Jeopardy May 21 2020 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy May 21 2020 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 Elton John sang that his future lies beyond this
2 Tintenfisch or ink fish is this creature
3 At the Alamo gift shop you can purchase a replica of this man's coonskin cap
4 The ability to continue doing something for a long time despite how difficult or unpleasant it may be
5 Haiphong
6 This team moved from the National League to the American League in 2013 & won a now-controversial title in 2017
7 The Norris-LaGuardia Act said yellow-dog contracts can't stop workers from forming these
8 Words for shield & toad combine to make the German name for this reptile
9 A zucchetto is a religious skullcap & if it's red it's worn by someone of this high Catholic rank
10 It's the act of giving official & public support to someone or something
11 Piraeus
12 The Boston Patriots were among the teams that moved out of this defunct league in a 1970 merger
13 Colorful anatomical hyphenated word for a coward
14 This bug's German name stechmucke translates to stabbing gnat
15 In The Roman Hat Mystery which introduced Ellery Queen a missing one of these tall formal men's hats holds the key to a murder
16 To strive; the U.S. went British-style spelling this Space Shuttle's name
17 Incheon also home to this country's busiest airport
18 When this team moved from the ABA to the NBA in 1976 Doug Moe not Gregg Popovich was its head coach
19 Yellow fever destroys liver cells causing this yellowing of the skin & eyes
20 Nacktschnecke the German word for this gastropod translates as naked snail
21 In A Clockwork Orange teenage criminal Alex & his droogs wear this kind of hat AKA a derby
22 This type of medical examination uses a very small camera on a long thin tube to look at the body's interior
23 Port Said East
24 This team moved from the NBL to the BAA in 1948 to the NBA in 1949 & to L.A. in 1960
25 In Ant-Man Corey Stoll plays Darren Cross who assumes the identity of this nemesis
26 From the way they stand up these African mongoose relatives are called little earth men in German
27 This 3-sided hat was a hallmark of Revolutionary War-era fashion
28 A variety of chicory this plant with curled leaves is cultivated as a salad green
29 Colón founded in 1850
30 The NHL got a great deal when this team & 18-year-old Wayne Gretzky moved over from the WHA in 1979
31 Febold Feboldson sells sand from this sweltering California location to freezing gold prospectors
32 Best Actress: The Client (1994) & Dead Man Walking (1995)
33 In Jerusalem the City of Peace you might hear these 2 related Hebrew & Arabic words for peace used as a greeting
34 A 2006 landmark at the gate of Chicago's Union Stockyards honors the 100th anniversary of this Upton Sinclair novel
35 When Alexander set out to conquer Asia he left Antipater as regent in charge of this home kingdom
36 A synonym for slothful or idle (16 points)
37 Babe the Blue Ox roams the American timberlands accompanied by this giant companion
38 Best Director: Mystic River (2004) & Best Actor: Million Dollar Baby (2005)
39 Deriving its name from the settling of a dispute the Peace River flows 1200 miles across British Columbia & this province just east
40 Landmarks in this city at the very bottom of Florida include homes of Robert Frost John Hersey & Wallace Stevens
41 Alexander tried to look to the future by consulting the this of Zeus-Ammon in the Sahara but never revealed what he had learned
42 Similar to a vixen or attractive (17 points)
43 Old Stormalong is an American sailor whose ship is so big it scraped through the English Channel creating this pale landmark
44 Best Supporting Actress: The Help (2011) & Best Actress: Zero Dark Thirty (2012)
45 The 1648 treaty called the Peace of Westphalia ended this decades-long European conflict
46 Visit the art deco building in NYC where Erich Maria Remarque author of this antiwar novel about WWI lived until his death
47 Inspiring in him an interest in philosophy & science this Greek philosopher taught Alexander as a teenager
48 It's a joke especially a witty or timely one (15 points)
49 This Texan cowboy hero tamed a mountain lion & rode it like a horse using a rattlesnake as a lasso
50 Best Original Song: You've Got A Friend In Me from Toy Story (1995) & Best Original Musical Score: James & the Giant Peach (1996)
51 When Ronald Reagan renamed the MX missile this some wondered if it would be armed with peaceheads
52 The birthplace of F. Scott Fitzgerald is a landmark at 481 Laurel Avenue in this midwestern state capital
53 According to legend & fulfilling a prophecy at Phrygia Alexander boldly undid this object by cutting through it
54 An act of deception (14 points)
55 Tommyknockers are these underground guys who help miners; ex-mining engineer Herbert Hoover said so & had a statue of one
56 Best Actor: Silver Linings Playbook (2012) & Best Supporting Actor: American Hustle (2013)
57 The Greek goddess of peace was Eirene & this goddess with a 3-letter name was her Roman equivalent
58 Nineteen of this man's monologues including Morning Noon and Night were written at his home in Sag Harbor New York
59 After defeating him in battle Alexander placed his own cloak over the corpse of his Persian foe the III king of this name
60 This humped variety of ox originated in South Asia (15 points)


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