Jeopardy May 10 2023 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy May 10 2023 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 In 1901 6 colonies joined together to form this nation today the sixth largest in area
2 In 1837 the House banned the wearing of these in the chamber; they'd become so tall they obstructed both view & hearing
3 Having chipped his front tooth as a child this comic actor removed the cap in Dumb & Dumber
4 Check out a view of downtown this West Coast city of 900000 from its Twin Peaks
5 Uganda's Bwindi Impenetrable National Park shelters creatures like the cream-banded swallowtail type of this
6 In 1971 this Missionaries of Charity woman received the Pope John XXIII Peace Prize
7 One of the 2 main traditional components of the Jolly Roger symbol
8 Like incoming students since 1921 new House members have gone through this welcome & get-your-bearings program
9 The last word in this 1974 Jack Nicholson movie is its title--Forget it Jake it's this place
10 When the country's capital was moved there in 1868 Edo was renamed this
11 In Exodus 15 The horse of this man went in with his chariots... into the sea and the Lord brought again the waters... upon them
12 At the Mob Museum in Vegas you can see a bullet-ridden wall salvaged from this 1929 event in Chicago
13 Ingredient in a class two-part cocktail favored by Princess Margaret
14 Members vie for coveted assignments on these like Appropriations or Energy & Commerce
15 John Singleton was the first African-American directing Oscar nominee with this film set in South Central L.A. where he grew up
16 The Château Frontenac Hotel was built in 1893 overlooking the St. Lawrence River in this provincial capital
17 A twist on the Cold War barrier that divided Europe it was the Pittsburgh NFL team's defense in the 1970s
18 On Sept. 4 1962 JFK warned the world--especially one part of the world--that no offensive weapons should be sent to this nation
19 Disney canine character who shares on-screen pasta
20 Representatives introduce bills by placing them in a wooden box called this after the bin in which grain goes in a mill
21 1932's I am a Fugitive from this shackled-together group stirred outrage against that penal practice
22 This Siberian lake contains about 20% of all the world's unfrozen fresh water
23 Sit this 3-headed doggy of myth! You snacked on anyone who tried to escape Hades! Who's a bad boy? You are! You are!
24 Problems with debt were expo-sed when this city hosted the 1976 Summer Olympics
25 Inevitable certainty according to Ben Franklin
26 Score! As a new representative you'll get this privilege of sending postage-free mail to constituents
27 An Alex Trebek movie trivia favorite: Who are Janning Hahn Lampe & Hofstetter? (We'll add they're the German judges on this movie)
28 A desert by the sea Punta Gallinas in this nation is the northernmost point in continental South America
29 The BBB or this-this barrier is crucial to regulating the entry of microorganisms into the central nervous system
30 Victorious general Giap compared the French position in this decisive 1954 battle in Vietnam to the bottom of a rice bowl
31 Item needed for the classic kids' runnng race that combines speed & balancing
32 He published A Child's Garden of Verses in 1885 a year before his novel Kidnapped
33 The pecan pie seen here is served this 3-word way
34 In 1861 rubidium was discovered by Gustav Kirchhoff & this scientist for whom a burner is named
35 To respect native people who aided runaway slaves artists like Flagboy Giz wear beaded suits for this event--Feb. 21 in 2023
36 Octopuses have 3 of these: 2 send blood to the gills one sends blood to the rest of the body
37 Socrates spent his last hours in an Athenian jail awaiting a cup of this poison
38 The gamekeeper's little garden in this D.H. Lawrence novel features double daffodils that rose in Tufts
39 The French for bunch gives us this word for a wine's smell
40 In 1955 a bunch of chemists created an element & named it for this chemist who devised the periodic table
41 Proudly from New Orleans PJ Morton released a 2020 gospel album; he is also known for playing in this band with Adam Levine
42 In 2023 British police foiled a plan by thieves to poach 200000 Creme Eggs from this chocolatier
43 For an affront to religion & common decency this famous lover was arrested in Venice in 1755 & imprisoned in the doge's palace
44 Alice finds a marvelous garden in Wonderland but has trouble managing this bird while playing croquet there
45 A recess in a wall or any perfect job; it comes from a word for nest
46 An oxide of this element atomic number 30 is used in sunscreens to provide protection from UV rays
47 Trumpeter Chief Xian aTunde Adjuah sometimes plays with a tilted bell just like this musician before him
48 Noodling a sport involving catching these barehanded officially became legal in Louisiana in 2022
49 In 1919 he came up with a scheme regarding postal reply coupons & would later offer investors 50% interest in 45 days
50 After finding a key Mary in this Frances Hodgson Burnett tale says Perhaps it has been buried for ten years
51 The movie Rocky had one of these many shots juxtaposed to form a theme
52 The name of this metal element also a deep blue pigment comes from a German word for a goblin said to trouble its miners
53 This New Orleans-set HBO series opened with the Rebirth Brass Band playing Feel Like Funkin' It Up during a second line
54 A house known as The One sold for $126 million (down from $295 mil.) in this area of lovely atmosphere next to Beverly Hills
55 This inventor who struggled to cash in on his vulcanization of rubber did time in debtor's prison in Philadelphia Boston & Paris
56 This woman's story Kew Gardens was illustrated by her sister Vanessa Bell also a member of the Bloomsbury Group
57 You can't change things it's this 2-word situation concluded fact in French
58 Before penicillin salvarsan a compound of this poisonous element was used to treat syphilis
59 In 2021 this New Orleans pianist won an Oscar & released a new album while keeping his day job as Stephen Colbert's bandleader
60 The Apollo 11 astronauts had to declare Moon rocks to this government service upon returning to Earth
61 In 1898 this Gift of the Magi author spent time in the pokey for embezzlement of bank funds


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# Questions
1 Rembrandts only seascape is set here where the main figure once said Why are ye fearful O ye of little faith?
2 A coastal region of North Africa between the Sahara Desert & the Mediterranean Sea
3 In legend Merlin transforms this man into the likeness of Igraines hubby the Duke of Cornwall so he can seduce her
4 Haley Williams took Misery Business out of this bands live set for a time but their fans still love it
5 Meaning exceedingly wealthy this phrase mentions the last king of Lydia
6 This Swedish naturalists Fundamenta Botanica set up some rules for the naming of plants
7 To enforce Prohibition came this act to regulate the manufacture etc. of alcohol & promote its use in scientific research
8 A narrow strait connecting the Aegean Sea & the Sea of Marmara
9 This Shakespeare play involves a double set of twins & much confusion over who is whom
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