Jeopardy May 21 2021 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy May 21 2021 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 In all legal cases with a state as one party this body shall have original jurisdiction
2 If you're part of a ladder company you're one of these
3 Olsen of WandaVision & Big actress Perkins
4 Some say we should move to base 12 with 6 factors & away from base this with 4 factors
5 It's been called Fordtown as well as the Motor City
6 An expression peculiar to a language or culture like a different kettle of fish
7 The Constitution omits this 4-letter word instead politely saying the president shall return a bill with his objections
8 If your job involves a great deal of bureaucracy you're one of these colloquially
9 Composer Stravinsky & aircraft designer Sikorsky
10 Bronsted-Lowry theory is also called proton theory of these & bases
11 This city on the Rio Grande is the sister city of Juarez Mexico
12 An assumed persona perhaps when undercover
13 Article I Sections 9 & 10 say no title of this shall be granted by the United States or by any state
14 This agent got you sprung from jail prior to trial; you were a no-show so he got a bounty hunter to chase you down
15 Photographer Arbus & fashion designer von Furstenberg
16 A video game called Zero Wing gave us the meme All your base are these 3 words a poor translation from Japanese
17 The Florida Museum of Natural History is located in this university city right on the campus
18 Quotient is a synonym for this a proportional relationship between 2 quantities
19 The 20th Amendment specifies this day for the Congress to be sworn in giving it 17 days to choose a president if that becomes necessary
20 This final gatekeeper at a stadium or movie theater may tear off a stub for the patron
21 Race car driver Hamilton & singer Capaldi
22 Synonyms for base include support & this word which you put a person on proverbially when you think they have no flaws
23 Nevada's second-most populous city & one of the country's fastest growing is this community just southeast of Las Vegas
24 A brown pigment associated with old photos
25 The president has no pardon power in cases of this congressional proceeding
26 On 1970s sitcoms Schneider & Bookman were building superintendents also known as these
27 Baby Driver director Wright & rocker Winter
28 In 1981 the Shuttle Columbia completed NASA's first flight with a wheeled landing at this California Air Force base
29 Once a hat-making center today this Connecticut city is known for its federal low-security facility housing female inmates
30 The central administration of the Catholic church in Rome
31 From 1782 until his death in 1832 this Faust author lived & worked in the grand Weimar residence seen here
32 In West Side Story Maria's brother is in this gang the rivals of her new boyfriend's
33 Engagements during this conflict included the Battles of Old Baldy & Heartbreak Ridge
34 Flight 007 now landing in Boscobel Jamaica at the airport named for this British author
35 Meat-eater by definition (9 letters)
36 Led by MVP Corey Seager this team won the 2020 World Series
37 He made his last public appearance in March 2015 at the premiere of a German stage production of his The Tin Drum
38 In Wicked on Broadway Kristin Chenoweth originated the role of this Oz dweller
39 The Battle of Zama a defeat for Hannibal ended the second of these wars
40 The airport in Lukla Nepal is on the side of a mountain & is named for Edmund Hillary & this climbing partner
41 Knight-time code of conduct (8 letters)
42 A 2020 report said 3/4 of U.S. kids age 9-12 regularly play this online platform that's like Minecraft but with more interaction
43 Hans Jakob Christoffel von Grimmelshausen lived through this 1618-1648 war & wrote about it in Simplicissimus
44 The Vietnam War casts a long shadow on a group of young people in this tribal love-rock musical
45 Mexico had much to celebrate after defeating French forces at the Battle of Puebla fought on this date in 1862
46 This Dallas airport is named for a lieutenant killed in a plane crash while practicing for a military aviator test
47 Styx ferryman (6 letters)
48 In fall 2020 the 1st blood test became available for this top-10 U.S. cause of death; diagnosis by symptoms is tricky & brain scans costly
49 In the 1930s the Nazis burned the books of this All Quiet on the Western Front author & took away his citizenship
50 In Grease Frenchy is a dropout from this kind of educational facility
51 Also called the Battle of Pittsburg Landing this battle in Tennessee was one of the Civil War's bloodiest
52 Lot Polish Airlines has its hub at the Warsaw airport named for this composer
53 A psychic (11 letters)
54 The first-ever papal visit to Iraq included a sit-down with this grand Ayatollah spiritual leader to millions of Shiite Muslims
55 Hermann Hesse's last novel Das Glasperlenspiel translates to this title in English
56 The Senate Finance Committee is part of this 1936 Cole Porter musical whose title plays on the colors of the flag
57 Kamikaze attacks were first used during the October 1944 battle of this gulf in the Central Philippines
58 Prague's airport is named for this Czech playwright & former president
59 Shakespeare king of ancient Britain (9 letters)
60 In a needed upgrade to Penn Station a $1.60 billion train haul named for this longtime New York senator opened in 2021; take a look


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Latest Questions

# Questions
1 BSQS: it's from the Latin for compliant perhaps to excess
2 In 1994 all 5 nominees were for episodes of this police series set in the fictional 15th Precinct in Manhattan
3 Threads of metal are woven into this 4-letter fabric with a French name
4 Van Dyck depicted Jesus crowned with thorns in this painting whose name means behold the man
5 In the U.S. the Blue Ridge Mountains reach into northern Georgia; in Europe this Great range is to the north
6 Britain's victory in this 1754-1763 war nearly doubled the national debt
7 Z: a Greek liqueur
8 Life on the Street was the subtitle of this Baltimore-set cop show that won in 1993 for Tom Fontana
9 The fleece of this llama & vicuna relative is prized & comes in almost 2 dozen natural colors
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