Jeopardy June 24 2019 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy June 24 2019 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 In their 5th debate Abraham Lincoln & Stephen Douglas argued whether this document's all men included African Americans
2 This series featuring Kyle & Cartman grew out of a video that went 1995 viral as a Christmas card
3 A person in this seated cross-legged yoga position
4 Proverbially you go under it when you head into surgery
5 Beware the wheels designed to slice up this Italian dish--they are sharp
6 In 1954 the immigration station here in New York Harbor closed its doors
7 On radio in 1948 Jesuit Frederick Copleston & agnostic Bertrand Russell debated the existence of this
8 Raven Cyborg & Beast Boy are on this title team--Go!
9 For Trekkies there's this gesture favored by Mr. Spock
10 Mom might let you run with rock or paper but never with these
11 Some say a colander is a larger type of this mesh utensil but I don't think that holds water
12 About 2/3 of Hawaii's people live on this island
13 Astronomy's Great Debate of 1920 concerned whether spiral nebulae lie inside or outside this local galaxy
14 SpongeBob SquarePants takes place underwater in this town
15 This primate has 5 emojis including smiling hearing no evil seeing no evil & speaking no evil
16 It's a tool & a deadly weapon in a game of Clue & can also mean to twist violently
17 A 2018 study said inequitable distribution of this post-dinner chore is most likely to ruin relationships
18 A street where Rihanna grew up in this island nation was named in her honor
19 In 1960 your grandparents watched Richard Nixon square off in 4 televised debates with this man
20 This duo debuted in 1940 & many of their animated shorts were made at MGM
21 A man in a suit defies gravity & is doing this synonym for floating from the Latin for light
22 This d'etat a sudden forced change in government can get dangerous fast
23 The slicer named for these fruits will give you wedges without the core
24 A slang term for coffee comes from the name of this main Indonesian island
25 The Samye Debate in the Tibetan branch of this religion was over whether enlightenment happens gradually or suddenly
26 Darwin Watterson an orange goldfish with arms & legs is part of The Amazing World of this cat also a Watterson
27 Tree choices include evergreen & this type that by definition sheds its leaves annually
28 A silent C is the second letter of this agricultural implement Death's symbolic tool of the trade
29 I got a new Evergrind model of this from Insinkerator so please don't put forks inside it
30 Got Gotland? Then you've got an island belonging to this Scandinavian country
31 This Oscar-winning actor was destined for greatness in the arts--he was named for da Vinci
32 An early model shows what this South Dakota memorial might have looked like
33 These quantities often represented by x & y are constantly changing but Al can't live without 'em
34 Thomas Dekker's plays like The Shoemaker's Holiday portrayed daily life in this capital city
35 Basic atomic social unit of parents & their kids only
36 It's Kellogg's brand of toaster pastries
37 In 2018 she was fined $17000 for code violations including breaking her racket during the U.S. Open final
38 A British church damaged in the Blitz was moved stone by stone to Fulton Missouri as a memorial for this British prime minister
39 ax2
40 Thomas Kyd's The Spanish Tragedy started a trend in plays about this need to get even; a character in it is even named that
41 Like the Spanish & Austrian parts of the Habsburgs it's an arboreal division of a family tree
42 A store only open for a limited time or a new window that is unexpectedly opened in your browser
43 It's the last name of the model sisters seen here
44 The National Memorial for Peace and Justice in this Alabama city is dedicated to 4000-plus African Americans killed by racist mobs
45 Al knows that this word for the 3 in 83 can also mean a person who advocates an idea
46 Michael Drayton's Since There's No Help Come Let Us Kiss and Part is a pretty good one of these 14-line poems
47 Cinderella has 2 of them Anastasia & Drizella (per Disney)
48 This college coach lent his name to a youth football league
49 He did some fencing in school but when it came to playing Will Turner on screen he trained with a sword master
50 The circles in the five pillars of the Anthem Veterans Memorial in Arizona are designed to line up on this fall date
51 Al loves to play with these expressions from a word for many like 3x3 + 7y2 - 4z
52 A Christopher Marlowe guy makes a deal he can't back out of as he's written in blood Faustus gives to thee this
53 Also an ancient title of a Christian bishop it's the male head of a family
54 To propose marriage
55 She played characters named Sophie in Letters to Juliet & the 2 Mamma Mia! movies
56 The Lion's Mound is part of a memorial at the site of this 1815 battle that took down Napoleon
57 Al knows he can make many a tough expression easier to work with by completing this
58 The oldest existing English translation of a tragedy from this language is Jane Lumley's Iphigenia
59 A 1765 speech opposing the Stamp Act called colonists these giving a rebellious group its name
60 Nonsense! (Like an old man might say)


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# Questions
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