Jeopardy July 30 2021 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy July 30 2021 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 Well the Ukraine girls really knock me out; they leave the West behind & Moscow girls make me sing & shout
2 Go to the .gov of this treasury agency & it will tell you how to get some tax counseling for free
3 D'oh! It may seem like there's a town named this in every state but the USGS says it's only 34 including Missouri & Oregon
4 On December 31 2020 this company stopped supporting its once popular Flash Player
5 It can precede greyhound parsley & sonnet
6 Born around 1820 heroically conducted a railroad passed in 1913
7 All the lonely people where do they all come from? All the lonely people where do they all belong?
8 In college dorms R.A. is short for this helper who could be of use if a neighbor won't keep his music down
9 For a change of changing of the guards check out the one in this city at the mausoleum of Uruguayan hero Jose Artigas
10 Not surprisingly this
11 A Hershey's candy bar or a synonym for a thingamajig
12 Originally formed in 1761 was an art tutor at Versailles & was as alive as a wax figure in 1850
13 They've been going in & out of style but they're guaranteed to raise a smile
14 Launched in 1991 the bestselling book series For these people also has online tools with handy videos
15 Fly over the southern portion of this 1250-mile-long natural wonder to see the heart-shaped formation here
16 In 2006 a first-of-its-kind museum of this language opened in Sao Paulo
17 A wimple is a traditional part of this religious outfit
18 Premiered in 1685 wrote Mass in B Minor fathered some 20 kids began decomposing in Leipzig in 1750
19 I think I'm gonna be sad; I think it's today yeah; the girl that's driving me mad is going away
20 If you need help with this on your teeth go to a dentist; for the same-named branch of math get a tutor
21 These 2 countries each border 14 other countries including each other
22 At its peak usually in mid-August you can see more than 60 shooting stars an hour during this meteor shower
23 From Latin for to fold together it means involved in a crime or other wrongdoing
24 Born around 247 B.C. & followed in footsteps of Carthaginian general dad Hamilcar Barca; conquered by death around 183 B.C.
25 I read the news today oh boy about a lucky man who made the grade
26 The Red Cross helps teach the public about CPR & how to use an AED or automated external one of these heart starters
27 Isak Dinesen wrote this Kenyan seaport is like a picture of paradise... the deep sea-arm round the island forms an ideal harbour
28 In 2020 a grandson of this 10th president passed away at 95 (yes you heard that right & no they never met)
29 The P in a PET scan stands for this subatomic particle
30 Was Scot-free in 1835 steel-ed himself in America sold off his shares for good in 1919
31 A tale of 1920s betrayal murder & redemption Toni Morrison's Jazz takes place mostly in this area of Manhattan
32 Union veterans of the Civil War made up the G.A.R. the Grand Army of this which they'd fought to save
33 Have the good sense to know if you have jaw pain & swollen gums this third set of molars may have impacted your life & they'll have to go
34 Washington: Sorry Bill Gates it's this guy
35 He was Dan Conner on TV in the '80s & '90s & again since 2018
36 In the season we also call fall you can catch this 4-letter fish
37 Captains Courageous & Kim were penned by this 1907 winner
38 Capable of firing 650 rounds a minute the B.A.R. or Browning this was in service with the U.S. Army from 1918 to 1957
39 In palmistry the mount of this Greek sun god seen here deals with hopefully sunny things like happiness & success
40 Nebraska: This Berkshire Hathaway billionaire
41 Alfonso Ribeiro's character of Carlton Banks on this sitcom inspired a famous dance
42 The letters of a U.S. Army rank that goes up to 5 stars can form this color
43 This German-Swiss author's 1919 novel Demian was published under the pen name Emil Sinclair
44 During the occupation of Japan MacArthur was CINCFE: commander-in-chief for this 2-word directional term for the region
45 It's the 2-word term for the point where the optic nerve enters the eye or the point where your car's mirror is no help
46 Kansas: Charles one of the ultra-conservative brothers with this last name
47 He played Sergeant Matt Eversmann in the movie Black Hawk Down & Ethan Chandler on Penny Dreadful
48 A 200-year anniversary provides the letters for this water source for a soldier or hiker
49 His novel Rites of Passage echoed the survivalist theme of an earlier work about boys marooned on a remote island
50 The B.E.F. which crossed the Channel in both World War I & World War II was this force
51 Appropriately the skin on the edge of this facial feature is called the vermilion border
52 Wyoming & Virginia: M&M's from this candy family
53 Before starring as Nurse Jackie she was Carmela on The Sopranos
54 Winesap is a variety of one inside of which you'll find this bell sound
55 Incomplete at his death Albert Camus' novel The First Man is set in France & this country of his birth
56 To sailors in the Brown Water Navy in Vietnam PBR wasn't beer but this 2-word vessel proceeding river many on the Mekong
57 She was lookin' kinda dumb with her fingers & her thumb connected to her wrist by these 5 long palm bones
58 Tennessee: Thomas of this family brother to former Senate majority leader Bill
59 In the 1979 film The Prisoner of Zenda he played three parts:Rudolf IV Rudolf V & Syd Frewin
60 Digging into the hardest naturally occurring substance brings up this type of acid that makes up protein


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# Questions
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6 After the death of his wife Julia this member of the First Triumvirate turned against his father-in-law Julius Caesar
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8 A Seminole reservation & the communities of Belle Glade & Pahokee are found around the shores of this lake
9 Appearing as a swan to Leda Zeus became a dad to at least one of these twins the Dioscuri; obviously that's complicated
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