attending this school
16 0 K not to be confused with OK is also known by this phrase
17 Hoops ribbons
18 This portmanteau word for a women's 2-piece bathing suit that provides more coverage than a bikini dates to 1985
19 After this bloody 1862 battle President Lincoln visited McClellan on the battlefield & urged him to pursue retreating rebels
20 In 1871 this railroad & shipping tycoon built the first depot at what became Grand Central Terminal
21 In a story by Mary Mapes Dodge the sister of this title boy wins the silver skates
22 The bran cereal called this One says it provides 65% of your daily value of it
23 Bindings & a tube with 22-foot-high walls
24 Tilt prejudice & diagonal are synonyms of this 4-letter word
25 U.S. Grant got his Unconditional Surrender nickname at the 1862 capture of Fort Donelson on the Cumberland River in this state
26 Named for its three tiers of oars it was the principal warship with which the Greek city-states vied for control of the seas
27 Melinda Sordino is the heroine of this novel by Laurie Halse Anderson; the last name Sordino can mean mute
28 ZIRP is short for this banking policy that encourages low-cost credit to companies & individuals
29 Horse epee
30 Geometry has cool words like rhombus & this one for a quadrilateral with only 2 parallel sides
31 She's draped in red in a 16th century work by Giorgione
32 Mirages are a common sight in Namibia's Etosha pan a vast dry plain mainly covered in this mineral
33 A female who's partly divine
34 Associated with a group of poets this scenic area gets its name from multiple bodies of water including Derwent Water
35 How Did I Get Here? is an interdimensional game show on the animated series named for this pair
36 Anaxagoras pointed out that The descent to this Greek underworld is the same from every place
37 The title of this work is Spanish for the man wielding the red cape
38 The French-made Mirage fighter jet is known as Shahak or heavens in this country that's used it to great effect
39 2-word term for flawed unsalable merchandise
40 Donegall Square is in the heart of this capital city
41 On an episode of the cartoon called The Real this group Ray & Winston play Race the Devil; Venkman is in the audience
42 From this female poet: The Moon has set and the Pleiades; it is midnight and time passes and I sleep alone
43 A painting by Kazamir Malevich in the Russian State Museum has this appropriate geometric title
44 A mirage in which the Sun appears to have another sun below it is called this type after the Greek letter it resembles
45 If you've interfered in someone else's affairs you've done this
46 Doing something redundant is like carrying coals to this city formerly a coal-mining center
47 A sequel to this mind-bending 1975 movie musical Shock Treatment finds Brad & Janet as contestants on Marriage Maze
48 Lao-tzu said I have just three things to teach not Love! Valour! This! but simplicity patience & this
49 Red Virginia Creeper is by this great Scandinavian
50 The name of this city that's home to Western Michigan University may be from a Potawatomi word for mirage
51 The text of this document begins with When & ends with honor
52 In 1910 6 pottery-making towns got together & formed what became Stoke-on-this river
53 In this 1987 film Arnold Schwarzenegger tries to survive a public execution game show
54 Augustus Caesar said he found Rome a city of bricks and left it a city of this which was much nicer!
55 Red Yellow Red is one of this abstract artist's color field paintings
56 This half sister & adversary of Arthur in Le Morte d'Arthur gave her name to a type of mirage
57 This breed of terrier was named for a character in a 19th century novel
58 Lewis & Harris is the largest of the Scottish islands known as the Outer these
59 What Do Kids Know? is a game show in this Paul Thomas Anderson film with a tree for a title
60 In one of his famous comedies he asked Haven't you sometimes seen a cloud that looked like a Centaur?


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Latest Questions

# Questions
1 BSQS: it's from the Latin for compliant perhaps to excess
2 In 1994 all 5 nominees were for episodes of this police series set in the fictional 15th Precinct in Manhattan
3 Threads of metal are woven into this 4-letter fabric with a French name
4 Van Dyck depicted Jesus crowned with thorns in this painting whose name means behold the man
5 In the U.S. the Blue Ridge Mountains reach into northern Georgia; in Europe this Great range is to the north
6 Britain's victory in this 1754-1763 war nearly doubled the national debt
7 Z: a Greek liqueur
8 Life on the Street was the subtitle of this Baltimore-set cop show that won in 1993 for Tom Fontana
9 The fleece of this llama & vicuna relative is prized & comes in almost 2 dozen natural colors
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