Jeopardy May 15 2023 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy May 15 2023 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 The co-founder of this magazine that began in 1967 said its name comes primarily from a song title but noted a band name as well
2 In the 1880s the area around Waikari was the birthplace of the Corriedale New Zealand's first homegrown breed of this
3 Sherlock & Savich are FBI agents in Catherine Coulter's this Hour the proverbial last moment to accomplish something
4 The superior Irish bird locator
5 You don't have to keep it under wraps: a British kid might use this 5-letter word instead of mother
6 Tiger Woods the youngest ever to win this Georgia tournament in 1997 was still just 25 & 26 when he won again in 2001 & '02
7 A 2022 article on these ursine candies noted their 100th anniversary & called them a sweet squishy source of joy
8 In the city of Rotorua you can visit the geothermal area of Wai-O-Tapu home to Lady Knox one of these that erupts daily
9 For 2 homicide cops The 9th Girl in Tami Hoag's thriller is the year's ninth of these a name for anonymous female decedents
10 A small hunting hound permitted by law
11 Sanguinelli is a variety of this citrus fruit whose flesh can be deep red
12 In 2016 the Golden State Warriors returned to the Finals for a 7-game rematch with this team only to lose in the final moments
13 Ice cream sprinkles also go by this plural name
14 The highest peak in New Zealand is this 12200-foot mount named for an 18th century sea captain
15 Dribble the pet turtle plays a role in this 1972 young adult book of Tales
16 The principal dog from the tallest of the working breeds
17 Also a Stephen King book title this group of workers is the smallest amount possible to successfully fill a shift
18 In 1993 Joe Carter hit a walk-off series-winning home run in game 6 as this team defended its championship in dramatic style
19 It's the 2-word name for French fries
20 Port Nicholson is the historical name of the harbor of this city home to the National Symphony Orchestra
21 Vienna waits for you in Graham Greene's novella titled this Man which came out after the 1949 movie co-starring a creepy Orson Welles
22 A good-spirited herding dog developed in Great Britain
23 There are 3 species of this mammal which uses echolocation & feeds on livestock
24 This team's Stanley Cup Finals win in 2017 wasn't too different from the 2016 one: 6 games with Sidney Crosby the MVP
25 That's not a tomato but the Japanese variety of this fruit
26 This Garden City named for a college at Oxford University had its peace shattered by 2 mosque shootings in 2019
27 This Detroiter dialed up a bestseller with The First Phone Call from Heaven
28 An adorable Arctic sled dog
29 It's named for how some of its growth dangles down as if in a web
30 It was only this man's second title defense in 1964 when Muhammad Ali floated & stung him one night in Miami Beach
31 Summer cocktails made with this brand's No. 1 Cup are a tradition at Wimbledon
32 The original Café du Monde serves its famed beignets on Decatur Street in this New Orleans neighborhood
33 In 1910 Democrat Charles B. Smith won a U.S. House seat with 20685 votes; his Republican opponent got this many
34 A house overlooking Nagasaki Harbor is the setting of this opera
35 In 1610 this Italian scientist & astronomer named the moons of Jupiter the Medicean Stars in honor of the powerful family
36 This Lethal Weapon actor played Philip Marlowe on an episode of Fallen Angels a 1990s neo-noir anthology
37 This cereal now comes in fruit & yogurt & red berries varieties
38 Brewer's Hill in this city is home to historic buildings once used by Miller & Schlitz
39 A 1994 tie vote for a seat in Wyoming's state house was broken by a drawing from one of these hats matching a state nickname
40 In the classic song Tears Of A Clown you'll hear the Italian title of this opera
41 Galvani said he'd found a new type of this restricted to animal tissue; Volta proved it's the same type that goes through metal
42 Starring Angie Harmon & Sasha Alexander this series was named for a detective & a medical examiner in Boston
43 Term for military units like the Green Berets trained in guerrilla warfare & other unique tactics
44 L.A.'s Museum Row is on a stretch of Wilshire Blvd. between La Brea & Fairfax known by this wondrous & alliterative name
45 In 1832 Henry Clay took Maryland by 4 votes over this incumbent president who won reelection handily anyway
46 3 ladies give Tamino this title item but no lessons
47 Ichthyologist Eugenie Clark discovered the Moses sole's natural one of these which makes ol' Jaws flail around & go fetal
48 Coming off Hud & The Hustler this actor played Lew Harper in films based on Ross MacDonald's Lew Archer novels
49 It's a folk song about a train as well as a 90-minute musical showcase on 1970s TV
50 Acorn Street is one of the most historic in the Boston neighborhood called this Hill after a warning light that once stood there
51 This future pres. won a tight 1948 Texas primary after uncounted votes were discovered 6 days after the election
52 The myth about this great singer is a natural opera subject & in 2021 Juilliard revived a 1647 Italian version
53 Arthur Riggs & his team developed the artificial type of this hormone saving human lives & letting cows keep their pancreases
54 This actor & husband of Ruby Dee directed Cotton Comes to Harlem based on a Chester Himes book featuring detective Grave Digger Jones
55 With unemployment at 25% & banks on the verge of collapse in 1933 FDR called Congress into the first of 3 of these gatherings
56 Many an artist has lived in this neighborhood in Manhattan's East Village that runs through avenues A B C & D
57 The final official tally from Florida in 2000 was George W. Bush 2912790 Al Gore 2912253 this man 97488
58 The title guy in this Verdi opera is the son of the king of Spain
59 In the Galápagos the currents control the seasons: the garúa is the time of this cold current named for a German scientist
60 From a series of books The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency has this actress & Golden singer solving cases in Botswana
61 Sidney Reilly of Ace of Spies fame worked as an operative of this U.K. department concerned with national security


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# Questions
1 St. Jerome gets the credit for this translation of the Bible that he completed around 405
2 In Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland Alice slays the Jabberwocky with this callooh! Callay!
3 This hairless breed got its start in Canada in the 20th century with a kitten named Prune
4 The base unit of electrical current is named for this Frenchman initials A.M.A.
5 The 3 regions named in the preamble to the Czech Constitution are Bohemia this one & Silesia
6 The world's highest unclimbed mountain is 24980-foot Gangkhar Puensum in this thunder dragon kingdom north of India
7 Present tense verb meaning to use 2 known positions on a map to determine a third unknown one
8 In this 1986 classic Basil of Baker Street survives a fall from Big Ben but the evil Ratigan is not so lucky
9 This color follows Russian in the name of a cat breed with grayish fur
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