Jeopardy June 25 2019 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy June 25 2019 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 When this man first meets God he sees a bush on fire but it doesn't burn up
2 Like Daddy Warbucks to Annie this is an adult responsible for the care of a minor
3 In 1908 he rolled out the first car affordable for most Americans the Model T
4 During all his teenage years Rico Rodriguez had a pretty good job as Manny Delgado on this ABC sitcom
5 Use all 7 of your tiles on one turn & get a 50-point bonus
6 A person seeking political office on the ballot
7 Here's a circa 1500 rendering of the miracle at a wedding in this town where Jesus turned water into wine
8 Also a term for military basic training this is a 2-word reform facility for juvenile offenders
9 This future presidential assassin made his acting debut in an 1855 Baltimore staging of Richard III
10 Sean Giambrone goes back to a time before he was born--the '80s--as Adam a member of this title sitcom family on ABC
11 The classic version incorporates real streets in Atlantic City
12 The woman who owns the apartment you rent is your this
13 This leader had his army march around Jericho 7 times & blow their trumpets & its walls came tumblin' down
14 Hanging out in public for no good reason could be considered illegal--this crime
15 In 1927 he made aviation history aboard a plane called the Spirit of St. Louis
16 Kiernan Shipka brought her magic to Netflix starring in Chilling Adventures of this teen
17 Water on the knee is one challenge
18 In a children's song it comes between knick knack & give the dog a bone
19 In this book Herod binds the apostle Peter in chains but an angel appears & the chains fall away
20 Someone who monitors attendance can also be called this officer making sure no one ditches
21 FBI headquarters is housed in a building named for this man who was director from 1924 to 1972
22 Hudson Yang plays Eddie Huang part of the Taiwanese family on this ABC sitcom set in the 1990s
23 Use letter tiles to build words in this a-peeling game with a fruit in its name
24 Morbid-sounding 2-word term for a race that ends in a tie
25 This man was thrown to the hungry lions in a sealed den but in the morning he was miraculously unscathed
26 Convicts let kids know the pitfalls of a life of crime in juvenile awareness programs like Scared this
27 After his first wife Miriam died in 1832 this religious leader wed as many as 56 more times
28 Madison Hu plays Frankie & Olivia Rodrigo is Paige on this Disney Channel show with a AA rating
29 It takes some math skills & strategy to win in this ancient African family of games
30 You don't want to get kicked out of the army this alliterative way
31 A Netflix film titled this Booth was based on a book Beth Reekles wrote at 15 on the story-sharing app Wattpad
32 The Tupolev Tu-144 plane of the 1970s was famous for going faster than this which moves in waves
33 Denmark created the largest national park in the world on this vast island
34 Something Just Like This teamed Coldplay & this EDM duo whose name sounds like a very bad habit
35 Seism is an old-timey word for this geological event
36 This king of dinosaurs got its name from Henry Osborn in 1905
37 The humorous comic book series Axe this job was co-created by 5-year-old Malachai Nicolle
38 Harley-Davidson calls their 3-wheeled motorcycle by this 5-letter name just like the bicycle version
39 Italy has national parks dedicated to Etna & to this other infamous southern volcano
40 Here's this singer & pal Keith Richards when they were barely out of their teens
41 This word starting with re also means revolution & it's one letter shorter
42 Plate-backed bitty-brain with a spiky tail
43 This author began what became Sense and Sensibility at about age 19
44 Italy magazine said gondolas were for centuries the main means of transport & today the iconic symbol of this city
45 The lands at Tel Megiddo National Park in Israel feature prominently in this last book of the Bible
46 Walk It Talk It did both for this hip-hop trio from Atlanta
47 This synonym for a news reporter & a person who keeps a diary comes to us partly from the French
48 For a while it had been reclassified as an apatosaurus
49 Christopher Paolini was only 15 when he began this epic with a title one letter different from dragon
50 In 1932 a 3-seat Stinson was the entire fleet flying between Bristol Bay & Anchorage for what would be this airline
51 Badaling National Forest Park contains the most visited section of all the miles of this edifice
52 This singer with '80s hits like Dress You Up brought in Diplo & Chance the Rapper for her album Rebel Heart
53 Instead of global you can use this more cosmic word for something that applies everywhere
54 File under A this giant carnivore of the late Jurassic
55 Carson McCullers started writing this novel when she was 19 bedridden & perhaps Lonely
56 The Dept. of Transportation says note the stop arm & red light on a stationary one of these vehicles & don't pass it
57 Germany's Schwarzwald is this colorful national park in English
58 Known for tunes like Don't Happen Twice this country singer hit the album sales chart with Live in No Shoes Nation
59 This is a synonym for a great circle of longitude on the Earth especially when it is prime
60 This terror of the seas was up to 15 feet long much of that being neck


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Latest Questions

# Questions
1 This old word for a psychiatrist comes from French for insanity
2 1940s: Cary Grant learns that his aunts are homicidal maniacs
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4 This word for a feudal superior often preceded lord & means loyal
5 1970s: This Mel Brooks spoof of Hitchcock films like Vertigo
6 British architect Richard Rogers designed One Lime Street the London headquarters of this venerable insurance company
7 In 1450 Henry lost this duchy in northern France to the French following the battle of Formigny
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9 Encompassing on all sides like air temperature or some music
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