Jeopardy July 29 2021 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy July 29 2021 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 A bestseller by Terry McMillan tells How Stella on vacation in Jamaica Got this Back
2 This turtle also the symbol of the University of Maryland is at home both in water & on land
3 All those things that enhance the buoyancy of your vessel
4 If you're in Central Asia ask for shashlik; if you head down to the Middle East ask for this 2-word skewered meat equivalent
5 After 12 years this actor said no to a reported $50 million to continue on The Big Bang Theory which then decided to implode
6 The type of memory loss called hysterical this can be effectively treated with hypnosis
7 His Licks of Love short story collection also includes the novella Rabbit Remembered
8 The species seen here is named for its red these although turtles don't have those organs like you & I do
9 Present another with the very blouse one has on
10 The name of this Caribbean liqueur is from the Spanish for aunt Mary
11 Sam wished Diane well saying Have a good life when Shelley Long exited this sitcom
12 Like other awards shows the Emmys pays respects to the recently deceased in a segment with this 2-word Latin name
13 The Amber Spyglass is the concluding novel in this Philip Pullman trilogy
14 To stop turtles from being bycatch L.E.D. lights visible to turtles but not to fish have been put on these
15 Illumination bulbs are electrified yet the house remains empty
16 Similar to a latte is a galao a coffee drink that originated in this country
17 Seen here Jean Smart's Charlene left Atlanta's Sugarbaker & Associates & this show in 1991
18 Dali's Persistence of Memory features several of these items that appear to be melting
19 This 2009 bestseller from Stephen King comes with a map of the isolated Chester's Mill
20 These skin features of reptiles can be used to tell sea turtles apart; the green turtle has 2 prefrontal ones between its eyes
21 Propel by oar one's personal dugout
22 Aromatics like garlic & fennel are key to this Middle Eastern rice dish with a 5-letter name
23 In 2020 season 8 still had Mom but Christy Plunkett portrayed by her was off to Georgetown Law
24 It became a battle cry after it appeared in a cartoon caption in the Washington Post April 3 1898
25 In 2021 her Firefly Lane about a lifelong friendship became a Netflix series
26 The carapace of this sea turtle is softer than others allowing it to dive deeper than 4000 feet
27 Satan provides employment on behalf of the indolent
28 Bot chien is fried dough & egg served with papaya & a popular street food in this city once known as Saigon
29 After 5 years & 100 episodes of playing Amy on Superstore she departed with the thanks (& name) of a grateful nation
30 In this Frenchman's famous novel tea & a madeleine cake bring on a flood of memories from his childhood
31 A Burgess was another name for a delegate to Va.'s Assembly & the House was like this lower house of Parliament
32 The Wizard of Oz
33 Though the name Holland is frequently used for this country technically it applies to just one part of it
34 The website of this Monty Python man describes him as writer actor & tall person
35 Chapter 22 of this book of wisdom says that if you start children off on the right path even when old they will not stray from it
36 DD stands for due this something you should spend time on when investing in a stock
37 In 1759 exactly 30 years before he became president this man was in the House of Burgesses
38 Gone with the Wind
39 Jerusalem is sometimes referred to as the City of this king
40 He's gotten very bad reviews for his role in history
41 Ham was his son
42 In music players of these may do a paradiddle a pattern alternating hands:R-L-R-R L-R-L-L
43 The Burgesses first convened in 1619 & their first law set a minimum price for the best this crop which grew well in Virginia
44 Casablanca
45 Monte Cervino is what the Italians call this mountain that they share with the Swiss
46 6'4 Nick Brimble played this role in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
47 2 mothers 1 baby & this king must decide who gets it
48 Named for an earl a Yarborough in this game is a hand of 13 cards in which no card is higher than 9
49 In 1765 Patrick Henry & fellow Burgesses adopted Resolves fighting the legality of this act's Colonial taxation
50 King Kong from 1933
51 In German this country is Lettland
52 (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar presents the clue.) As a lifelong fan of jazz I titled my autobiography Giant Steps after a classic 1960 album of the same name by this master saxophonist
53 Later to lend his name to a free Bible donation society this judge & hero had 70 sons
54 It's from Latin for disease; put co before it to get medical speak for 2 or more diseases afflicting a patient
55 A speaker for the House John Robinson got in trouble for using wartime currency from this 1750s war to help friends later
56 Apocalypse Now
57 Named for a Russian navigator this Alaskan island group in the Bering Sea is also known as the Fur Seal Islands
58 This soldier fought the Spanish & Pancho Villa before taking charge of U.S. forces in Europe in 1917
59 St. Paul's epistle to the people of this ancient Greek city now in Turkey advises Children obey your parents in the Lord
60 A legal metaphor warns against the fruit of this kind of tree as it deals with evidence illegally obtained


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# Questions
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9 Appearing as a swan to Leda Zeus became a dad to at least one of these twins the Dioscuri; obviously that's complicated
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