Jeopardy July 18 2022 answers

On this page you will find the Jeopardy July 18 2022 answers and Solutions. We have just finished solving all the 7 crossword clues found today in the puzzle and we have listed them below. Simply click on any of the clues you are having difficulties finding the solution for and a new page with the answer will pop up.

# Question
1 Asked to design a new set for a restaging of this 1952 play Alberto Giacometti came up with one scraggly plaster tree
2 Buzzfeed featured these double-talk thigh-high boots that will look totally far out in your closet
3 Around 400000 B.C. hominids began to control this; one later use may have been to destroy habitat so as to aid hunting & foraging
4 Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty stars Quincy Isaiah as this Laker rookie from Lansing
5 In a novel by Herman Wouk unstable Captain Queeg of the USS Caine faces this title event
6 If you've been afflicted by the green-eyed monster you're guilty of this
7 To feel intense dislike
8 We'll wear these rubberized boots & walk through all kinds of puddles to go home & enjoy the same-named beef dish
9 This group of 10 guarantees (out of the 12 sent to the states) was ratified in December 1791
10 And Just Like That... she was back on TV as Miranda Hobbes in 2021
11 In Wouk's Aurora Dawn from 1947 a young man works in this broadcast medium; Wouk lived to write a book partly in e-mails
12 This rhyming fictional illness involves police officers disrupting operations by calling in sick
13 To alleviate or provide solace
14 Woo-woo! All aboard these boots known for their stovepipe calf
15 At first the church didn't oppose this Polish man's ideas; the center of the universe was filthy so better not to be there
16 An Oscar winner as the outspoken Erin Brockovich in 2022 she was Gaslit on TV as Mouth of the South Martha Mitchell
17 The Winds of War begins with Pug Henry made military attache in this European city sensing the winds of war indeed
18 If you're cowardly you can be lily-livered or this other hyphenated term mentioning a nearby body part
19 To fancy up an argument with big words or to array with garments
20 As well as pants for horse riding they can be ankle-high boots with a strap buckled at the side
21 In the 1960s Stanley Lebar of Westinghouse designed a special camera that allowed 650 million to see live video from here
22 It's the last name of John Hillerman's Jonathan & Perdita Weeks' Juliet friends of Magnum P.I. across the decades
23 In a '50s bestseller Wouk's heroine Marjorie Morgenstern anglicizes her last name to this & seeks fame as an actress
24 This annoying condition is also known as conjunctivitis
25 To be filled with violent emotion perhaps rage
26 This type of boot seen here shares its name with areas in London & New York City
27 In 2020 these accords named for a biblical man raised to 6 the Arab nations with diplomatic ties to Israel
28 Beltalowda! Keon Alexander showed wide range as Marco Inaros leader of the Free Navy on this Amazon sci-fi show
29 Physicist Guy Carpenter is out of a job in A Hole in Texas based on the real cancellation of the Superconducting this machine
30 Seen here this seawater discoloration caused by dinoflagellates can be lethal to marine life
31 Happy & lighthearted like a title spirit in a classic Noël Coward play
32 In 1985 Apple's board gave this guy the heave-ho but 12 years later he got ho-heaved & was back in charge
33 This branch of the U.S. government makes the laws
34 This husband of Nicole Kidman was the 2018 Academy of Country Music Entertainer of the Year
35 He's the only president honored on Mount Rushmore who lived into the 20th century
36 David stood upon this Philistine and took his sword... and cut off his head therewith
37 This Asian country not yet divided into North & South: From France 1945
38 A rough New Year's Day in 1959 for Fulgencio Batista who woke up as president of this country & went to sleep as an exile
39 Keep your eye on the birdie also known by this longer name
40 When he won Best Director at Cannes for After Hours he was married to Barbara de Fina who produced his The Color of Money
41 Georgia is a leading producer of the 3 Ps: peaches peanuts & these praline nuts
42 In Exodus Behold this burned with fire and (it) was not consumed
43 Angola: 1975 from this country
44 Getting the supreme boot in Genesis he was told a fugitive and a vagabond shalt thou be
45 Another word for the draft it's mandatory enrollment in the military
46 Yvonne Molinaro married 2 winners of this gridiron trophy 1954 honoree Alan Ameche & 1946's Glenn Davis
47 Belonging to a cousin the historic home seen here in Salem Massachusetts inspired Nathaniel Hawthorne to write this novel
48 And when he had opened the fourth seal... I looked and behold a pale this: and his name that sat on him was Death
49 This country: 1971 from Pakistan
50 This Bolshevik got exiled to Siberia twice expelled from the Politburo in 1926 & the Soviet Union itself 3 years later
51 This word meaning nonsense begins with the name of a son of Odin
52 John McEnroe won his last few ATP singles titles while he was married to this former child star
53 It's the year chiseled into Plymouth Rock
54 As Jesus walked by this body of water he saw Simon and Andrew his brother casting a net into the sea: for they were fishers
55 Belgium: 1830 from this country
56 Elected to Congress from Tennessee in 1833 as an Anti-Jacksonian he got the boot in the 1834 election & headed off to Texas
57 This term for a tightrope walker comes from Latin for rope & walk
58 L.A. Musicians Institute was the meeting place of Jae Lin & this husband a 2022 Grammy winner with Silk Sonic partner Bruno Mars
59 One of New York City's oldest streets the Bowery once led to the farm of this last Dutch colonial governor
60 Since no one had done this for 40 years God told Joshua to get a knife & do it to the male Israelites
61 Montenegro: 2006 ending a union with this other Yugoslav republic


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Latest Questions

# Questions
1 In 1756 Voltaire wrote that this which had lasted nearly a thousand years was none of the 3 elements in its name
2 In 1922 this archaeologist sent a cable sayin At last have made wonderful discovery in valley
3 This poison gets its name partly from the Greek for Dark Blue
4 Bearing the name of an 8th century Berber conqueror this strait separates 2 continents
5 A 1950 L.A. Times column said the defect of this seemed to be the senator for whom it was named
6 General relativity meant there must be these waves but they werent directly detected until 2015 by the LIGO Observatory
7 The name of this satellite that scared the West is Russian for traveling companion
8 A 1791 proclamation by President George ordered the first this of the District of Columbia a young George would have done it himself
9 Home to an NHL team the sap center in this California city is nicknamed The Shark Tank
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