Jeopardy May 19 2021 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy May 19 2021 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 In the state of Querétaro this country's largest monolith looms over the town of Bernal
2 In 2020 Drake & Lil Durk decided to do this Now Cry Later
3 Honored in 2001 this actress whom we all love
4 Larboard or the loading side was once starboard's opposite but to avoid confusion sailors opted for this term instead
5 A 2015 book found 1 1/2 million families living on $2.00 a this length of time per person--it's not an hour
6 To communicate directly regarding a situation or 1201 S. Main Street
7 In Norwich England it's Norwich Castle which for 500 years was repurposed as this type of institution for sure using its keep
8 Adore You was a post-boy band hit for this Brit
9 Shannon Lucid who made history in 1996 by spending 188 consecutive days in space mostly on this Russian space station
10 The 20th novel in Patrick O'Brian's seafaring saga is called Blue at the Mizzen referring to a flag hoisted upon this
11 Charles Barkley declared that he was not one of these people to imitate; Tim Tebow thinks an athlete should be one
12 A Chinese ship or worthless rubbish
13 Historic cog railway line & all in Manitou Springs Colorado it's this peak that looms
14 This word preceded Swings in a 2020 hit by Pop Smoke; just this word was the title of a No. 1 hit by 24kGoldn
15 This anthropologist who spent time living among the people of Samoa & New Guinea
16 You're in a big argument with someone when you're at these also posts found on 19th century whaling boats
17 Marx identified 4 types of this a term now used for a sensation of isolation & estrangement from the rest of society
18 Prey or an open cavity for digging out limestone
19 Looming over San Francisco this landmark that opened in 1972 was sold in 2020 for the first time
20 Olivia Rodrigo's first hit single is this breakup song that debuted at No. 1 in 2021
21 This first lady who turned 93 in 2020
22 There's a long & an alternate shortened spelling of this ship area seen here
23 From the Latin for turning aside it's departing from usual or accepted societal norms
24 A liqueur or polite & genial
25 The cliffs of the Dodecanese Islands a poplular place for rock climbers loom over this sea
26 This country superstar seen here added to his hit parade in 2020 with Happy Does
27 This Swiss-born American psychiatrist who identified the 5 stages of grief
28 There's a long & an alternate shortened spelling of this petty officer whose pipe is heard here
29 In 1837 Harriet Martineau wrote of Americans' this uninterested quality in citizenship saying some don't even vote!
30 A cabdriver a type of cough or a bad writer
31 Antique title of a poem about a warship that mentions her deck once red with heroes' blood
32 It's someone who reveals secrets or informs on others
33 Al Gore
34 This term for a geometric figure is from the Greek for five-cornered
35 On the cover of this great African-American comic's 1968 debut album his mustache is a shadow of what it would become
36 Reynolds Wrap is a brand of this stuff
37 The Waste Land begins with the declaration that this is the cruellest month
38 Why you little one of these! a young cheeky & presumptuous person
39 Spiro Agnew
40 Alphabetically it's the first of the 5 Great Lakes
41 Drew Carey was the subject of the first Comedy Central Roast a televised version of a tradition by this showbiz club
42 In 2020 a town in Quebec voted to no longer be named for this dangerous stuff once mined there
43 This poem begins Two roads diverged in a yellow wood
44 From old words for one & all today it means disreputable or undesirable people
45 John Nance Garner
46 Easy as 1-2-3 ABC was a No. 1 hit in 1970 for this group
47 This Pakistani-American comic says spell-check wants to change his first name to Camel
48 Seen here it's found of menus before smoked bacon
49 A poem by Wordsworth begins I wandered lonely as this that floats on high o'er vales and hills
50 Adjective meaning lacking all moral principles
51 Charles Dawes a man with a plan
52 This cabinet secretary is 5th in the line of presidential succession between the Secretaries of State & Defense
53 Seen here is this comedian not the robot version of her that joined her on a 2019 Netflix special
54 The cavity filling alloy called dental this is half mercury & half other metals such as silver
55 This Kipling poem ends You'll be a man my son!
56 Collective name for strategic measures taken by a nation to discourage hostile action by another
57 Charles Curtis the first person of Native American descent to be elected vice president
58 Zakat an alms tax to benefit the needy is one of the 5 these Arkan al-Islam in Arabic
59 The 2020 documentary The Comedy Store has interviews with Letterman Damon Wayans & of course him the son of the club's owner
60 This 2-word compound with the formula NH4NO3 is one of the world's most popular fertilizers


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Latest Questions

# Questions
1 BSQS: it's from the Latin for compliant perhaps to excess
2 In 1994 all 5 nominees were for episodes of this police series set in the fictional 15th Precinct in Manhattan
3 Threads of metal are woven into this 4-letter fabric with a French name
4 Van Dyck depicted Jesus crowned with thorns in this painting whose name means behold the man
5 In the U.S. the Blue Ridge Mountains reach into northern Georgia; in Europe this Great range is to the north
6 Britain's victory in this 1754-1763 war nearly doubled the national debt
7 Z: a Greek liqueur
8 Life on the Street was the subtitle of this Baltimore-set cop show that won in 1993 for Tom Fontana
9 The fleece of this llama & vicuna relative is prized & comes in almost 2 dozen natural colors
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