Jeopardy March 19 2021 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy March 19 2021 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 Hernando Cortes took this Aztec emperor prisoner around 1519
2 Loreal:Because you're____ it
3 All things being about equal if you've run a 5k you've gone about 16400 of these (& they might be hurting too!)
4 Whether Gala or Honeycrisp one of these a day keeps the doctor away
5 In 2019 consumer prices in Burkina Faso fell by 3.2% giving it the lowest rate of this
6 (Sting presents the clue.) In 2019 the music rights organization BMI honored this song I wrote for the most radio plays in its 14 million song catalog; remember I'll be watching you
7 The town of Falaise in Normandy is home to a statue of this man who was born there around 1028
8 Ajax: Stronger than____
9 Used to measure horses this unit of 4 inches was established by a statute of Henry VIII
10 If you've got a lot of bruising you're said to be these 2 colors also a way to cook your steak
11 Niger leads the world with 47.5 of these happy events per 1000 people
12 (Sting presents the clue.) My friend and colleague Shaggy and I shared the 2019 Best Reggae Album Grammy for 44/876; the title came from our home country's dialing codes 44 for mine England a
13 He founded Tuskegee University in 1881 & in 1940 was the first African American on a U.S. postage stamp
14 Sony:Make. ____
15 The CDC says shouting in your ear registers at 110 of these & may cause hearing loss in less than 2 minutes
16 If you're fit as one of these instruments you're doing great
17 Indonesia's nearly 10000 ships is tops for the commercial sector alliteratively called this
18 (Sting presents the clue.) My new album Duets features collaborations with Eric Clapton Herbie Hancock and this woman whose What's the 411? pioneered the fusion of soul music & hip hop
19 She spent 2 years in exile in London before returning to Pakistan & winning a historic election
20 Volkswagen in the '60s:Think ____
21 Known to happen with fires & crafty inmates you don't want to have it happen with your hives
22 Oman spends nearly 9% of its GDP on its military the SAF or this man's Armed Forces
23 (Sting presents the clue.) In the musical The Last Ship I played the foreman of a northern English shipyard that shuts down in 1986 as a consequence of the anti-labor policies of this British
24 A chief of the Hunkpapa Lakota he fled with his people to Canada in 1877 rather than surrender to the U.S. government
25 Smith Barney: They make money the ____-____ way
26 Your illness has returned? It's one of these that you also might see coming from a sinking ship
27 China is the top consumer of electricity in 2016 using more than 5 trillion of these units
28 (Sting presents the clue.) Swiss psychologist Carl Jung coined this word to describe apparently unconnected events that coincide in time; in 1983 it gave The Police the title for our final st
29 This creator of Don Quixote fought at the 1571 Battle of Lepanto receiving a wound that maimed his left hand for life
30 An 1849 act authorized the minting of double eagles $20 coins made of this
31 Meaning to improvise it comes from Latin meaning at one's pleasure
32 In 1836 Charles Green set a record by traveling 480 miles via this conveyance from London to Germany in under 18 hours
33 The highest peak in the Rocky Mountains is 14400-foot Mount Elbert in this state
34 This world-conquering musical act's name is short for Korean words that mean bulletproof Boy Scouts
35 C.S. Lewis fought in this war arriving at the front lines in the Somme Valley on his 19th birthday
36 Under the 1907 Expatriation Act American women who married foreigners were stripped of this; the 1922 Cable Act gave it back
37 It describes a committee quickly put together for a specific purpose
38 Let's Stay Together & enjoy the romantic & religious songs of this great vocalist
39 According to legend the ancient philosopher Empedocles leapt into this Sicilian volcano to prove he was a god
40 This actress won an Oscar for her performance as Brandon Teena in the 1999 film Boys Don't Cry
41 This reclusive author of Franny and Zooey hit Utah Beach with the U.S. Army
42 An 1872 act established a park in the territories of Montana & Wyoming near the headwaters of this river
43 The title of this 2019 Brad Pitt space movie translates as to the stars
44 In 1864 at Caledonia New York Seth Green built the USA's first of these places for fish to be born
45 This sweet mountain in Maine's Carrabassett Valley is one of New England's premier ski resorts
46 Frank & Joe are these fictional brothers who've solved mysteries like The Secret of the Old Mill
47 This 18th century historian served as a captain in the Hampshire militia & wrote The Decline & Fall of the Roman Empire
48 An 1856 act allowed Americans to take possession of unoccupied islands with deposits of this bird droppings valued as fertilizer
49 This type of attack goes after the speaker rather than the idea
50 With his partner Betty Comden Adolph Green wrote the screenplay for this Gene Kelly musical about the silent film era
51 This 1500-mile-long mountain range stretches along Africa's Maghrib the western arm of the Arab world
52 The son of actors Dennis & Meg he battles abusive superheroes on TV's The Boys
53 Ian Fleming served in British naval intelligence after an undistinguished stint in this U.K. military academy
54 The Alien & this acts were passed in 1798 by a Congress worried about war with France
55 This tax term means in proportion to value
56 Cecil Howard Green helped transform a Dallas geophysics company into the electronics giant now known by this name
57 The area around this peak the highest summit outside of Asia was the site of Incan ritual sacrifices 500 years ago
58 The Soggy Bottom Boys was a fictional band formed by the chain gang escapees in this film


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