Jeopardy June 11 2019 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy June 11 2019 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 His smiling face beams on a 5-rand coin released in 2008 to honor his 90th birthday
2 In Texas this city is home to an MLB team; in Virginia a place of the same name is home to a national cemetery
3 Steve Coogan & John C. Reilly play these 2 film legends in Stan & Ollie
4 Newborns may cry a lot but don't shed these as the corresponding ducts aren't fully functional
5 Cardsharp is an old term for a gambler who is notorious for doing this
6 This word for a type of drawing is related to a German word meaning fool
7 Maybe if you climb Mt. Everest you can get your face on a New Zealand $5 bill like him
8 Cities with this name are home to the Basketball Hall of Fame & the Illinois Capitol
9 Christian Bale packed on 40 pounds & lost some hair to play this veep in Vice
10 Isolette is a brand of these regulators your baby may be placed within at the hospital
11 This synonym for a sniper has the same first & last letters as sniper
12 In slang of yesteryear 23 preceded this word
13 Starting in 1975 you could nurse a beer or two with a British 10-pound note featuring her
14 One city of this name is just north of Washington state; the other is the seat of Clark County in Washington state
15 In a 2018 film Margot Robbie is Elizabeth I & Saoirse Ronan is this title woman condemned to imprisonment
16 One of the first methods of locomotion for babies is most commonly dubbed the crawl of this branch of the military
17 Be a sharp dresser by ironing your pants to keep these sharp
18 Otis Williams & the Charms' 1954 Hearts Of Stone is an anthem of this style of vocal music
19 It's a scientific fact--this physicist who died in 1962 was on a Danish note
20 We are here in this city--but the one with a U. of Louisiana campus or the seat of Tippecanoe County Indiana?
21 Octavia Spencer was a lady on a mission--help NASA win the space race & bust some societal fences as a math genius in this film
22 About 1/5 of babies experience this condition of abdominal pain with no certain cause
23 Patricia Clarkson won a Golden Globe for playing Amy Adams' mom on this HBO miniseries
24 Charlie McMahon who has played with Midnight Oil is a master of this Aboriginal instrument
25 Indonesia's 100000-rupiah note features Prime Minister Hatta & the first president him--an airport is named for them too
26 Bausch + Lomb was founded in this city New York; the Mayo Clinic in this city Minnesota
27 Director Paul Greengrass dramatizes the 2011 attacks that killed 77 in this nation in 22 July
28 This soft spot on the cranium of an infant hardens with time
29 This Chikara line of knives from this company is made of premium Japanese stainless steel
30 In the 1970s Wall Street wise man Henry Kaufman earned this medical nickname for his bearish forecasts
31 Javier Bardem: This country
32 Willie Nelson once parodied his IRS troubles with an ad for this tax prep firm
33 Before Ernest Dowson died at age 32 he gave us the line They are not long the days of wine and these
34 In WWI the British navy tried to spot & damage U-boats by training seagulls to seek out these sticking out of the water
35 Stacy Ann Ferguson AKA Fergie sang for this group & hosts the competition show The Four
36 You can take one of these high-speed limited-access highways to get to the Schwarzwald
37 Celine Dion: This province
38 Almost a decade after a big spill it's the biggest company by revenue that's headquartered in England
39 Once there was a tree...and she loved a little boy begins this book by Shel Silverstein
40 In 1970 Yukio Mishima one of Japan's greatest authors staged a failed coup & then died in this ritual way
41 Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson is the ex-wife of this royal
42 You may have this German desire for travel but snap out of it--there's a game to play!
43 Danny Trejo: This U.S. city
44 In 2018 this German airline celebrated the 100th birthday of the crane seen on its planes
45 In Through the Looking-Glass Alice meets a talking one of these flowers also a character's name in Peter Pan
46 In 1918 a British aircraft dropped a note about this pilot's funeral onto a German-held airfield
47 These machines made by Massey Ferguson are used by farmers in their work & by strong guys in pulls
48 Originally used to describe mineral water from Hesse this word now just means carbonated water
49 Gene Simmons: This country
50 You might consider converting your mom-&-pop hardware store to one of the 5000 outlets of this helpful place
51 In a 1961 classic 2 dogs--Old Dan & Little Ann--are buried next to Where this Grows
52 George Washington ordered excerpts from this man's The American Crisis to be read to the troops
53 AKA Kimbo Slice Kevin Ferguson made his debut in this sport in 2007 at Cage Fury Fighting Championships 5
54 This 6-letter word for garish & tawdry artwork is from a German word for trash
55 Cate Blanchett: This city on Port Phillip Bay
56 The Wallenberg family once controlled 40% of the value of this city's stock market
57 Before turning to epic poetry this Roman wrote Eclogues that open Under the canopy of a spreading beech
58 In 1673 these 2 French explorers were disappointed to find that the Mississippi River doesn't flow to the Pacific
59 In a 2018 vote a councilman in Ferguson Mo. unseated the 27-year incumbent prosecutor for this county
60 The name of a mountain range plus a word for a long pole combine in this word for a climber's staff


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# Questions
1 Alphabetically the first German city in encyclopedias it was also the first one taken by the Allies in World War II
2 One a half billion Muslims mark the end of the fasting month of Ramadan with this holiday; fittingly it rhymes with feed
3 Previously he had built theremins but in 1964 introduced his first synthesizer
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5 Thais celebrate Buddhist New Year by doing this to each other with elephants using their trunks to join in
6 Seen here this supermodel played Ben Affleck's other girl in Gone Girl
7 This era when dinosaurs roamed the earth consisted of the Triassic the Jurassic & the Cretaceous periods
8 In 1989 John Irving offered up A Prayer for him
9 The temperature during Finland's Midsummer festival is around 210 degrees--OK inside these a traditional part of the holiday
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