Jeopardy July 28 2021 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy July 28 2021 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 Great Lakes: Huron Michigan...
2 The hypoglossal nerve controls the muscles of this
3 (I'm Gia Vang.) Showcasing the funky pop rhythms of the Minneapolis sound this movie released in 1984 was partly filmed in the city & starred our own native son Prince Rogers Nelson
4 I said no! It's cashew on delivery...! After a failed joke you are said to hear the noise of this insect
5 When the winds of a tropical storm reach 74 mph it's classified as this level of hurricane
6 They're things of the past; speaking in a conciliatory sense sometimes you just let them be them
7 California counties: San Benito San Bernardino...
8 Facial nerve fibers help control the lachrymal glands aka these glands
9 (I'm Belinda Jensen.) Metropolitan Stadium home to great moments for the Twins & Vikings was demolished in 1985 to make way for this world famous shopping center; a plaque inside does let you
10 Heard here is this type of whale Hawaii's state marine mammal
11 In July 1943 Army Air Force Lt. Col. Joe Duckworth was the first to fly his plane into this central part of a hurricane
12 In this type of notation the number 22 is represented as 10110
13 South American nations: Bolivia Brazil...
14 The name of this that runs down the middle of your arm is from Latin for middle
15 (I'm Randy Shaver.) Born James Janos in Minneapolis in 1951 this former Navy SEAL & wrestler body-slammed his competition in 1998 winning the election for Minnesota governor
16 From the 1970s to the 1990s you wouldn't hear the sound of this device in homes in New York City where it was banned
17 A hurricane makes this when its center not its outer edge crosses a coastline
18 Letting you know who's who it's found before many newspaper articles
19 State capitals: Harrisburg Hartford...
20 The shortest of the cranial nerves it's responsible for your sense of smell
21 (I'm Chris Lundeen.) A global center for healing since 1914 Minnesota's Mayo Clinic has had many medical successes including in 1969 the first FDA-approved artificial replacement of this ball
22 This instrument has a pear-shaped body & 20 arched movable frets; listen up!
23 26 days & 7 letters after Katrina this hurricane devastated Southeast Texas
24 It refers to a legislature composed of dual houses
25 Former Soviet republics: Turkmenistan Ukraine...
26 V shall see if you can identify this nerve that runs from your brain to your abdomen & controls many bodily functions
27 (Hi I'm Rena Sarigianopoulos.) Returning to the city sidewalk in 2017 after two years of street construction the statue of this TV character again reminded residents You're gonna make it afte
28 Known for its use in Star Wars films this scream wasn't named for a kaiser but for a 1953 film character who got an arrow in the leg
29 Especially awful hurricanes have their names replaced; in 2018 Margot became the replacement for this one
30 As a verb it means to avoid; as a noun it's the road you might use to avoid something
31 To the chagrin of many the Knights Templar were answerable only to this supreme authority on Earth
32 In The Three-Body Problem the Trisolarans have 3 of these near their world & it's bad for them so they're coming here
33 Much of the white sand on Hawaii's beaches comes from parrotfish which excrete these indigestible reef animals as sand
34 In 1983 she not only became the first American woman in space but also the youngest American in space at age 32
35 Helena Bonham Carter sings about The Worst Pies In London in this 2007 movie
36 A Templar church has been called London's first this type of place; Pilgrims would deposit money there & withdraw it in the Holy Land
37 NASA scientists helped with the sci-fi thriller Europa Report about a chilling journey to a moon of this planet
38 Since a 1997 mishap these toy bricks have been regularly washing up on Devon & Cornwall beaches so be careful walking barefoot
39 At the 1988 Summer Olympics she ran off with three gold medals & one silver
40 He didn't sing in The Dark Knight but serenaded Julia Stiles with Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You in 10 Things I Hate About You
41 In Italian: giudice
42 The head of the Templar order was called this like an expert chess player
43 A 1962 Brian Aldiss sci-fi work about a warming Earth isn't called Greenhouse but this similar structure
44 Big Major Cay in this multi-island nation near Florida is famous for its beach of swimming pigs
45 First Lady Nancy Reagan launched a campaign using this phrase when it comes to drugs and alcohol
46 In 1971 he sang Pure Imagination playing Willy Wonka
47 In Swedish:blomsterhandlare
48 Knights of the Templar order wore a distinctive style of dress a white surcoat emblazoned with this symbol
49 Arthur C. Clarke's Rendezvous with this isn't about a Hindu god but rather a spooky craft that's entered our galaxy
50 You can find white sand beaches with clear blue waters in the West Indies islands called Turks & these
51 After accepting the nomination for vice president she & Walter Mondale hit the campaign trail
52 Before donning the Captain Marvel garb she fronted the band Clash at Demonhead in Scott Pilgrim vs. the world
53 In Dutch: boer
54 Accusing the Templars of heresy Philip IV of this country suppressed & destroyed the group beginning in 1307
55 Earth & Mars are factions in The Expanse as are Belters many of whom live on this largest rock in our asteroid belt
56 Beaches near this large eastern Russian city on the Sea of Japan are covered in sea glass from discarded bottles
57 Coming over from England in 1984 Tina Brown took over as editor of this magazine & turned it into a success
58 Joaquin Phoenix & Reese Witherspoon did an upbeat version of Dylan's It Ain't Me Babe for an excited crowd in this 2005 film
59 In Polish: hydraulik


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9 Appearing as a swan to Leda Zeus became a dad to at least one of these twins the Dioscuri; obviously that's complicated
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