Jeopardy July 21 2021 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy July 21 2021 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 In 1876 the Centennial Exposition opened in Philadelphia & this Centennial State joined the Union
2 A serving dish & to throw towards the pins
3 Today the largest online retailer in the U.S. when it began in 1995 it sold only books
4 The widest part of this river seen here is 18 miles at its mouth between Whitstable & Foulness Point
5 This colorful company says its GC1800 cordless drill's keyless chuck makes bit changing a breeze
6 Kids will love this cartoon bison whose name honors the actor who plays the movies' Hulk
7 3 years after its benefactor's death this Baltimore university opened its doors
8 Track of turbulence behind a boat & to cease to sleep
9 This combo of 2 satellite radio companies owns the Internet music service Pandora
10 By area the second-largest country in Africa is the Democratic Republic of this
11 The emerald ash borer a bark-eating type of this insect has killed 40 million trees just in Michigan
12 This very tall talkative African gray bird is a tribute to a comic seen on Everybody Loves Raymond & Single Parents
13 After an expedition was sent to subdue Native Americans led by Sitting Bull & Crazy Horse this battle ensued on June 25
14 The tilt of an aircraft when turning & the land alongside a river
15 William Shatner has been a longtime advertising pitchman for this site that helps find discounts for travel
16 At only about 250 feet this tiny state has the lowest high point of any country in Europe
17 In There Will Be Blood this actor uses a straw analogy regarding oil drilling: I... drink... your... milkshake!
18 Based on the actor who was trying to forget Sarah Marshall he's the same kind of dog as Snoopy
19 On August 2 Wild Bill Hickok played his last hand in this town in the Dakota Territory
20 A lively folk dance & a cylinder on which film is wound
21 This search engine began as Jerry's Guide to the World Wide Web
22 With Singing Sands & a crescent-shaped lake the oasis of Dunhuang is where Asia's Taklamakan desert meets this one
23 This 2-word dental procedure for pulp damage starts with clearing bad tissue using a drill--or even faster a laser
24 The star of Justified needs to get a trunk & tusks to become this character
25 Alexander Graham Bell beat this rival by just a few hours in filing a patent for the telephone
26 A sharp protruding edge & a fit of emotion like a crying one
27 Robert Shapiro co-founded this online law service for wills incorporating & other needs
28 This pair of larger & smaller islands are in a group about 100 miles off the east coast of Spain
29 One of the many uses of this drilling tool is making the hole to go ice fishing
30 Play with the first name of TV's Randall Pearson to get this new cartoon icon a bird such as a mynah
31 This poet wrote Adonais on the death of his friend John Keats
32 Lorelai's First Cotillion That Damn Donna Reed
33 Arkansas columnist Paul Greenberg first used the nickname Slick Willie for this man in 1980
34 As plant life there can get sunlight the epipelagic zone is where this biological process happens
35 The moment a rocket leaves the launchpad
36 In 1916 George Washington Carver published How to Grow this: and 105 Ways of Preparing It for Human Consumption
37 Sara Teasdale mentions Lesbos in her poem named for this other female poet
38 For Immediate Release Guy Walks Into an Advertising Agency
39 The Great Orator was a nickname for this 19th century New Hampshire-born congressman senator & Secretary of State
40 Near the Antillean Arc the Milwaukee Depth is the deepest point in this ocean
41 From an innocent type of person who could be duped with little effort this adjective means easily fooled or deceived
42 You're listening to the most famous work of this Italian Baroque composer
43 Eliot's poem about these title men says We are the stuffed men / Leaning together / Headpiece filled with straw
44 Bachelor Party The Wedding How Lily Stole Christmas
45 Born in 1876 this author of several doggone adventures was known as the American Kipling
46 Depressions called deep-sea these usually form where tectonic plates meet
47 A long passage or hallway from which entrances lead into rooms
48 In 1609 he presented his eight-powered telescope to the Venetian Senate; he got life tenure & doubled his salary
49 This Chicago poet wrote that The fog comes on little cat feet
50 Old Friends How Do You Solve a Problem Like Sophia
51 The 1930s politician known as Kingfish was also known as the Dictator of this state
52 The Agulhas & East Madagascar Currents flow in this ocean
53 This adjective means equivalent as in Sir the accusation you have made is ____ to libel!
54 Dan Flavin was a pioneer of this art style whose name says it tries to do more with less
55 A sonnet by John Donne begins with these 4 words & continues though some have called thee mighty and dreadful
56 Martial Feats of Comanche Horsemanship She Was Killed by Space Junk
57 Legendary folks blues singer & guitarist Huddie Ledbetter seen here was better known by this nickname
58 Galveston Bay is an example of this type of body of water where saltwater meets fresh
59 This wide-trunked African tree can live over a thousand years
60 Winning a 1945 Pulitzer for music put an Appalachian Spring in this composer's step


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Latest Questions

# Questions
1 Seen here is a foundry creating steel via the process named for this Englishman
2 The biblical Asher & Zebulun were 2 of these that despite the name reached the Promised Land
3 Term for a 40-to-49 year old (14 letters)
4 Her staining technique set her apart from other abstract expressionists & influenced younger artists
5 The title of this 1961 novel is shorthand for a no-win situation
6 When the Erie Canal project began in 1817 it was derisively called this man's ditch; he was the governor who had promoted it
7 Once one of the largest of its kind the Gary Works in Indiana is still a functioning foundry of this corporation
8 In A Moveable Feast Gertrude Stein is quoted as calling Hemingway & his ilk this a term later used more broadly
9 Not Jeopardy! -like but puzzled (9 letters)
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