Jeopardy March 10 2023 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy March 10 2023 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 Backed by 14000 troops he invaded England to restore in his words its religion laws and liberties
2 In 1857 this city beat out León & Granada to become Nicaragua's capital
3 I feel like glamming it up so let's drop by MAC which sells these what the C stands for
4 She & co-pilot Fred Noonan were last heard from July 2 1937
5 Felonious intellects
6 Per the 1960 census women's median age at this life event: 20.3
7 A really potent disgusting noxious rotten fetid malodorous lingering smell; what's that...?!
8 Current president Daniel Ortega was part of this revolutionary movement that took power in the 1970s
9 Let's check out the sneakers at this store whose logo depicts a referee with hands on hips wearing a striped shirt
10 Tennessee Williams is seen here with this pop art icon who's just being cool in his shades
11 Cephalopod Contest
12 With no combustion engine electric cars may have a frunk a combo of these 2 words
13 Also a printing process this word refers to a simplified generalization about a social group
14 A stadium in Masaya is named for this Puerto Rican Pittsburgh Pirate who died flying earthquake relief to Nicaragua
15 Love the tropical vibe at the store named for this made-up island guy perhaps from Nassau
16 A then-record crowd at Pimlico watched & FDR delayed a conference to listen on radio as this underdog horse beat War Admiral in 1938
17 Legendshatterers
18 The traditional story of Bonny Barbara Allan is in this genre of folk poetry or song
19 In a courtroom it's the most likely person to be asked could you read that last part back?
20 Major agricultural products include sugar cane maize & these green bananas that can be cooked & eaten like a vegetable
21 I propose we look at rings at this end-of-the-alphabet jewelers the diamond store
22 His brother Ted eulogized him in 1968 as a good & decent man who saw wrong and tried to right it
23 Dread All Ambulatory Inanimate
24 The Awlad Ali are a desert tribe of this people; thought of as nomadic they've undergone what sociologists call sedentarization
25 2-word rock used to traverse a stream or anything used to propel you upwards on life's journey
26 Nicaragua's longest land border is with this country to its north
27 Love the tops & sweaters at LOFT the more casual spin-off of this store with a woman's name
28 Henry Ford's son didn't live to see this model named for him which is maybe just as well
29 Zany Former Sweetheart
30 I tell ya it's gold! Gold! Gold is commonly found in veins of this silica mineral the second-most common in Earth's crust
31 This small tube is inserted into a blood vessel that's blocked up
32 Hand-tool name for a potent potable with but 2 ingredients
33 This disk-shaped organ that develops during pregnancy provides oxygen & nutrients to the fetus & also carries away waste
34 Used a different way the word for this tool is a synonym for an adage
35 Castilian
36 Century-plus conflict between England & France involving a sci-fi invasion of Martians in towering tripods
37 It's the thin watery outer layer of an amoeba cell or in the movies ghost slime
38 You can cause turmoil by throwing a monkey wrench or this British equivalent in the works
39 GermanFrenchItalian & Romansh
40 Prussian monarch military genius whose Jazz Age story plays out on Long Island
41 If one organism benefits at the expense of another it's parasitism; if both benefit it's this type of symbiosis
42 A cutting tool is in this term for a person hired to do someone else's dirty work
43 Dari Pashto
44 The Lost Symbol author who can often be quite grizzly
45 When a male & female gamete get together they form a fertilized egg cell called this
46 Kirundi English & French
47 James Joyce's last book becomes a WHAM! song whose first word is Jitterbug


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Latest Questions

# Questions
1 Developing gradually in infants it's the awareness that things still exist even when you can't see them
2 One of Plato's 7 wise men of Greece this statesman who reformed Athens' laws laid the foundations for democracy
3 A medieval watchtower stands guard near the Guadalquivir as it flows in this city
4 This Dirty Harry sequel whose title mentions Harry's gun: A man's got to know his limitations
5 Sen. Robert Byrd said the survival of our constitutional system is based on the delicate mechanism of this pair
6 The idyllic school Hailsham harbors grotesque deeds in Never Let Me Go from this Japanese-born author
7 Dating back to ancient times these tall mobile constructions were rolled up against wall defenses to launch an attack
8 The Hanging Gardens was one of many building projects credited to this king of Babylon who also appears in the book of Daniel
9 Tall twin towers in Kuala Lumpur bear the name of this gas company
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