Jeopardy March 13 2023 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy March 13 2023 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 A 2006 book was titled The Poem That Changed America this Fifty Years Later
2 In Act 3 Hamlet tells this other character to Get thee to a nunnery
3 Bartholomew is the first name of this anthropomorphic legume in ads for Planters
4 Q____(5 letters)
5 Tokyo's Ueno Park is known for the more than 1000 of these fruit trees that blossom spectacularly every spring
6 The 1883 Krakatoa eruption was heard 3000 miles away; that's like hearing something in L.A. when you're in this Rhode Island capital
7 Something very appealing to people is likened to this feline herb of the mint family
8 These are Richard III's beastly last 5 words
9 To advertise their services Travelocity has used one of these treasure-guarding lawn ornaments
10 C____R (9 letters)
11 Seen here the Red Flare water this blooms at night as it floats on ponds
12 When you wish upon an exploding star here's Kepler's this 9-letter event--a sudden visitor to our night sky in 1604
13 19th c. consumers liked buying from folks they knew so Mr. Montgomery Ward might send a personal note if you ordered from this
14 This knight's first line in Henry IV Part 1 is asking what time it is which leads to 100 lines of banter & trash talk
15 This comedian who passed away in 2022 was the longtime distinctive voice of the AFLAC duck
16 D____(5 letters)
17 A Gerbera this give me your answer do; I'm half crazy all for the love of seeing you grow in sand & bloom spring through fall
18 In 2020 improper storage of ammonium nitrate led to an explosion equivalent to 500 tons of TNT in this Mideastern city
19 This No. 1 hit has haunted fathers since 1974 as they watch time pass all too quickly as their sons grow up
20 Trout tickling a way of catching fish with the bare hands is mentioned in this comedy subtitled Or What You Will
21 The first 3 female icons on the Madison Ave. Walk of Fame are the Morton Salt Girl Miss Chiquita Banana & this insurance seller
22 Heated WWII flying suits led to the patent: E____(8 letters)
23 The U.S. botanic garden noted the powerful stink of this flower that opened in peak bloom on August 9 2022
24 Code-named Castle Bravo the largest U.S. nuclear bomb test ever was conducted in 1954 on this atoll in the Marshall Islands
25 Someone full of big talk without being able to back it up is said to be all hat no this
26 This friar conducts the ill-fated marriage of Romeo & Juliet
27 Available at convenience stores the drink known as an Icee is represented by one of these ursines
28 It reduces stress for some: W____D (8 letters)
29 Hawaii's state flower the yellow this has bell-shaped blossoms & is endangered
30 In 1669 this Sicilian volcano spit out nearly a billion cubic yards of lava the flow of which took out a dozen villages
31 You're sitting in this idiomatic seat when you have a position of great advantage
32 Eschewing the traditional barrel skydivers began leaping from 14000 feet over this international border landmark in 2021
33 On Heart Of Stone this singer & actress sang the title cut along with If I Could Turn Back Time
34 In a total recall election in 2003 Gray Davis was out as California governor & he was in
35 Library & museum director John Cotton Dana wisely said Who dares to teach must never cease to do this
36 The marriage of this royal pair in 1469 led to the Trastamara Dynasty ruling over 2 kingdoms united into one
37 Safety glasses often held in place with a strap
38 Nine stone posts mark the footprint of Thoreau's 1840 cabin at this body of water
39 This band was on the 2013 charts singing if you're lost & alone or you're sinking like a stone carry on; sounds like...
40 The daughter of Indian immigrants Clemson graduate Nikki Haley was this state's first female governor
41 Nietzsche said that he who has a this 3-letter word to live for can put up with almost any how
42 From 1808 to 1813 King Joseph of this Corsican family ruled Spain
43 Large hairy pollinator of the genus Bombus
44 Construction of this seaway to the Atlantic began in 1954 & used enough cement to build a 1000-mile-long highway
45 Naturally strings are featured on Turn To Stone a 1977 hit for this band known by a 3-letter abbreviation
46 Michael Dukakis was in his third term as governor of this state when he ran for president in 1988
47 Add -ism to a Swedish vodka brand to get this the moral view that there are universal principles for judgment
48 Current king Felipe VI is of this royal house that at other times has ruled France & Sicily
49 As a degree major at Purdue University this word can be preceded by civil or mechanical
50 Switzerland claims about 134 square miles of this Alpine lake; France about 90
51 A motor oil brand helped inspire the name of this grunge band with hits like Vasoline & Creep
52 The only governor elected in 2 states he held office in Tennessee from 1827 to 1829 & then of course in Texas from 1859 to 1861
53 In Buddhist thought desire lies at the root of much dukkha usually translated as this 9-letter word meaning undergoing pain
54 Home to the Alhambra Palace this last Moorish kingdom of Spain was ruled by the Nasrid Dynasty from the 1200s to 1492
55 Similar to embezzlement doing this to funds is illegally using someone else's money
56 The name of this swamp on the Florida-Georgia line is said to derive from an indigenous word for trembling earth
57 Chicago gave us the song Stone Of this mythological guy; I'm gonna roll it back to you
58 Worth over $3 billion this Illinois governor is America's wealthiest
59 William MacAskill said it's the view that future people have moral worth & we should work to make their lives better
60 Around 585 A.D. King Leovigild of this Germanic people united much of Spain & began a dynasty that reigned there until 711 A.D.
61 Past tense word for pants that pool around the feet


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