Jeopardy May 22 2021 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy May 22 2021 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 Earl Scheib started making money painting these in the 1930s at the corner of Whitworth & Fairfax in Los Angeles
2 In the U.S. the area you play soccer on is a field but the Brits call it this also a verb
3 Meaning in place of this prefix is found in front of roy & principal
4 A makeshift graveyard in the woods near Ludlow Maine
5 The title of this 1970s series refers to a wealthy guy on speakerphone & the 3 women who work as detectives for him
6 A forerunner of General Mills created this persona to answer questions about baking & an icon was born
7 Matte satin & eggshell are types of this one vowel sound different from shine
8 Kids in this country learn to draw their homeland as a 6-sided figure so the nickname l'Hexagone makes sense
9 When spelled with an E at the end this 4-letter prefix means before; with an I at the end it means opposite
10 The Cambers' Saint Bernard
11 This actor drove the Knight Industries Two Thousand--KITT for short--before heading for the beach in 1989
12 Here's this man being sworn in as Chief Justice of the United States his greatest ambition
13 This brand founded in 1907 says it's the legacy of a paint-making process devised in 16th century Holland
14 Due to its conservative leanings Britain's daily telegraph is sometimes called the Daily this -graph
15 Vivi- derives from a word meaning this in Latin so vivisepulture means burying something that way
16 A 1958 Plymouth Fury
17 Barbara Eden could literally grant Larry Hagman any wish he could think of in this 1960s sitcom... but he wouldn't let her!
18 During an Armistice Day ceremony on this date the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier was dedicated at Arlington
19 You can make good money if you're up for climbing 600-foot towers of this bridge over the Hudson to keep it looking good
20 The supercilia are these body parts that you may raise to appear supercilious
21 Originally attached to a word that ended -netic this 5-letter prefix now fronts words dealing with futuristic concepts
22 A small area of Johnny Smith's brain that has been damaged
23 In 1980 Tom Hanks came aboard this ABC show as Rick Martin; hope he tipped Isaac the bartender well
24 Alexander I became ruler of the kingdom of Serbs Croats & Slovenes which would soon be renamed this
25 Antifouling paint for boat bottoms helps repel these sticky organisms known as crusty foulers
26 Originally known as St. Ann's Valley a San Francisco neighborhood eventually got this meatier moniker
27 It's a little confusing but the fifth book of the Bible begins with this prefix meaning second
28 The name of a shop in Castle Rock where you find the object of your dreams
29 Robert Downey Jr. told this lawyer played by Calista Flockhart: If you need a sympathetic ear I can fake it
30 2 women from a literary magazine were tried & fined $50 each for publishing excerpts from this improper James Joyce novel
31 1953: Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend
32 It's on the eastern part of Hispaniola
33 One of the least-liked words from business jargon is this overused synonym for cooperation
34 It's one over par on a golf hole sweetheart
35 A bull & Pasiphae were the parents of this mythical monster of Crete
36 The pain is instant & severe with a rupture of this type of tissue that connects muscle to bone
37 2006: And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going
38 The official title of its king is Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques
39 In basketball this 5-letter word means to turn while keeping one foot on the floor; in business it means change direction
40 This kind of rodent departs his burrow to make an annual weather prediction in Pennsylvania
41 She was Orpheus' wife
42 Signs of this inflammatory infection include painful blisters in the throat & difficulty swallowing
43 2005: Wildwood Flower & Jackson (with an assist from Joaquin Phoenix)
44 Residents of this West African country are known as Burkinabe
45 Cherry-picking is similar to plucking this meaning do easy tasks with the big rewards first; you reach for the higher stuff later
46 General Patton said that for a soldier to dig this is to dig his own grave
47 Bellerophon tamed this creature & rode it in his fight with the Chimera
48 Painful muscular spasms of the jaw are common in this bacterial disease whose symptoms include stiffness of the jaw
49 2012: Cups a cappella with an actual cup
50 It's the southernmost 2-named country in Central America
51 Sheryl Sandberg used this phrase as a book title; others use it to mean give the appearance of seeming interested
52 Seen here is an early 20th century machine for this which the U.S. Postal Service began doing in 1857
53 A psychological complex is named for this sister of Orestes
54 When caused by heart or lung disease chest pain can accompany this a heart rate of more than 100 beats per minute
55 2014: Witch's Lament written by Stephen Sondheim
56 Population 52 million it has twice the people but 20 times the per capita GDP of its neighbor to the north
57 I don't have this actually a measure of data transmission to take on that project
58 Check out the view of Jackson Hole a valley in the heart of this national park in Wyoming
59 For his ninth labor Hercules had to obtain the girdle of this queen of the Amazons
60 This disorder often caused by eating undercooked pork can cause joint pain & painful breathing


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Latest Questions

# Questions
1 BSQS: it's from the Latin for compliant perhaps to excess
2 In 1994 all 5 nominees were for episodes of this police series set in the fictional 15th Precinct in Manhattan
3 Threads of metal are woven into this 4-letter fabric with a French name
4 Van Dyck depicted Jesus crowned with thorns in this painting whose name means behold the man
5 In the U.S. the Blue Ridge Mountains reach into northern Georgia; in Europe this Great range is to the north
6 Britain's victory in this 1754-1763 war nearly doubled the national debt
7 Z: a Greek liqueur
8 Life on the Street was the subtitle of this Baltimore-set cop show that won in 1993 for Tom Fontana
9 The fleece of this llama & vicuna relative is prized & comes in almost 2 dozen natural colors
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