Jeopardy June 19 2019 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy June 19 2019 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 Term for a system of interconnected computers & devices; a LAN is a local area one
2 This title was given to the rulers of ancient Egypt who were considered both monarchs & gods
3 The symbol seen here reminds us to do this
4 Chapter 21 of this classic is Laurie Makes Mischief and Jo Makes Peace
5 (Kelly of the Clue Crew shows lines on the monitor.) Lines that go on in the same direction & never intersect are parallel while lines that meet at a 90-degree angle are said to be this
6 Slate's theory on why glasses were enough to disguise this hero--all his pals had a condition called face blindness
7 Nations get their own domain extensions; .dk is the one for this country
8 As she stepped up to the guillotine in 1793 this queen apologized to the executioner for stepping on his foot
9 From the Spanish for conqueror the 16th century Spanish conquerors of Mexico & Peru were called these
10 Chapter 15 of Twilight is named for this family of Edward's
11 The stockpile of words that you use
12 Based in the conveniently located Central City this hero is AKA the Scarlet Speedster & the Fastest Man Alive
13 World Wide Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee gets questions like Why are links this color?--There is no reason
14 King Bhumibol reigned for 70 years in this Asian nation once known as Siam
15 It's the small guitarlike instrument heard here
16 The Expanding Universe is a chapter in his book A Brief History of Time
17 It can mean gratitude or an increase in the value of something
18 This show starring Stephen Amell as a billionaire who takes aim at crime began in 2012; get the point?
19 Your online shopping cart couldn't stay up to date without these data packets that help websites track you
20 Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia claimed descent from the Queen of Sheba & this Biblical king
21 Trending with about 2000 across the U.S. it's a venue in which you must solve puzzles to get out of a locked space
22 Chapter 1 of this novel by Louis Sachar begins There is no lake at Camp Green Lake
23 St. Louis is one type of this inflammation of the brain
24 Crashing a plane he's on? Killing a nuclear physicist on a football field? This masked Batman villain sure gets around
25 Microsoft's Internet Explorer uses favorites where other browsers use this word from the non-wired world
26 A 2014 play was titled this the expected name & number of the current heir to the British throne
27 In the 2018 the FDA okayed generic ones for allergic reactions
28 This first book in a series has the chapters What Lucy Found There & Back on This Side of the Door
29 The word embellishment as of a story has 2 L's; this synonym has 2 G's
30 In Justice League this Jason Momoa character admits I don't want to die. I'm young. There's (stuff) that I want to do
31 Put on your trunks & explore offshore in this hobby with a breathing tube extending above the surface
32 The giant species of this South American insectivore has no teeth & an up to 2-foot-long tongue
33 In June 2018 Random Access Memories was one of 2 albums this helmet-headed duo had on the Dance/Electronic Top 25
34 The longest river that only flows through one country is this 3900-mile river AKA the Chang Jiang
35 Pester (3)
36 A little birdie told me Dick Costolo became CEO of this social media site after a 2010 boardroom coup
37 (Sarah of the Clue Crew shows a chess move on the monitor.) In chess the only time you can move two pieces in the same turn is with this special move involving the king & a rook getting the k
38 Some of these mammals give birth hanging upside down with the mothers catching the baby in their wings as it drops
39 I'm not up on his song Yikes but I did hear that in 2018 he tweeted about abolishing the 13th Amendment
40 At 3000 miles the Parana River is only the second-longest river on this continent
41 Can't feel a thing(4)
42 How powerful was this D.C. vice president in D.C.? After he shot a guy in the face in 2006 the guy apologized to *him*
43 Get your box or delta ones of these soaring--just be sure not to fly them over an airport or power lines
44 Animals react to winter weather in different ways; monarch butterflies set off on this type of journey
45 Nearly 25 years after its album Under the Table and Dreaming DMB this band jammed out Come Tomorrow
46 These two rivers that form parts of the USA's borders are each more than 750 miles long
47 Jesus' boyhood home(8)
48 Between 1825 & 1834 this frontiersman from Tennessee went 3-3 running for Congress; now remember the Alamo
49 Tatebanko is a Japanese hobby of crafting dioramas out of this material also used in origami
50 Lobsters & tarantulas both have these hard outer bodies that must be periodically molted
51 My Midnight Things was a 2018 hit for this metal band big on horror stagecraft but you won't get 40 whacks at its name
52 Capital cities on the banks of the Nile River include Cairo & this capital of Sudan
53 Favoritism shown to family members in business or politics (8)
54 On July 13 2016 this British prime minister resented his resignation to the queen
55 Vivir Mi Vida by Marc Anthony is a hit in this dance style that very appropriately may include dipping your partner
56 One of the largest structures made by rodents or any animal a 2800' long one is found in a Canadian national park
57 This Father was on the Tastemakers chart in 2018 with God's Favorite Customer
58 Giving its name to a different country this ancient river flows 2000 miles mostly through Pakistan
59 Neither acidic nor basic (7)
60 Get smart! In 2017 Dan Coats was confirmed by the Senate as the DNI director of this


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# Questions
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