Jeopardy May 12 2023 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy May 12 2023 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 Describing these Captain Cook wrote The manner in which they are done must certainly cause intollerable pain
2 Capitals don't get much closer than Providence & this one; it's about a half-hour train trip to Back Bay Station on the Acela
3 The summary of recent events aboard a party boat with alcohol
4 This airline is based in Mascot a suburb of Sydney
5 Her 1962 rendition of Happy Birthday included Thanks Mr. Pres. for all the things you've done the battles that you've won
6 Dick Clark hosted The $10000 Pyramid; on the version with Michael Strahan in charge the prize money is this amount
7 This branch of the U.S. Army is its principal land combat force
8 The contiguous U.S. remains untrod if you go directly from Honolulu to this capital
9 An elevation lower than a mountain named after Uma Thurman's revenge film series
10 Get the picture--Konica Minolta is based in this country
11 On St. Helena in 2022 Jonathan one of these animals moved slowly at his 190th birthday fete--but then again he's always slow
12 On Oct. 15 2007 he debuted in the Bob Barker Studio with fun scuba equipment as the first prize
13 AAA is this type of artillery used to defend against attack from above
14 Just like Peyton Manning did head west from this second state capital in the name of a Super Bowl champion team to this first
15 A bird of prey that has been crowned king aboard Darwin's ship
16 Drive safely to this car company's HQ in Gothenburg Sweden
17 In 2022 the TV industry celebrated the 100th birthday of this creative legend & the 50th of his show Maude
18 In 2020 The Weakest Link was rebooted with this star hosting the humiliation duties; goodbye!
19 A 3-star general is also known as this type & somewhat surprisingly outranks a major one
20 In search of weather extremes? St. Paul was a brisk -34 in 1936 & this southwest capital topped out at 122 in 1990
21 Perhaps the Compton rapper with a medical nickname will go or...
22 This all-inclusive resort company is based in Paris not on its namesake sea
23 A birthday fete for Herod Antipas gave his wife Herodias a chance for revenge against this man; his head ended up on a platter
24 He was a regular on Hogan's Heroes & Laugh-In before getting the hosting gig on Family Feud
25 The Army of the Potomac turned back the Army of Northern Virginia at this famously bloody 1862 battle
26 It's a 29-hour 2000-mile drive from Oklahoma city to this state capital the only other that begins with O
27 A speedy type of dress found at Goodwill
28 Puma & this rival are both based in the German town of Herzogenaurach
29 For his 50th Piet Mondrian's pals in this capital feted him with a retrospective of his works at Stedelijk Museum
30 The love of Betty White's life he met her when she was a guest in the third week of Password
31 In the U.S. Army a W01 is this type of officer the army's tactical & technical experts
32 Describing episodic exploits of a roaming character the picaresque genre began in the literature of this country of Quixote
33 Can you dig it? An archaeologist can with this term for an archaeology dig
34 This word precedes Sunrise Sunset & Midnight in the names of a romantic trio of films from Richard Linklater
35 It's also called a lightning bug
36 Title that precedes How sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me
37 ...Became Europe's first female prime minister in 1979
38 This Voltaire work includes a shipwreck torture by the Inquisition El Dorado & cultivating a garden
39 I have a million reasons to tell you that this 10-letter verb means to overstate
40 Krzysztof Kieslowski's classic 3 Colors trilogy contains these 3 films named for the colors of the French flag
41 This alternate name for a wolverine sounds like it could eat everything in sight & if it had its way it just might
42 It's where I'm goin' to lay down my burden & my sword & shield
43 ...Was born in Georgia in 1878 (but not the first Georgia you'd think of)
44 The picaresque Adventures of Peregrine Pickle features a character modeled after this Tom Jones author
45 I'm giving only you the story as this because you're my favorite reporter & also I want it out there & otherwise no one might run it
46 Before Marvel really started trilogizing this hero of theirs sunk his teeth into 3 films the last being 2004's Trinity
47 Every year in the Yukon 200000 of these deer embark on the longest land mammal migration on Earth sometimes up to 1300 miles
48 A hymn & anthem Lift this and sing till earth and heaven ring
49 ...Was one of the 12 women in the first Knesset in 1949
50 Allen Ginsberg said all the running around in an automobile in this work by his pal was a great picaresque literary device
51 This Latin legal phrase means from one side only with the other side absent not left the fiesta
52 Whit Stillman's yuppie trilogy of the 1990s includes Metropolitan The Last Days of Disco & this film named for a Spanish city
53 Also called a rorqual a type of whale takes this name from its prominent dorsal appendage
54 We shall come rejoicing bringing in these
55 ...The former Nguyen Sinh Cung took a name that means he who enlightens
56 In a 1722 work by this author a woman under the alias Moll Flanders commits various crimes as she climbs a ladder to success
57 Still existing like an artwork luckily not lost over the centuries
58 The middle film of Robert Rodriguez' El Mariachi trilogy it's also the title of an Eagles hit song
59 This obscure 7-letter ape is found in the tropical rainforests of Malaysia & Indonesia
60 Asking for comfort & guidance do this fast falls the eventide in life in death O Lord do this
61 ...Went by one name & didn't live to see the collapse of the Yugoslav nation he built


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# Questions
1 St. Jerome gets the credit for this translation of the Bible that he completed around 405
2 In Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland Alice slays the Jabberwocky with this callooh! Callay!
3 This hairless breed got its start in Canada in the 20th century with a kitten named Prune
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5 The 3 regions named in the preamble to the Czech Constitution are Bohemia this one & Silesia
6 The world's highest unclimbed mountain is 24980-foot Gangkhar Puensum in this thunder dragon kingdom north of India
7 Present tense verb meaning to use 2 known positions on a map to determine a third unknown one
8 In this 1986 classic Basil of Baker Street survives a fall from Big Ben but the evil Ratigan is not so lucky
9 This color follows Russian in the name of a cat breed with grayish fur
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