Jeopardy May 11 2021 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy May 11 2021 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 In 1620 John Howland fell off this ship grabbed a rope amazingly survived reached New England & had 10 kids & now 2 mil. descendants
2 The Greatest this boxer asked How tall are you? so I can know in advance how far to step back when you fall in four
3 March 30 1918 was the first day America's newspapers included a reminder to do this tonight
4 Under major actions of the 116th Congress: Permanent authorization of funds for victims of this date: Never forget the heroes
5 On airplanes position lights are green on the starboard one & red on the port one
6 It describes a bubbly beverage like tonic water or soda
7 Saudi Arabia was changed in 1938 when Max Steineke insisted the 7th of these at Dammam be explored though 6 had already flopped
8 In addition to knocking out Michael Spinks in the ring this man knocked out several dinosaurs in a cartoon
9 The 1956 movie Written on the Wind introduces a flashback with the wind blowing pages off this
10 Milestone birthdays for 2021 include James Earl Jones' 90th & this Song Sung Blue singer's 80th
11 Tandem tricycle & tailwheel are the 3 main types of this equipment you definitely want on your plane
12 In other words someone who is yellow-bellied
13 Nikolai Yezhov had many killed as head of the NKVD a forerunner of this organization; in 1940 it was his turn & he vanished from official photos
14 This Rowdy woman made some initial changes in 2018 swapping out MMA for WWE to take on Triple H
15 5 states including both Dakotas are in both these time zones
16 From her profile: She was born to a Jamaica-born Black economist father & India-born biomedical scientist mother
17 This supersonic plane could dip its nose so the pilot could see better during takeoff
18 A classic Atari video game of the 1980s was called Missile this
19 When a pope did this to Bernabò Visconti the Scourge of Lombardy Bernabò made the messenger eat the document lead seals & all
20 With 70 knockouts Roberto Duran earned the nickname Manos de Piedra which translates to this
21 Obstacles to time travel include the paradox named for this relative--what if you kill him & prevent your own birth?
22 Under anniversaries: 100 years ago The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse & The Sheik launched the career of this silent film star
23 Having more than 2 blades on this is less efficient but also quieter--some have as many as 10
24 As an adjective it means devoted; as a verb it means perpetrated
25 In the 600s B.C. Cypselus of Corinth seized power with this title related to a dino name but was so popular he had no bodyguard
26 Last name of the Ukrainian boxing brothers whose PhDs in sports science led to the nicknames Dr. Steelhammer & Dr. Ironfist
27 Swiss companies had dominated Olympic timekeeping but this Japanese company was selected as the official timer for the 1964 Tokyo Games
28 It sounds fishy but there are still $10000 bills floating around with him Lincoln's treasury secretary on the front
29 The Seafire was the carrier-based naval version of this World War II fighter plane
30 Referring to its crunch it's another name for iceberg lettuce
31 One look at the mountain scene here you'll see why this type of connecting ridge between peaks is named for a piece of riding equipment
32 Seen here she released the album Hurts 2B Human in 2019
33 Who but this bestselling author would write Autopsy Room Four The Boogeyman & of course Jerusalem's Lot
34 Jacques Anquetil was the first to win this prestigious bicycle race 5 times
35 Crockett & Tubbs the other way around
36 From the picture seen here you'd never guess that Cotopaxi in this chain is an active volcano
37 John Lennon on this hit: The whole Beatle thing was just beyond comprehension... subconsciously I was crying out for it
38 Loss of sight due to burns has been reversed using amniotic tissue from this organ expelled when a woman gives birth
39 Known for some dreariness in his plays this Russian also gave us A Dreary Story of a dying professor of medicine in 1889
40 In addition to The Twilight Zone Rod Serling narrated this explorer's Undersea World TV specials
41 I think therefore I am on Indonesia's second-largest island by area
42 You'd celebrate too if you'd reached the summit of a peak in this Wyoming range with a name from the French
43 The hip-hop duo Tag Team gave us the destined to-be-a-classic this! (There It Is)
44 Using an ultrasonic probe Charles Kelman revolutionized surgery for this clouding of the lens
45 The long & the short of 1952 for this sci-fi man? A novel Foundation and Empire & The Martian Way a McCarthyism allegory
46 Jacques Offenbach's Orpheus In The Underworld contains this lively dance music
47 Black Sea region home to Yalta; it's just my fault
48 One of these stone piles sits atop the summit of High Seat in Northern England's Lake District
49 This 2003 mega-hit told us to shake it shake it like a Polaroid picture
50 A 1950s patient who got grafts of this eye part had depth perception issues & thought he could touch ground from his window 60' up
51 This African American who sometimes lived in France wrote a 1965 collection called Going to Meet the Man
52 Paris had not had a mayor for more than a century when this future French president with a euphonious name was elected in 1977
53 Your lawyer's doing this case for the good & for the pygmy chimpanzee
54 Hike to Bow Summit to see beautiful Bow Lake in this Canadian national park
55 We have high hopes that you'll know that this emo-punk band has a song called I Write Sins Not Tragedies
56 Bypassing the eye blind subjects have been helped by stimulation of the area of the brain called the visual this
57 This Pulitzer winner from Mississippi published her first short story in 1936; her classic The Petrified Man 5 years later
58 Seen here is s self-portrait by him in 1794 when he was a dominating figure in the French art world
59 Salieri steals the 1984 Oscar winner with the tagline god of the machine


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Latest Questions

# Questions
1 BSQS: it's from the Latin for compliant perhaps to excess
2 In 1994 all 5 nominees were for episodes of this police series set in the fictional 15th Precinct in Manhattan
3 Threads of metal are woven into this 4-letter fabric with a French name
4 Van Dyck depicted Jesus crowned with thorns in this painting whose name means behold the man
5 In the U.S. the Blue Ridge Mountains reach into northern Georgia; in Europe this Great range is to the north
6 Britain's victory in this 1754-1763 war nearly doubled the national debt
7 Z: a Greek liqueur
8 Life on the Street was the subtitle of this Baltimore-set cop show that won in 1993 for Tom Fontana
9 The fleece of this llama & vicuna relative is prized & comes in almost 2 dozen natural colors
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