Jeopardy June 13 2019 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy June 13 2019 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 Wanna be ballers shot callers? Lil' Kim was on hand with Puff Daddy & The Family who let us know it's all about these
2 Take us away from a movie theater job & you end up with this another pronoun
3 Serve yourself as much as you want & don't forget dessert at the chain called Hometown this
4 At 95000 square miles it's Mexico's largest state though it bears the name of a tiny pet
5 The royal wedding of these 2 on July 29 1981 had a royal price tag--more than s30 million
6 Seen here performing from their album ColleGrove are 2 Chainz on the left and this rapper
7 Mary Mallon was the first person in the U.S. identified as an asymptomatic carrier of this disease
8 Take me away from an old honeyed liquor & you get this found in the pages of a magazine
9 In 2017 it offered special $200 trips for 2 to Italy along with 8 weeks of unlimited access to its never ending pasta bowl
10 All topping 17000' Mexico's 3 highest peaks are these & it's what Popocatepetl signifies
11 Pre-Kanye her wedding to NBAer Kris Humphries cost $10 million; the marriage lasted 72 days or about 140 grand per day
12 In 2016 Lil Uzi Vert was off to see this Wiz since the 2 teamed on Pull Up
13 The 3 centuries from 323 to 30 B.C. are called this era reflecting the spread of Greek culture in Europe & Asia
14 Take I from a term for any revered person in a particular field & you get this flimflam game
15 Famous for its sliders it was voted the chain with the most craveable burgers; Harold & Kumar would agree
16 Mexico's Baja Peninsula is separated from the nation's mainland by this body of water.
17 In 1981 a 20000-seat stadium was built for the weeklong wedding of the son of the 1st president of the UAE short for this
18 He's known for Turn Down for What as well as Dave Chappelle's impression of him; Yeeeeeeah! How was mine? Close?
19 The 1952 Egyptian coup has succeeded. Time for the group photo with these two future presidents in it.
20 This adjective for crop-friendly soil is what's left when you drop we from the front of an adjective about clothes
21 Serving good food fast this southern favorite is known as WaHo for short
22 Not far from the resort of Cancun the islands of Cozumel & Mujeres lie off the northeast tip of this peninsula
23 Donald Trump & Rosie O'Donnell were in attendance at the over-the-top 2002 wedding of David Gest to this Oscar winner
24 Skippa da Flippa mentions Vikings on Minnesota by this lil Atlanta rapper
25 Replacing the Qing dynasty the republic of China was founded on Jan 1 1912 with this medical man as president
26 Take she away from a law enforcement job & you get this snappy sequence on a guitar
27 The largest operator of teppanyaki restaurants in the U.S. it celebrated its 50th anniv. in 2014
28 It's the Mexican name for the Rio Grande
29 Mikhail Gutseriev on a Treasury Dept. list as this O word put on a 2016 billion dollar wedding for his son
30 E.B.'s flying toys
31 This family of stars has included Lionel John Ethel & Drew
32 This element gets its name from the Latin for charcoal
33 The Chicago Manual of Style frowns on this in manuscripts because it leaves no room for notes
34 Venerated in Islam the Black Stone sits in a corner of the Kaaba in this city
35 The prizes originally came in 5 categories; this sixth funded by the Bank of Sweden was added in 1969
36 Gertrude's salty pickling solutions
37 In 2019 Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth suit up as part of this organization that protects the Earth from the scum of the universe
38 Greek argos not working led to the name of argon known chemically to be this 5-letter word unable to react
39 A 1610 legal text is titled The Duello or this which means going mano-a-mano
40 In the 1572 Massacre of Saint Bartholomew's Day thousands of these French Protestants were murdered
41 The Peace Prize has often gone to organizations as in 2013 to the Organization for the Prohibition of these.
42 Ms. Cather's country estates
43 He directed commercials & videos before helming Se7en & Fight Club
44 This actinide element was discovered in the U.S. but named for a pair of French scientists
45 Thomas Sutton added a hinged mirror to create the first SLR camera short for this
46 This German Pope became the second non-Italian in a row after 450 Italian-filled years
47 Alfred Nobel wrote that one of the prizes should reward discovery in the domain of this or medicine
48 Late novelist Doris' benedictions
49 The 1932 film White Zombie starred this actor better known as a bloodsucker
50 This alternate name for Tungsten is made up of 2 animals one known to prey on the other
51 A clarinet is this type of wind instrument
52 Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania was founded in 1885 by a member of this religious faith
53 Only 2 awardees have ever turned down a Nobel Prize: Peace winner Le Duc Tho & this French philosopher for literature
54 Herzog author's stringed instruments
55 Title first name of novelist & Alzheimer's sufferer Murdoch played by Judi Dench
56 A word for the moon gave this element atomic number 34 its name
57 The lone spade in your bridge hand is called this word
58 Citing Hebrews 11 & 12:1 this religious group considers Abel to be the first of their name you see
59 Since 2000 the winners' cash prize has ranged between 8 million & 10 million of this Swedish currency


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