Jeopardy June 26 2019 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy June 26 2019 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 Learn about pre-Hispanic societies at Bogota's Museo del Oro the museum of this element
2 Sahara means desert in this language of north Africa & the Middle East
3 Itch has one--so does this action to deal with the itch
4 In Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald Jude Law plays this future headmaster of Hogwarts
5 Kat Graham played Nina Dobrev's very witchy friend Bonnie on this CW show
6 Lastpass says Security starts with strong these which it helps users protect
7 On display at the British Museum the Rosetta Stone provided the key to the translation of this system of Egyptian writing
8 These long-necked ungulates most often associated with the Sahara weren't introduced there until around 200 A.D.
9 You contestants from northerly latitudes will recognize this partially melted snow & ice
10 This Supreme Court justice is the focus of the documentary RBG
11 The Martha Graham School of Contemporary this 5-letter art form is found in New York City
12 Name any song in seconds with this app
13 (Sarah of the Clue Crew presents from the Museum of the American Revolution.) Figures bring to life some of the war's younger participants like Joseph Plumb Martin who first enlisted at 15 &
14 The Sahara is home to a large number of ergs vast areas of these shifting mounds some that can reach 500 feet high
15 To interrogate harshly or where you broil your burger
16 The title of this film based on Angie Thomas' Y.A. novel is what Tupac said the Thug in Thug Life stands for
17 The flour Sylvester Graham promoted was turned into this baked good in the 1850s; using it in s'mores came later
18 Snapchat says it's The fastest way to do this with a moment!
19 This largest concentration camp was converted into a museum & a memorial to victims of the Holocaust
20 Sahara plants include the mastic tree whose name comes from an old word meaning to do this like to the tree's resin
21 6-letter immobilizer for a fractured bone
22 The Fools Who Dream is the subtitle to Audition an Oscar-nominated song from this 2016 film
23 This swimsuit model & body-positive activist is a judge on America's Next Top Model
24 Always wanted a kitten? asks the ad copy for My Talking him
25 Opened in 2009 Athens' Museum of this hilltop citadel was designed to resemble the nearby Parthenon
26 One of the most arid & desolate parts of the Sahara is found in this country between Tunisia & Egypt
27 Cursive writing
28 The third & last film in this labyrinthine series is based on the novel The Death Cure
29 In 2003 Lindsey Graham took over Strom Thurmond's Senate seat to represent this Southern state
30 This app: Discover amazing new music and directly support the artists who make it
31 (Sarah of the Clue Crew demonstrates.) The lightweight plastic rocket flies far above the drop point while the more massive launcher barely bounces--a textbook example of this man's second &
32 Maria & I Feel Pretty
33 In 2018 new president Miguel Diaz-Canel became this country's first non-Castro leader in nearly 60 years
34 Add a letter to raise to get this sure to raise your spirit
35 No! to fully autonomous weapons says a group called the Campaign to Stop Killer these humanlike devices
36 Described as up to 15' tall & a likely nightmare at the local shoe store this legend is basically North America's Yeti
37 P stands for pressure & V for this in the ideal gas law PV=nRT
38 I Am Africa & Joseph Smith American Moses
39 Nearly 60% of Switzerland's territory is in these mountains
40 A helpful act or a shove that lifts you from below
41 The WWF for Nature says this kind of loss as of frogs' swamps & monkeys' forests is the greatest threat to species
42 Would you trust your dad to shoot an apple off your head using a bow & arrow? The son of this 14th century Swiss man had to
43 To double the stretch of a spring you have to double the strength of the pull per Hooke's Law of this property
44 Opened on Broadway in 2018: Someone Gets Hurt & Meet The Plastics
45 The Maldives in this ocean appears on lists of islands you should visit before they sink & disappear
46 This 4-word phrase can refer to a vaccination or metaphorically a stimulus
47 A 2018 Fed report said not counting mortgages the biggest source of U.S. debt was this incurred by young people
48 Head to Coventry & see the pageant that retraces the path that she took through town; unlike her you can wear clothes
49 The First Law of Thermodynamics is AKA the principle of conservation of this
50 Matchmaker Matchmaker & If I Were A Rich Man
51 (Jimmy of the Clue Crew shows a map on the monitor.) Of the 12 independent countries in South America Brazil which occupies nearly half the continent borders 9 of them--all except for Chile &
52 A type of iron or to fill oneself with determination
53 If automation replaces the USA's 3.5 million of these workers there'll be no more songs like 18 Wheels And A Dozen Roses
54 You'd find this 7-foot misnamed man in Sherwood Forest
55 Snell's Law or the law of refraction is a major law of this branch of physics
56 Mama I'm A Big Girl Now & You Can't Stop The Beat
57 Sadly in 2015 an earthquake damaged nearly 80% of the historic landmarks in this country's Kathmandu Valley
58 The item seen here--as a verb it can mean to help lift someone's spirits
59 Many want electronic voting systems to leave this kind of trail for post-election audits & recounts
60 This end-of-the-alphabet vigilante of 19th century Calif. used 3 quick sword strokes to carve his favorite letter into his foes


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