Jeopardy May 22 2023 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy May 22 2023 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 The original 1900 printing of this book was in a pale green dust jacket stamped in a vivid jewel tone of green
2 German artist Max Beckmann produced a contemporary painting of this tragedy
3 In 2010 tens of thousands celebrated Earth Day on this D.C. area America's front lawn
4 This young sleuth from dozens of books gets into adventures with her friends Bess & George & sometimes the Hardy Boys
5 In a book by Thomas Harris Clarice Starling notes a hockey mask & a Kansas gallows vest used to restrain this serial killer
6 This king of the tyrant lizards was a heavyweight at up to 15000 pounds but did have a problem throwing jabs
7 To sing like a Swiss mountaineer... wanna become a legend & give it a shot?
8 This historical work depicts the December 25 1776 prelude to an attack on some Hessians in Trenton
9 This word can mean little kids or a snack that they love; in 2021 Sonic sold 4.1 billion of the crunchy little morsels
10 On a BBC show Mrs. McCarthy is the parish secretary who often helps this priest solve cases
11 (John Green presents the clue.) I co-created Crash Course which offers dozens of free educational videos on YouTube & in one video titled Don't Reanimate Corpses! I talk about the Romantic mo
12 Ford spent $250 million ahead of the 1957 debut of this car; let's just say it didn't live up to expectations
13 It's the weapon seen here if you get our point
14 Jan Willem Pieneman's painting of this 1815 event was to go to the Duke of Wellington but stayed in Holland
15 Cary Grant tells proud Oklahoma City resident Ralph Bellamy that if OKC gets dull you can always go... to this city 100 miles away
16 This TV series had Detective Steve McGarrett saying to his sidekick Book 'em Danno
17 The author of Roots Alex Haley earlier collaborated on the autobiography of this activist
18 Solve for x: 3x - 2y = 11when y=2
19 This type of carnivorous canine is found in all states but Hawaii
20 A patron himself Toulouse-Lautrec often painted this bawdy establishment red windmill in French
21 This building in Pelham Mass. has been used for meetings since 1743; maybe you can fight it unlike the city version
22 The prettiest & toughest girl in the 5th grade Sally Kimball is pal & bodyguard to this brainy boy detective
23 An almost 12-year-old girl last name Simon is mentioned in the title of this classic by Judy Blume
24 One symptom of trouble with this finger-shaped pouch is sudden pain near the navel that shifts to the lower right abdomen
25 It's the less-than-flattering 5-letter term for a naïve rural locale
26 This sculptor & painter of Western life took on Yankee football with the 1890 painting Touchdown Yale vs. Princeton
27 A 19th century flirtation device this type of bonnet was named for the way it would extend protrude to be precise this verb beyond the face
28 Both Inspector Clouseau & the Green Hornet are helped by men called this (although they spelled their names differently)
29 This novel set in the 1920s asks 'What do you know about Lady Brett Ashley Jake?'
30 Louis XIV deals with a family problem (well for Louis anyway) by giving Philippe the title headwear in this Dumas novel
31 From Spanish it's a water-carved gully found primarily in the U.S. Southwest
32 This woman who had more than a casual relationship to the presidency was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2002
33 You are in this color if you're insolvent; try & fix that will you?
34 The final episode of Dawson's Creek killed off Jen played by her
35 Mahalia Jackson & Duke Ellington headlined the first edition of this southern city's famed Jazz Fest in 1970
36 The type of rice named for & used for this food is short grain rice that's treated with vinegar then fanned
37 This man won the 1983 Nobel Peace Prize for nonviolent struggle for free trade unions & human rights in Poland
38 When it means squandering time or money this donut is usually followed by away
39 A 2022 study noted the wandering type of this tailed amphibian can parachute some 300 feet down from a redwood tree
40 Ann Coulter & Chris Rock both appeared on the 2003 premiere episode of this current Bill Maher series
41 The North & South Kaibab Trails lead down to the Colorado River along the rims of this wonder
42 A shout-out from Best American these literary works made Joyce Carol Oates abandon her Rice University PhD in favor of writing
43 In 1780 this earl won big against Horatio Gates in South Carolina; we can't talk of what happened about a year later at Yorktown
44 Not jettisoned overboard on purpose this term refers to any wreckage on the water's surface lost from a boat
45 What's 8 inches long yellow & eating dead plants by your feet? Perhaps it's this slug named for a fruit
46 In this film the emperor of Japan wants Algren (Tom Cruise) to modernize his army but Algren deeply respects the old ways
47 Shattering Beauty is the title of a 2023 exhibit at the Murano Museum of this in Venice
48 Tenley Albright who used the sport to train her muscles after this disease was the heroine of young figure skater Condoleezza Rice
49 Seen here this Lakota leader who resisted U.S. government incursions in search of gold got his name from a site in the sky also seen here
50 This 11-letter word for a period of mourning after a loss comes from an old word for steal
51 Growing alongside redwoods is this bay tree linked to triumph by the ancients & used by the Pomo people for medicinal purposes
52 I'm going to Wichita to tell you Spin magazine's Top Album of the Year was their Elephant
53 Let's visit the historic temples & beautiful beaches of Kuta & Jimbaran on this Indonesian island
54 A lot of shoes a lot of rice in this old song about a wedding that doesn't end in happily ever after
55 Like John Harvard & John Marshall this John who founded Methodism has an American university named for him
56 On film Tom Hanks was on the Road to it meaning spiritual loss or ruin
57 A national monument in Marin County known for old growth redwoods is named after this conservationist
58 This hero of books by Patrick O'Brian came to cinemas in the person of Russell Crowe
59 In springtime let's hit the Texas trail named for this state flower
60 In 2008 Jens Stoltenberg P.M. of this country placed rice as the inaugural deposit in the Svalbard Seed Vault


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Latest Questions

# Questions
1 The title of this 2001 book also a 2003 film forms a partial border between Boston Chelsea Medford & Everett
2 If you follow stars of mycology like Suzanne Simard & Merlin Sheldrake you know this name of the network of fungal threads
3 From a bio of this female biochemist: Seine v. Strand The Acid Next Door
4 D is for this crown-like adornment sometimes a cloth headband affixed with jewels
5 The Encyclopedia Britannica reports that this type of rock displays a poorly developed schistosity & cleavage
6 Set in L.A. during the Great Depression: Chris Chalk as Paul Drake & Matthew Rhys as the title lawyer
7 One of the 2 states that end with the postal abbreviation of the Peace Garden State
8 This type of edible mushroom with a French name is also called a Girolle
9 The Life and Times of this author--The South Side of Chicago Grappling with Bigger
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