Jeopardy July 22 2022 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy July 22 2022 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 At the 1993 Tennessee inaugural ball Paul Simon performed this song his most recent top 40 hit
2 Capone's guys dress like cops & kill Bugs Moran's men in a garage
3 Robin Hood is associated with this wooded expanse in Nottinghamshire
4 From Spanish it's a small donkey used as a pack animal
5 One of these bivalve mollusks from Coffin Bay Australia can weigh over 2 pounds & sell for $100
6 Using an unwashed knife on fruit after cutting up this for your poulet a la Bretonne risks cross-contamination
7 Guilty of being the god of mischief? Yes. guilty of finding all this incredibly tedious? Yes
8 FDR reports The attack yesterday... caused severe damage to American naval & military forces
9 Geoffrey of Monmouth told a story of Merlin using magic to bring stones to build this prehistoric site
10 Got milk? A cow does in this baglike mammary organ
11 From animals reared & fed according to strict guidelines the Wagyu variety of this meat can set you back $75 for a 4-ounce serving
12 The type of view seen here it can also mean a representative sample from a group
13 I spy this spy said Lana... Lana... Lana... Lanaaaaaaaaa...! Danger zone
14 Pre-20th Amendment Zachary Taylor is inaugurated as president
15 Jack seen at the right in a 19th century illustration is earning this title
16 A set of religious principles or beliefs; the Apostles' is one
17 At only one farm in Sweden cheese is made from the milk of this largest deer known as elk over there
18 In the Japanese TV show Old Enough kids as young as 2 run errands using a yellow flag to help them do this
19 This psychiatrist liked his brother's wife from a distance... like the Sun. Maris is like the Sun. Except without the warmth
20 Guy Fawkes blows it--or rather doesn't blow it--& gets arrested
21 Covered only by her long hair she rode through Coventry to win a reduction in taxes for its residents
22 To mend shoes
23 The Yubari King type of these gourd fruits are dazzlingly sweet & sometimes go for $5000 or more each
24 Roscoe Turner who entertained folks when he flew with his lion pal is one of the few civilian pilots to earn this medal
25 I can kill a man dismember his body & be home in time for Letterman. But knowing what to say when my girlfriend's feeling insecure...
26 The Tet Offensive begins surprising U.S. commanders
27 The Glastonbury thorn seen here reputedly grew from the staff of this man also said to have brought the Grail to England
28 In feudalism it was someone given a fief land & workers in return for services to a lord
29 Noted for its sweet aroma & with a name originally from Arabic this exotic spice can cost thousands of dollars per pound
30 The College of the Holy Cross is in this Massachusetts city about a 50-mile drive from Boston
31 This physician: I need 36 vicodin & change for a dollar
32 This French author's From the Earth to the Moon features a rocket ship shot out of a cannon
33 Her O: Best Supporting Actress for Ghost
34 Airtight like an alibi or an old armor-plated warship
35 Pablo Picasso had one of these elegant hounds that he fittingly named Kaboul
36 This Texas statesman has a city named for him & a university SHSU
37 Parts of this country are subject to violent windstorms called pamperos
38 In addition to fiction portraying herself & her sisters she penned Hospital Sketches from her time as a Civil War nurse
39 3 Es as Outstanding Guest Actor for Mad About You; a Comedy Album G for The 2000 Year Old Man in the Year 2000
40 It can be a simple remedy for a difficult problem or what's needed to kill a werewolf
41 Part of poet Pablo Neruda's storied career involved serving as this country's ambassador to France
42 Flagler College in this state named for an industrialist & developer has as its main hall the Hotel Ponce de León which he built
43 The Taj Mahal is only one of this city's many historic sites
44 2 cousins vie for a noble lady's hand in Castle Richmond by Anthony Trollope set in this nation during its 1840s famine
45 Her G: Best Children's Album for The Electric Company; her O: Best Supporting Actress for West Side Story
46 This term for Northerners opposed to the Civil War likened them to a snake in the grass
47 Mexican General Pablo Gonzalez organized the fatal ambush of this Guerrilla & revolutionary in 1919
48 Students & alumni from this prestigious College of Music in Boston took part in the making of the movie CODA
49 In 1961 4 French generals attempted a coup to prevent it from gaining its independence
50 His rags-to-riches tales about street urchins newsboys & the like included Frank's Campaign & Paul Prescott's Charge
51 One of Marvin Hamlisch's 3 Os: Best Original Song for the memorable theme to this Redford-Streisand pairing
52 Fashion model Derek Zoolander gave this name to his trademark look; others include Ferrari & Le Tigre
53 His lavish estate east of Medellin called Hacienda Napoles had an airstrip & soccer field
54 This university's May 4th Legacy Scholarships were established to honor 4 students who were killed on campus May 4 1970
55 Copper mining is a chief source of revenue in this Chilean desert
56 A story of fortunes lost & attained The Adventures of Philip was the last complete work by this Vanity Fair novelist
57 This singer/ songwriter/ producer's O: Best Original Song for Glory from Selma
58 A song in Guys & Dolls is called Fugue For these slang for gamblers with more flash than cash
59 The greatest cellist of his time Pablo Casals left Spain in 1939 & spent his last 34 years in exile to protest this dictator's rule
60 This private Catholic university in New Jersey was named for a woman who was one of the first American-born saints
61 This Asian portion of Turkey is also known as Asia Minor


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# Questions
1 In 1756 Voltaire wrote that this which had lasted nearly a thousand years was none of the 3 elements in its name
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4 Bearing the name of an 8th century Berber conqueror this strait separates 2 continents
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6 General relativity meant there must be these waves but they werent directly detected until 2015 by the LIGO Observatory
7 The name of this satellite that scared the West is Russian for traveling companion
8 A 1791 proclamation by President George ordered the first this of the District of Columbia a young George would have done it himself
9 Home to an NHL team the sap center in this California city is nicknamed The Shark Tank
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