Jeopardy May 16 2023 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy May 16 2023 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 In 1960 Jean-Paul Sartre wrote of this mans Victorious attempt… to snatch every instant of his existence from his future death
2 Because I could not stop for death--he kindly stopped for me Me being this poet on May 15 1886 in Amherst
3 In To Helen her naiad airs have brought me home/ to the glory that was Greece and the grandeur that was this
4 Englishmen named Charles & Henry merged their companies to form it in 1906
5 Dropping -Green Bay or -Superior leaves this state school
6 Shot through the heart & you're to blame you give love a bad name I play my part & you play your game you give love a bad name
7 This irregular past tense is also what you go for when you risk it all
8 On Oct. 14 1793 things did not go her way before the revolutionary tribunal & 2 days later she was an instant ex-royal
9 Asked what its name is on the night's Plutonian shore the raven quoths this
10 This feature locks a car's accelerator to maintain a constant speed
11 In Colorado add this armed service to Academy
12 I'm on the highway to hell on the highway to hell highway to hell I'm on the highway to hell
13 When you hear this sound think of auto parts supplier Ed Peterson who pioneered its use to prevent backover incidents
14 It would have been quite appropriate to have draped a flag over her coffin after she passed in Philadelphia on Jan. 30 1836
15 In Lenore a saintly soul floats on this river of the underworld
16 Before replacing these check whether you need the bayonet J hook or side post type
17 Add this name after Washington and but before University
18 Get up! Everybody's gonna move their feet get down! Everybody's gonna leave their seat... lose your mind in Detroit rock city
19 A charming painting of circa 1660 shows a mother lacing up this garment after breastfeeding
20 It was Jan. 27 1851 when his soul took wing with the gull & sparrow hawk he drew
21 This Poe maiden lies in her sepulchre there by the sea--in her tomb by the sounding sea
22 Sí it was a real party as one of Detroit's big 3 made 7 generations of this little car from 1976 to 2019
23 Add the name of this group of California colleges before McKenna
24 Oh! Look what you've done to this rock 'n' roll clown! O-oh! Look what you've done! Photograph... I don't want your...
25 From the French it means uninterested perhaps due to ennui French for boredom
26 There was no more scrubbing in for this pioneer of antiseptic surgery after Feb. 10 1912
27 Poe rhymed this fabled city of gold with down the valley of the shadow
28 Automobile magazine named this then new sporty Japanese import itts 1990 Automobile of the Year
29 Drop for Social Research from this NYC institution like it did in the 1990s
30 Here I go again on my own goin' down the only road I've ever known like a drifter I was born to walk alone
31 It means in a state of confusion but many misuse it because it sounds so much like finding something funny
32 This country's flag bears 2 keys symbols of the ones given to St. Peter that gave him access to heaven
33 Katrín Jakobsdóttir is prime minister of this island nation
34 This extremely early in the alphabet African mammal is the only living member of the order Tubulidentata tube teeth
35 Newton's first law of motion is about a body at this
36 Charlton Heston realizes it's post-apocalypse now at the end of this 1968 movie
37 This Loony Tooner frequently lamented that he should have taken a left turn at Albuquerque
38 Given its name in the reign of Emperor Jiajing the Temple of Heaven in this capital once had stables for sacrificial animals
39 From 2015 to 2023 Bidhya Devi Bhandari was president & head of state of this Himalayan nation
40 A recent study shows this large horned mammal tolerates parasitic oxpeckers because the birds hiss to warn it of predators
41 Jane Austen used this twice-hyphenated term not about a mom but an indolent man
42 The titular Book of Eli turns out to be a Bible but it's basically useless to Gary Oldman because it's in this format
43 To get from higher elevation to lower in this sport use turns like the plough-parallel or the stem christie
44 This Parisian avenue is named for a paradise of Greek myth; it's less heavenly these days since it's clogged by traffic
45 Sheikh Hasina has been prime minister of this Indian subcontinent nation since 2009
46 Ah do declayuh the Tennessee this goat has a skeletal muscle disorder called myotonia congenita so fright isn't always a cause
47 A 2023 book is titled this 2-word aimless activity: The Radical Power of Killing Time
48 In this 2006 film about uber-competitive magicians Christian Bale has a twin & Hugh Jackman's been cloning himself
49 A recipe completion card game in which you try to build the perfect hot dog is called Turn for this
50 House of the Foundation of Heaven on Earth Babylon's Etemenanki as been associated with this structure from Genesis
51 In 2023 Nicola Sturgeon best known for advocating this cause announced she's stepping down
52 The name star-nosed this mammal sounds lovely; describing that nose as 22 fleshy pink tentacles in a star-like pattern... less
53 Loiter is similar to but more frowned-upon than this other 6-letter L word
54 In Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood this actress played by Margot Robbie gets a new ending thanks in part to a flamethrower
55 Clothing word for someone who changes allegiance in the course of battle or politics
56 In 312 A.D. heaven came to Earth for this emperor in the form of a crucifix in the sky labeled by this symbol you will conquer
57 In 2023 this 42-year-old prime minister of New Zealand made the surprise announcement she's leaving the job
58 This carnivore with retractable claws is seen here not being as terrifying to lemurs as it was in animated form in Madagascar
59 There's a light fixture in this word meaning settled & not going anywhere
60 Anthrax earlier seen to be afflicting cows is later weaponized against Benedict Cumberbatch in this 2021 Western
61 Peter Quint is a ghost plaguing the children in Benjamin Britten's opera based on this Henry James work


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# Questions
1 Churchill gave a word a new meaning when he called for a talk with Soviet Russia upon the highest level... a parley at this
2 Term for a type of large white blood cell that digests invading micro-organisms & also eats cell debris
3 India the leading milk producer in the world gets almost half of it from this beast not considered cattle
4 This beloved indie rock band took its name in 1984 from the way a Spanish-speaking outfielder says I got it
5 Many thought The Rite of Spring was just noise like the Augurs of Spring marked to be played this extra-loud way throughout
6 Sid & Marty Krofft produced 70s Saturday morning TV like H.R. Pufnstuf & this one where a family ends up in a time with dinosaurs
7 Wheres the president? a blundering Val asks this senator from Louisiana with a different middle name church & party
8 Found in the ear this small bone connects the tympanic membrane to the incus bone
9 From Australia & New Zealand this honey with a Maori name is said to have antibacterial properties
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