Jeopardy May 11 2023 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy May 11 2023 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 His epitaph in a church in England reads Sometime General in the Army of George Washington
2 She published her early novels like The Bluest Eye & Sula while working as an editor at Random House
3 After moving to Nashville he joined a band called The Ranch but soon had a solo No. 1 country hit with But For The Grace Of God
4 Overly proud of one's own appearance & a form of precipitation
5 In a totally metal move this age took over for bronze in southeastern Europe around 1200 B.C.
6 On Oahu explore different Pacific island villages & exhibits at the PCC short for this Cultural Center
7 Punning on a word for a group of lions South Africa's Lion lager called itself the this of beers
8 Born in 1896 this author was named for his distant cousin who penned the words to The Star-Spangled Banner
9 This country superstar seen here studied advertising at Oklahoma State but ended up changing his career path a little bit
10 To wait patiently & your humble home
11 The Age of this when humans used their brains to figure things out is also the title of an anti-religion Thomas Paine work
12 In spring head to this California theme park for its annual Boysenberry Festival
13 During Prohibition Pennsylvania's Lion Brewery made this rhyming stuff that had just 1/10 the alcohol of regular beer
14 In 2016 this beloved author of the Fudge books & her husband George opened a nonprofit bookstore in Key West Florida
15 Wide Open Spaces by this band seen here sold more than 12 million albums in the United States
16 Hereditary & not brand name
17 Britannica says during this mostly 19th century era Britain was a powerful nation with a rich culture; the past tense... ouch
18 Your evening tour of our nation's capital includes his memorial seen here
19 The Great Lakes Brewing Company's Rye of the Tiger is an IPA short for this
20 Though he would continue to write nonfiction & essays Sophie's Choice was his last novel
21 In 2003 at his final live show he said The spirit of June Carter overshadows me... with the love she had for me & the love I have for her
22 Earl for example & to donate 10% to the church
23 No. 2 of the 3 periods of the Mesozoic era it began about 201.3 million years ago; welcome...! to this
24 Take a ride on a vintage trolley at the Seashore Trolley Museum in this Maine Port city
25 Lion Beer Australia says its beers are made from only 4 core ingredients--water barley malt & these
26 A story of love & racial injustice his 1974 novel If Beale Street Could Talk was turned into a 2018 film
27 In 2023 she released the album Queen of Me & showed up at the Grammys in red hair & giant polka dots
28 Plenty & a McIntosh
29 New York City's Frick Collection is a monument to the art collecting of this materialistic era also a Twain title
30 Boston's Cradle of Liberty this historic building is adjacent to a bustling marketplace
31 Sri Lanka's Lion lager is 4.8% alcohol; Lion this dark strong beer type is a powerful 8.8%
32 The Met's Cloisters branch had a recreated medieval cloister; the garden was a symbol of this place monks hoped to enter
33 Called the first detective novel by a Black author The Conjure-Man Dies by Rudolph Fisher is set in this Upper Manhattan area
34 License & this piece of paper proving it's your vehicle please
35 The city of Daejeon is known as South Korea's this high-tech area near San Francisco
36 Of this president Catherine Robbins Lyman Delano
37 Margaret Atwood is a consultant on this series based on one of her novels & insisted the show not kill Aunt Lydia
38 Cribs of the infant Jesus were often given to women entering these institutions who wouldn't have babies of their own
39 In 1822 Black Nantucketer Absalom Boston captained an entirely Black crew scouring the seas in this profession
40 In mortgage lending it's the A in ARM
41 Draining much of the Nagano & Niigata prefectures Japan's longest river the Shinano is found on this island
42 Of this duchess Jeanette Ragland
43 The novel A Man Called Ove became a 2023 movie starring Tom Hanks as A Man Called this palindromic name
44 The Annunciation Triptych shows Mary quietly reading & Joseph working on his carpentry when this angel shows up to change everything
45 Subject of a biopic this actress began in vaudeville before starring in films like Carmen Jones
46 This word meaning self-government is from the Greek for independence
47 This river flows 2700 miles from northwest China to the South China Sea & forms part of the border between Thailand & Laos
48 Of this juristMercedes López Genaro
49 Rosamund Pike got an Oscar nomination for pulling a disappearing act on her husband in this 2014 thriller based on a novel
50 A set of tapestries with some threads gilded depict a unicorn; its hunt & capture symbolized this a word for a god-made flesh
51 A note from Mary Ellen Pleasant a millionaire & former slave was found in the pocket of this abolitionist before his 1859 hanging
52 In statistics it's the tendency for 2 values to change in sync; as often said it's not causation
53 Now known as the Moluccas these islands of Indonesia were so-named for the cloves & nutmeg cultivated there
54 Of this early 20th century performer Josephine Weisz
55 Caitriona Balfe plays the out-of-place & out-of-time title character of this series based on Diana Gabaldon's books
56 With details like the cornucopia mosaic was a major art form in this era of art made in the Eastern Roman Empire 400 to 1400 A.D.
57 Known for skydiving while playing sax aviator Hubert Julian went to fight for this African empire against Italy in the 1930s
58 It's the forgiveness of sin granted by the sacrament of penance
59 Lahore is the capital of this Pakistani province next to India
60 Of this model-turned-authoractress Patricia Neal
61 A boy steals a painting of a bird after a museum bombing in this donna Tartt novel & its film adaptation


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9 This color follows Russian in the name of a cat breed with grayish fur
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